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  • @wunderkindking yes that's a better approach. So if I knew I was going to have say 3000 on a Saturday I could go 1500 on the Friday after and 1200 on the Sunday or any other combination. Makes sense.
  • Great topic for discussion here. Can I ask what effects a zig-zag approach could have? For example my tdee is approximately 2600 and mfp gives me 1880 to lose 1lb per week or so. What would happen to the body if I ate 1880, 1880, 2400, 2500, 1880 1880, 2500 over the week? I'd expect weight loss to take longer but I'm…
  • I agree but the chicken I buy is a 2 pack and the nutritional label says each breast is 218 calories. I weigh them if it's a bigger pack like you say.
  • @bubus05 1500 seems low? But I guess MFP knows more and you've done well to lose 90lbs!! Patience I have in abundance luckily. I'm in for the long haul. I dont wanna be the fat dad to my 3 and 9 year old kids anymore.
  • @snowflake954 I know. I was 270 in 2007 and lost 70lbs. Back up to 266 in 2013 and back down to 210. Slowly back up to 265 in October and now down to about 247. I love running so that's 'my thing' but I picked up several injuries in 2019 when I was down to about 225 and running up to 10 miles. Hopefully as I now ease back…
  • @tinkerbellang83 I know what you mean. I weigh everything that isn't packaged. Eg chicken breast is 218 per portion as per the labels. I eat 5 broccoli florets with each meal which is 38 etc.. it's very boring lol but short term it is working - well was. I'm sure it still is.
  • @sijomial I feel fine after my walks even after a 10 miler so definitely feel my body has adapted. Running just a mile though is really tiring on my legs the next day. Diet break as in eat at maintenance for a period of time? Thanks for your reply.
  • Thank you AnnPT.
  • Thanks. 100 calories burnt per mile walked was pretty standard though I thought? Yes I've regained from 270 to 210 in 2013. Now back up to 252 although I was 266ish 4 weeks ago.
  • Do you think? I have 80lb to lose. I've lost 16 in 5 weeks so 65lb to go. If I lose 2/3lb this week and next I'll amend it to 1.5lb then see how I go.
  • Ok will do thank you. One point about my exercise calories. I'm walking on average 5 miles a day which is roughly 500 calories. Over the week thats 3500 so would I be losing the 2lb per week through diet and 1lb through walking totalling 3lbs if I'm not eating back my calories burnt?
  • I used a tdee calculator. I'm on here off and on sadly but plan to use it next time in maintenance. I updated my progress to show my 5lb loss from the last 2 weeks and it stayed at 1940.
  • Yeah I ran with a local club last year and can do so again when the time is right. That's my problem I get down to my goal weight and am totally lost. This time I'm lowering my goal weight to 182lbs. I've not been that light since 1997! WHEN I get there maintenance will be my new goal.
  • Yeah I get that. I walked 8 miles yesterday in 3 hours. Roughly 800 calories burnt was a plus though.
  • To be healthy. Since I was a kid I've struggled. Always the fat kid in class. Hit 270lbs at around 21 then got down to 205 and looked great but thought 'Now what?' Similar the 2nd time around. My ultimate goal is running. I stopped last year due to several injuries and never gir started again and the weight went up. I cant…
  • Thank you. I'm a big guy but weak as anything lol in terms of lifting. I've never really lifted in my life even work has only been bars and restaurants and now office based. Why is it so important to add resistance training as you get older?
  • The one thing that pisses me off is how when I talk about how I lost 40lbs in 12 months by having a 400 calorie a day deficit and incorporating running into my life only a few were listening. However, a woman I know told how she lost 120lbs in 5 months by eating 800 calories a day and everyone wanted to listen. They…
  • For every sensible thread there are 5 crap ones on that forum. I've noticed that here is particularly sensible. I started a thread there saying that 800 calories is ridiculous and unhealthy unless you're trying a 5:2 diet. I seriously had about 30 comments like 'jerk' 'everyone needs to do different things, calorie…
  • Thank you. She now eats 1600 a day a d maintains. I was interested to hear if anyone else was members of other forums and what they'd read on there.
  • I absolutely agree with you. It's a forum of about 2500 people and this particular member tells everyone how she went from 250 to 130 or so in less than a year by eating 800 a day and now maintains some 10 years later. She gets hundreds of likes and wows and comments like oh I'll try that etc... I comment things like I've…
  • I do. Regularly. And now here. Is that a problem?
  • 11000 steps is around 5 miles for me and I burn 75 calories by walking per mile. Therefore for me, a 232lb guy, I'd burn 375 by walking those 11000 steps. Since marching/walking on the spot burns less I'd count it, personally, as 200 calories. Still a lot more than if you hadn't done it though.
  • Yes I'd also recommend changing your goals to 1lb a week. Mine is and I weigh 232.
  • My TDEE/maintenance figure is 2550 as an average. I really should try to get a more unique figure rather than one generalised on the net but that's for a other topic. I've programmed in a 1lb a week loss as 2lbs would allow me only 1550 calories per day which I feel is too low.
  • Yes it does thank you. Calorie cycling sounds like something different so I'll look into it. I don't suppose the odd day every week on a non gym day eating say 1600 calories would do me any harm. Then the next if I burn 600 as an example I would just eat them or half of them back. OK thank you.
  • Well yes again I understand that. I'm guessing your TDEE is an average which takes into account that some days you're going to be a bit more active than others. For example, if I'm at the gym, I'll burn 500-1000 calories by walking between 2 and 4 hours. However, if I'm not, I'll burn 200 all day by doing not a lot of…
  • Yes I understand that. What I mean is if my BMR is 2160 and I literally sat on my bum all day and ate 1900 my deficit would be 260. Is that where setting your TDEE accurately comes in in terms of your activity level?
  • I'm.really enjoying it. I've found a cheaper alternative too and sweetened doesn't really contain many more calories than unsweetened.
  • I was having 60g and around 250ml of milk.
  • It's the sort of thing I find best to not preach to them about. They'll find out in time. I had a discussion with a guy at a very similar weight to me. I'm down 35lbs since June and he's down 11. He swears by some app he uses and eats back his exercise calories. He showed me a 4 mile walk over 80 minutes which he said…