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  • I bought in to those myths too! Nothing wrong with canned or frozen foods just the misconceptions attached to them. If we buy into all the myths we literally could not eat anything. For every food group there is a study telling us everything that's wrong with them. Truth is that with moderation there is nothing off limits…
  • I keep it public since lying to myself has not worked for me in the past. I've got nothing to hide and I'm not ashamed of what I eat or drink. For so many years I was embarrassed of my diet but since making healhier choices I found that's not the case anymore.
  • Right on! Just added you. Hopefully you can help us with some tips. 💪😅💪
  • I try to log and be as accurate as possible. Once I develop solid habits where I feel confident enough I can ease off a bit. In my last weight loss attempt I made every mistake in the book and inconsistent logging was a major one. Hidden calories were my downfall since I didn't track calories in sauces, dressings, certain…
  • Thanks! Best we can do is set an example and hopefully people will trust the process not just the result. These posts help me gain perspective and hopefully they do the same for you.
  • With all the misconceptions regarding weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and health in general, it's always an uphill battle against industries who profit at the expense of our health. It's a daily struggle within my own family to even bring up the subject at all. Its really frustrating and I sometimes feel like an outcast…
  • That's exactly the point of the video. If you pay attention to the information provided and not jump to conclusions about the person providing it you will see that you can achieve your goals either way. I just want people to understand the dangers of bulking to an unhealthy weight and then cutting back which leads to…
  • Old news. He literally says he was convicted on most of his videos. Does not change the information or the knowledge he has.
  • Bulking is the mentality of the 80s and 90s. Now days people gain muscle the healthy way by proper dieting and training hard. Fat has a lot of calories and should be kept at a minimal intake that's why it's important to get them from healthy sources. People bulk because it's an excuse to eat more and fool themselves and…
  • I do cardio no matter what. Everyday. Exercise is for fitness and one of the benefits is a caloric deficit. Low impact cardio such as walking is a great recovery activity and helps with better recovery during resistance training. It's just all around awesome and should not be skipped. It's nice to have biceps and abs but…
  • Agreed! Cardio helps to increase your fitness and helps with staying in a caloric deficit.
  • Fasting kills gains. There is 5 opportunities for muscle growth synthesis and you're missing out on 4.
  • Don't do it too quick without resistance training. Make sure your diet does not consist of junk food. Eat healthy fats.
  • You need to lift weights to build muscle, cardio to burn fat, a good diet high in protein. Since you have fat reserves they can be a good source of energy to fuel your work outs.
  • Solid advice bro!
  • No!!!!! Keep your body fat where it is. Lower your fat intake and increase your protein. It's called main gaining and not fat gaining. Don't be fooled by the bulking myth because gains are lost during the cutting phase. Just build muscle slowly because bulking will fool you with increases water and glycogen stores.
  • Is "bulking" still a thing? Ever heard of just building muscle in a healthy way? Gains are lost during the cutting phase unless there's some "special" help involved. It's best to maintain the same body fat and gain muscle by increasing protein intake and training hard. The healthy way.
  • I have 3: 1. Don't try to lose weight too fast. Crash dieting equals yo yo dieting. 2. Weigh your food! Packaged food does not always come in the portions as labeled. 3. The scale is not always an indicator of success! Clothes that didn't fit, tape measures, and pictures will aid 8n measuring progress.
  • If carbs are consumed with healthy fats, protein, and fiber the overall glycemic load is very stable. Well timed balanced meals are how I was able to regress my type-2 diabetes. If I change my eating habits the disease will progress. Carbs by themselves will trigger a higher insulin response but excess fat cannot be stored…
  • I was on the same boat as you. I thought that without exercise weight loss was impossible. I pushed it so hard that I got hurt and regain weight because I was not focused on changing my diet after I lost the weight. I always fitted junk food in my calorie goals and I was crash dieting since I lacked the knowledge on how to…
  • I've been logging consistently and in a deficit the last 60 days. I've lost about 68 pounds after yo yo dieting for a year. I finally found something sustainable for me so I will be active in order to share what has been working for me. I keep an open diary so add me if you wish.
  • The key is to create a dietry plan and principles to follow for life. As a society we simply consume too much calories dense foods that it's easy to underestimate the science being invested in some of our favorite foods. Finding healthier options for my favorite foods has been an absolute game changer for me. No matter…
  • I added you to my friends list. Accept if you wish. I keep an open diary with daily weigh ins and I'd like to help in any way.
  • You just need to be more patient. There are dozens of factors that can cause fluctuations especially for women. This is the point where most people give up without realizing the amazing progress they have done. Don't be discouraged. Stay strong and stay healthy.