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  • I've been on veto for 3 months, and I keep hoping my blood pressure will go down. No luck yet... :( Hoping to avoid medication, so I'm going to keep on keeping on! :smiley:
  • I started low carb mid-December and despite a loss in the family, holidays, and lots of chances to cheat, I've only taken one week off (Christmas to New Years) and had 3 "cheat" meals since. I've been in ketosis for 4 straight weeks, with 2 mini-vacations during that time. I've lost 14 pounds, several inches, and I'm on…
  • In reference to your question about ketosis without ketostix...here's great calculator and explanation for how to use it. Use it beforehand to help plan your meals...comes in really handy! http://www.flexibleketogenic.com/?m=0
  • Welcome! I've been doing this since mid-Dec, and I'm down 11 pounds. Looking to not only lose weight but also get my blood pressure down. Feel free to friend me and we can help each other along! You can do this! :) It actually gets easier as you go! Many blessings, Rebecca
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  • I'm certainly no expert, being fairly new to LCHF and all, but I've read that not only does lots of fluid dilute the amount of ketones in urine, but as you become more "fat-adapted", you quit producing those types of ketones (acetate?) that are detected in the urine. It doesn't mean you're not in ketosis, it just means…
  • Congratulations!
  • I started the 17-day diet yesterday, so count me in!
  • You need to eat your minimum number of calories or your body will go into starvation mode, keeping you from losing weight. Believe it or not, sometimes eating more is better. I always try to eat my calories unless I've gained extra from working out. Sometimes I touch those and sometimes I don't. When you complete your…