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  • sorry, but no. I need personal space.
  • I would worry more about a "friend" who tells you that your efforts are not sufficient than whether or not walking is good exercise. The goal of walking is to elevate your heart rate to a specific range for an extended period of time, to breathe deeply and clear your lungs, and to get a good release of endorphins.Your…
  • Religious expectations before the Yom Kippur fast are that you will eat a large meal prior to sunset. This is not to make the fast easier, it actually makes the fast harder. It is supposed to keep you focussed on the fact that you are fasting for a reason. A pre yom kippur fast would not allow you to meet the religious…
  • If you are drinking juice, it isn't a fast. If you plan your juice correctly, it can be a full day of calories, vitamins, and minerals. You can even get a good amount of protein that way. The only thing you can't get in juice is fiber, unless you add metamucil (which would be gross) Any school or workplace that requires…
  • We know exactly what they ate. Dates Olives Olive Oil Grapes Figs Pomegranates Chick Peas Durum Wheat (not gmo, more dense in nutrients.) Barley (non GMO) Rice (introduced during the time of the 2nd temple) carob black mulberry some kind of orchard fruit which may have been an apple or a quince Mulberry Almond Walnut…
  • Shabbat is my "free day." I watch what I eat, but on Shabbat I watch it all go in my tummy! I'm always invited somewhere for dinner, so I enjoy as much of the salads and fish as I like. Half my shul are sephardim who raven ashen, so that means there are lots of veggie choices before the main course. That fills me up so…