Starting again

I have gained 20 pounds since I stopped using this app and it's getting out of control. My boyfriend and I eat so bad (McDonald's daily, hotpockets, soda, candy, etc) I feel and look gross. I need motivation to start up again for real. Help a girl out


  • JustSomeEm
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    Welcome back to MFP. :)
  • leeshults
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    Welcome Back! I'm back too.....
  • magen830
    magen830 Posts: 33 Member
    Welcome back. I just came back today myself. Hope we could motivate each other in our journey. :)
  • lizibk
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    Welcome back! I'm starting again properly from 2nd Jan but going to try and reign things in a bit until then!
  • nutmegoreo
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    Whatever you do, don't give up after a few days. It takes time, patience, and persistence! Good luck!
  • cerise_noir
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    You can do it. I've lost 100lbs using this app. I am damn proud for that and hope to encourage more to get into this. It does take time. You fall, you get back up. I cannot tell you all the times I failed, but I refuse to give up. ;)

    The secret accurate and honest. I weigh everything on a food scale and log accurately so I can lose these last 40 or so pounds.

    Good. Luck.
    No more anger, okay? Give this your best shot and you'll do just fine. Be serious about this and it will work for you.