• I absolutely agree! Great running shoes are the best investment you'll ever make if running is going to be in your plan. Otherwise, you'll end up injured. Also, make sure you are dirinking plenty of water and if you're going for more than an hour, gatorade or a goo pak. Some of your cramping may be from dehydration?
  • I've done some research on what to eat before and after a workout to help replenish and maintain the work you just put in. The best thing after a workout is some fruit and protein! Fruit to replenish and protein to maintain muscle mass. If you check out some of the websites for female body builders, you will quickly find…
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  • Remember that fruit helps your body work more efficiently so whatever calories you consume in fruit will definately help you to burn even more in the long run. The sugar in fruit is used immediately and easily because it was created specifically for your body, unlike refined sugar products that slow you down, make you…
  • You are so strong! Thank you for sharing your story. Congrats!
  • Go all out CARDIO! All of us have a kickin' body with lots of lean muscle...we just need to take off that layer of icing to see the cake!
  • All numbers aside...going by your perceived exertion - can you carry on a conversation easily? then you aren't working hard enough. you should feel like you're really working but not so much that you can't answer a question if someone interupts you and asks you to speak - is the most effective way to gauge your workout.…
  • Try this website. Just put in your resting heart rate (as a nurse I recommend that you count your heart beats while looking at a second hand for a full minute for acurracy) and your age then hit CALCULATE. Good luck!:smile:
  • Per my personal trainer and Jillian Michaels online, you should be at a high intensity (85% of your max heart rate) during aerobics. With that, you should not be doing more than 30 minutes of high intensity cardio as part of a regular workout (with strength training, etc.) or your normal fuel stores (calories and fat) will…
  • Just think of the guilt you will feel after you eat them...that helps me.
  • For what it's worth. When I go to the gym in the morning (30min of strength and 30 min of cardio) I really struggle getting through the cardio both mentally and physically if I don't eat anything. I found that having a breakfast bar (Odwalla GoMega 220 cals) and a little caffine first makes a huge difference in stamina and…
  • As a nurse, I don't recommend that you ignore a potential fracture. It is probably just sprained as sprains can take up to a year to heal but if you plan on marathons, you should be safe and just have it checked out.
  • You probably have a hernia and should have it looked at by a physician. Unfortunately, if it is a hernia, he will recommend no lifting or jogging.
  • Do a google search on "mommy and me exercise" and you will find a ton of ideas from DVDs to groups to free online demo videos. Good Luck!
  • I know, right! The gut is always the last to go... Keep pressing on!
  • Punching bag. I have a 100# bag I use for kickboxing and some of my toughest workouts involve upper body only. Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, elbows, etc.
  • Definately lift some iron! You will love the way you will start to look and your clothes will fit better. Remember that muscle weighs twice as much as fat but only takes up half the space!!
  • Since there are no weights involved and only dance type moves, it is basically aerobics. I have taken this class and for me it was high impact (meaning both feet leave the floor at the same time). Some people in the class were more low-impact (one foot on the floor at any given time). Hope this helps. Have fun by the way!
  • Target has it (DVD) for $14.99.
  • MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!:love:
  • em while you can cuz they don't serve wings in basic :laugh: Seriously, though, admirable goals you have in both weight loss and life!:smile:
  • Everybody has it right! Water and veggies...pile on the veggies. Baseline of 1200-1300 cals is fine but don't count your veggies in that total, they are just too good for you to skip them because of calories. Most veggies are about 35 cals per servings (1 cup) so dig in! They will fill you up and satisfy cravings for…
  • Dont forget the green tea!
  • The fact that you are here and trying says enough! You can do this. It's not easy. Eat healthy, 1200-1400 cals a day and get active. Have fun with the little ones, race them, play with them, throw them in the all adds up! Make sure you log what you eat and understand that it takes time, it's a lifestyle change,…
  • Go to tools...set up your ticker...copy the url...go to settings...paste it!
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  • I'm a RN and when you have a fever, it's more about water. Just keep hydrated, your body isn't doing a whole lot of metabolizing right now anyway, it's focusing all energy on your immune system.
  • I am completely impressed. Not only have you come so far already but you are very on top of what you are feeling and that alone will help you control your portions today! Think about small samples instead of a plate of everything. Are you going with anyone? Would they be willing to share a bite instead of you getting a…
  • Plan to log your food the previous day, plan it out, then before dinner, log on and review. It really helps to forward to the next day and find the perfect combo of meals so you don't have to think too much the next day because you already know what you're going to eat!
  • It's about logging your meals and you can forward to tomorrow and try out different combinations of meals until you get the right combo...then you have your day planned and you are less likely to get off track!
  • Yoga before bed. Get a DVD. Also, if you drive, leave a few minutes early and park farther away so you can get a walk in.