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  • Username: Sunsama I have about 75 pounds to lose
  • Hello everyone! I'm Heather, from Oregon. I'm 24 years old, and need to lose about 60 pounds. This week is my 2nd year married to my lovely husband, so I will be out of town til Sunday. I'm gonna work hard to not gain weight, but I'm also going to enjoy myself as well =) This will be my second time on the Sopranos, and…
  • biked 8 miles and walked 2.5 more!
  • "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible." Live with no regrets. not sure where any of those quotes came from, but I have them stickin on my mirror and I look at them every morning! =) Didn't get the bonus today…
  • Biked to school with my hubby today (8 miles round trip) and took the puppies for a 2 mile walk! =D Plus, got the crunches in =P And its not even lunch time! Woot !!
  • count me in please! =)
  • Hey ya'll! I'm so sorry, I've come down with a horrible virus and have been out of it the last few days, and dont think I'll be able to do much for the next few as well =\ I have some sort of sinus infection/virus with an ear infection. Needless to say I've been pretty bedridden these last few days =\
  • Did 50 with 5# weights!
  • I joined this challenge because I need the accountability. I had been in a MFP Biggest Loser challenge previously and did well, but that ended and I lost my motivation. A friend of mine posted this challenge and now here I am! =)
  • I'm not gonna lie, this challenge is hard for me, purely because I live with 6 people. Cooking healthy and having a grocery bill under 500 is really hard =\ But I will make my hubby and I a healthy lunch! Have a half a head of lettuce that needs eating, so will make us a yummy salad. Will put grilled chicken in it for the…
  • I was only able to do 5 planks yesterday =( My archery class messed my shoulder up unfortunately, and so planks were killin me =\ Sorry!! I'll try and pick it up this challenge!!
  • Everyone's stories here are absolutely amazing, and you all are so inspiring! =) I dont really do much, honestly lol. Every time I visit my sister I encourage her to walk to places with me instead of driving (as I hate driving, it terrifies me =P) She lives close enough to stores that its just a simple mile or two walk,…
  • Hey ya'll!! Where is everyone from?? It seems like I'm always the last to log, and I didnt think I was that far behind in time to you guys!! Just curious really =P I see some have already put under goal on the spread sheet- is your day already over??? WOW! Its only noon for me! When I log in at 8am, I see most of you have…
  • OMG my body hates me right now! Haha challenge accepted tho! =P
  • I'm gonna do em after class today! Crunches are easy peasy =P
  • SW: 193.6
  • Team Leotardo here!!
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  • Alaska might as well be another country!! Jk, <3 lol I'm on the west coast, Oregon, but I check MFP on a regular basis so don't worry about me missing a post!
  • Now things get serious! Cant wait to start :D
  • I would love to be a crew member please! I am going to school and work full time so I unfortunately cannot be a captain =\ But I definitely would love to be a crew member!!
  • I'm interested! Have 70 pounds I want to lose :)
  • First, do you have a hrm? Because if y are going by what mfp says you burn don't. They grossly overestimate and you are probably eating back way to much! Could be sodium as was mentioned as well. Or if it's close to your Tom then that also effects it greatly.
  • If you are going by the mfp calorie rn, don't. They always over estimate and you end up eating more than you've actually burned. Go by your hrm (and if you don't have one get one). If you have been going by your hrm and still gained, it could be water weight or an excessive amount of sodium. Watch your sodium intake as it…
  • Hmmm I think your best bet would be to get a hrm. With the interruptions your heart rate will drop (unless the interruptions consist of chasing your children around the house at 10mph, then that's another story! :p) when your heart rate drops your calorie burn slows down and then when you pick it back up again it takes…
  • I like your recipe book idea! I might totally steal it :D you already know mine, but I'll list em again 1. Weigh myself only twice a week 2. No eating out. Period. 3. Write my favorite recipes down in a convenient go to place :)
  • Savannah ga here! I feel out of the loop, everyone else is from Atlanta-ish area :( lol
  • Haha "my skin feels like plastic!" xD that was great, thank you for sharing!
  • Charlie horses are caused by a lack of potassium (or so I heard) so eat a banana!
  • My goal weight is 125 with some good muscle toning!
  • I'd ask the landlord and if he says no, end of topic. If you get a dog anyways and he finds out, you will be forced to give it up. Also, most dogs over 45 lbs are not allowed in apartment complexes, purely for safety reasons. If you dog happens to get out and attack someone, a bigger dog will do a lot more damage than a…