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  • Hi everyone, I’ve just joined this group and am planning to work through the book.
  • @BeccaBollons - does she want anyone to walk with? Or even just drink tea with! :-)
  • Hi, I'm Clare. I haven't been on this site for a while. I'd love to say it's because I've been busy with the WW site instead, but actually I've just been getting lazy (and fatter). So, thanks for inviting me and prompting me to get back down to it! 1 Where were you born? In the village of Boothby Graffoe, just south of…
  • Came in under target, despite using full fat coconut milk in my veggie korma! (they didn't have any low fat in the shop). And it was delicious, doesn't matter that it had no meat in it. I successfully produced a meat version for the other half and a veggie version for me.
  • Ok, I admit it, I'm having to start again, again! I've been very slack the last week or so, but I'm going to give it another try. I think the "no dairy" idea wasn't working well for me, so I'm back on the ordinary milk again. But I'm definitely going to go for high fibre, lots of beans / pulses, much less meat. I'll just…
  • Hi, I'm from Lincolnshire too! Feel free to add me as a friend.
  • Well done everyone! :-) I seem to have magically lost another three pounds this week, although I know I don't deserve it! But I did weigh myself before breakfast instead of after, so maybe my tea and cereal are very heavy.
  • Wow, going off chocolate is a great achievement, well done! I've been really naughty over the last few days, just eating whatever I feel like (including chocolate etc). But I have been keeping up the exercise, and although it's not a lot, I'm certainly getting fitter. And somehow I don't seem to have put back on any of the…
  • Spent the weekend in London, not really making healthy choices about food but doing lots of walking to make up for it. Yesterday I walked so far that I earned myself a large glass of Baileys when I got home! Trying to get back on track today.
  • daisykitten - it may be cheating, but you could consider resetting your baseline by deleting all your previous weigh-ins! I did that as I was sort of starting again from scratch. I had a bit of an "oops" yesterday, we had an unplanned long car journey and I was very naughty about the snacks I chose. But somehow I still…
  • Came in on target again yesterday! Felt very sleepy in the afternoon, as I often do, but instead of going for a snooze as usual I went for a brisk walk instead, which woke me up a bit.
  • Managed not to eat a whole Domino's pizza last night! I was very sensible and had a big plate of salad while everyone else got started on the pizza, then tried not to eat too much pizza. I did go over my target, but not by so much.
  • Well done cat_g_83 and ruwise! My totally non-diet related achievement for today is cleaning up the house - which also got me some exercise. I'm expecting visitors this evening, that's about the only thing that motivates me to clean. But it's also nice to have got rid of the last of the boxes from the living room and…
  • Umm, wow, I'm glad you said that. I've done some reading and switched to TDEE - 20%, which looks much more achievable and sensible. Thanks!
  • Where can I find the recipes please? Especially for the low-fat houmous? Thanks.
  • I do have kitchen scales, I was planning to cut down my bowl of cereal gradually to a more "normal" portion, but maybe I should be trying something else for breakfast. Trouble is I'm very dozy in the mornings so I'm probably not awake enough to boil an egg! Home-made houmous sounds like an excellent idea, I love houmous.…
  • Came in just below my target yesterday! :-) But I did get a bad headache - dieting always gives me a headache. Managed to avoid all bad snacking - snacked on salad and fruit instead. This morning I started the gradual reduction of the size of my enormous bowl of cereal.
  • Hi, I'm new here, would love to find some new friends as I need a bit of encouragement. I live near Lincoln.