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  • Barbie- thank goodness Jake is ok....phew Well Dan stopped and we booked his hotel on expedia.. funny we found one like around the corner from the convention center for 99.00 a night.. well hot diggity dog.. so we hopped on that.. and free cancelation I worked on the mess and got a garbage bag full and he took it to the…
  • Evening ladies Well i am tucked in ,with jammies on an have Alfie snuggled up with me..
  • Morning ladies Ugh,what a morning.. Carmine is home....didnt feel good,but has the i pad up there and mom said no.. she wont bring it busy trying to take care of Miles..
  • Afternoon ladies Well its been a busy but uneventful morning Dan brought his laundry down ,and did help with some of it 4 loads... but havent done laundry in months.. Soooo listen to this.. He is going to Vidcon out in Anaheim, California. Flying out by himself. And ataying out there 4 or 5 days... he wants to meet the…
  • Flea- i do the same thing...ordee and pick up groceries Pip- happiest of Birthdays dear friend ,im sorry its been a crappy year.. 63 is gonna be awesome !! Im tired and I dont have to babysit tomorrow.. so ill try and do some laundry and do some more picking up...
  • Afternoon ladies Tracey- im so sorry to hear about your daughter ,I hope and pray she is able to conceive again.. i was a miracle baby.. my mother had a miscarriage before be a brother who passed a few hours after birth and a few miscarriages after me. And then adopted my brother.. Will be praying for her and for all the…
  • Morning ladies I am sitting here with Miles sleepingin my lap.. And sitting in disbelief of the tragedy in texas .
  • Evening ladies Alfie and I are chilling out,got the garbage out and did bit more sorting... Tomorrow Carmine has a 2 hr delay for school so she doesnt have to be there until 9:30 so will drop her off and then take him down for his snack time.. and back
  • Morning ladies Miles sleeping in my arms and will get Carmine to school and then back here with little boy.. Going to do some cleaning when i get home...
  • Not much to add ladies Tracy ,Miles and I went shopping this morning and i got gas for the car and brought them home.. Then came home.. Alfie was happy to see me..
  • Afternoon ladies Well after the festivities yesterday i slept in but i did get up and do some things around the house a little at a time. It seems i can get more done that way.. my friend posted something on Facebook that was soooo true.. that i reposted.. I stayed in all day and rested and worked ..
  • Morning ladies Alfie woke me up to eat and now is back under the covers lol Its going to be another scorcher today so im staying inside and getting more cleaning done.
  • Kylia- I have had quite a few procedures done for Afib. But the ablation is what really helped and ive been fine ever since.. It was a lovely service. And a nice reception afterwards so great to see family.. just freaks me out that now we are the elders.. I bought Miles a summer hat because he is a little baldie... and…
  • Morning ladies Tracy just texted me Miles slept 10 1/2 hrs he had 3 shots yesterday... Tracy brought him home and gave him a bath and tylenol and he was zonked. She sent me pictures of him sitting in his baby seat this morning all smiles.. thank goodness for that..
  • Been back home for an nice to see everyone. My cousin very touched that I brought the painting and photos.. and they had a tv with lots of pictures.. some with my brother and I in them.. yikes not at all flattering as a child ha ha ha.. but hopefully will get to spend more time with them after the service…
  • Im sitting at my uncles wake.. sheesh is it loud,not a ton of people but still loud.. Waiting until it dies down a bit to give my cousin her things..and then will go home..
  • Well our Covid Rate is 14 % here in Connecticut so im wearing a mask at the wake tonight not messing with that.. Little boy is still sleeping in my lap, lordy he is heavy..
  • Morning ladies Miles and I and Aslan the cat are sitting here watching the Today Show. Miles waits until i have him strapped in his carseat to poop.. isnt that lovely.. Gotta love it..
  • Morning ladies Well cloudy today rained this morning. I worked for 2 hrs throwing out papers and junk.stopped for lunch and will get back at it ..
  • Morning ladies Oh Pip- mistakes happen...and Kirby will get overit,and im sure you can reschedule. Here is hoping you heal properly.. we all love ya and want that for yoy my dear. Its raining until mid morning And the hummingbird is finally coming to the feeder,i got a small one for the window,i know they like the rainy…
  • Afternoon ladies Back home after watching Mr Miles... and then getting Homer out.. Miles left front tooth should be coming through anytime.. he is miserable and its just so sad..i bought the tiny cup and we tried that with a tiny bit of success.. i think he will get the hang of that eventually.. no go with the bottles.. My…
  • Morning ladies Slept well last night.. Pip- lordy what happened?
  • Afternoon ladies Well I took care of Miles and came home and took a nap.. my body needed it,well before I came home I went and spent time with my boy Homer..Tom and Elena leaving Saterday for Florida for a week so I will miss the little guy.. but boy he loves the sun down there.
  • Afternoon ladies Made Patty Labelles turkey burgers and brought 4 down to Tracy for her to cook off.i put 2 in the freezer for myself.. Yea Jean ,ive learned to take her with a grain on salt,im donating some furniture from here to go up to the cottage and i sent her pictures,Sean asked me to send her pictures so I did. She…
  • Morning ladies I was awake and up and dressed by 6:30 .. my brother is back in town ( finally) and had an eye appointment this morning..they have basically round the clock care for Jeans mom.. So I get to visit with my furry nephew while Sean is at his appointment, a Westie named Buddy.. he loves his auntie but he is at my…
  • Well I havent been enjoying the patio.. Machka- i lengethened the patio when i moved in it is with pavers and has that gel sand but somehow moss is still coming up around that is crushed stone and they had put weed mat down when they built it but that was 19 yrs ago.. I dont have the stamina to go out there and get down…
  • Morning ladies Well i went to bed fairly early... and woke up and went back to sleep.. Slept pretty well but had very weird dreams but cant remember what they were about.. Swelling slowly going down but sore to the cant do a ton with my left hand.. Im going to wait until tomorrow to grocery shop.. will work on a…
  • Had some raisin and spice oatmeal and will start a grocery list.. think of poor Tracy as they are the photo studio getting a family portrait done..Im hoping it wont end up a fiasco because of Carmine. 3 smiling faces and a grump... All I can imagine in my head is a picture of the Addams family ha ha ha.. Anyone know of a…
  • Well Miles and I are hanging out .. he runs hot so i have a feeling he is gonna be a naked boy most of the summer..took him down to mom,he had his snack came back and changed him and and he is napping now.