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  • Welcome back! I'm starting again properly from 2nd Jan but going to try and reign things in a bit until then!
  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone :) Im going to try amazon for coconut butter as our local holland&barratt doesnt do it.. I will check out the world food aisles too - I think I just need to spend some serious time in the supermarket reading LOTS of labels!! Does anyone know if wasabi peas are primal friendly?
  • Eating primal style ice cream (frozen fruit blitzed up with flaxseed, honey and almond milk) has totally ruined Ben and Jerrys and other ice creams for me :( had some the other day and it was so sweet it was almost painful in my mouth.. Now if only I could shake those bread cravings!
  • OK Im in..slightly late to the party though oops. Am doing primal not paleo (cant do without the dairy!).. I dont really have a problem sticking to the primal foods (with primal treats...) but I really need to watch my portions as got 10lbs to lose.
  • I dont have any before (i have toast 3hrs before start, banana hour before) and Ill have 4 gels over course of the race but I have also started using jelly babies as an alternative (feels like more of a treat at 16miles!!)... Ive suffered in the past by not taking on enough food/drink during races so am trying to train…
  • I love smith machines personally...I like to keep one to two weights sessions a week for my lower body, and I find it really hard to get my squatting posture right so smith machine makes this easy for me to get done...I know you might say I should invest time in getting the technique right but for me running is my main…