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  • Maryland here
  • The good news is, you don't need meat substitutes or eggs to get enough protein as a vegetarian! Beans and legumes are indeed great ways to get it (and iron!), and they are low fat. Nuts are good too, they do have a lot of fat, but it's the good fat. Avocados actually don't have protein (though they are a good source of…
  • I don't think I ever posted in here, oops! (and if I did, sorry!) Hey there! I'm bigender, but male & neutrois (rather than the more common male & female). I actually never use the term trans for myself, I prefer to put myself under the umbrella of non-binary or genderqueer. Right now I'm losing the weight I put on from…
  • I'm vegetarian. I started back in February so I can be healthier.
  • My soda of choice is Pespi Max, so much better than regular Pepsi, though I try to only drink a few during the week. Today's struggle (and yesterday's) is getting back into exercising and not focusing on the weight I gained on my last weigh in.
  • You should join the Happy Herbivores group on this site (, you'll be able to talk to other vegan athletes there. I second checking out the No Meat Athlete site too, I've found really good information there.
  • I have my own, 60/20/20. The MFP macros don't really fit well with a vegetarian diet, which has a good number of carbs. I calculated my protein requirements based on the grams my body needs and 20% was the closest to that. I really don't need my protein higher as I'm not trying to bulk up. I'm flexible with the grams of…
  • Exactly. You can be vegan with a high protein diet. It doesn't have to be one or the other. If this is something you are interested in, there are resources out there to help you.
  • There was a little going away party for one of coworkers, with really good cake that I'm sure that ate up a good portion of my calories. But then I did some exercise when I got home to balance it out. Tomorrow is my rest day, and I think my body is going to need it.
  • I don't think I would ever be able to work out at a gym, so I'm stuck with doing what I can at home (mostly Wii Fit Plus). It hasn't been that bad. My body has been a little sore the last couple days from exercising, but my rest day isn't till Saturday so I'm at this weird trying to push myself but trying not to push…
  • I'm also looking for a new tracker, and I'm curious which ones are the most accurate when it comes to calculating calorie burn.
  • I ate waaay too much at lunch today, and now I'm over my calorie limit and I haven't even had dinner yet. :(
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  • Kudos for you for trying not to put pressure on her. That aside, this type of relationship will take A LOT of communication on both sides. My main suggestion is to find the ways that she does show you affection and try to remind yourself of those moments when you feel unloved/unwanted. Think about the other areas in which…