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  • I can completely relate- I'm 5"3 and my goal weight is 125lbs but omg it seems like such a slog and almost unattainable. I look terrible at anything above 140 (I'm 150 now) because my frame just holds the fat in weird places, I'm a mass of lumps and bumps and my baby belly just isn't going anywhere even when I do have a…
  • It requires a bit of baking but Asda sell packets of almond flour which you can use to make little flat breads/cookies with. When I make my cookies I do it on a Sunday and make enough for the week to have at breakfast with a creamy coffee :) I make it sweet by adding sweeteners and very dark chocolate. To make them savoury…
  • I'm up in Newcastle and back on low carb, attempting Keto for the second time :) Feel free to add! :D
  • THIS. I've pretty much given up bread and needed another way to transport lovely sandwich fillings, but when I saw how 'expensive' the wholemeal ones are I was like NOPE. Salads forever it will seem :/
  • I'm in Newcastle :D I have lived here since I went to uni and I love it :D
  • Hey there! I'm 5"3 so I'm on 1,200 calories, and I have learned the hard way what that actually means for what you can and can't put in your mouth DX I manage to stick to it on most days, but my successful days are when I have done exercise and I can go a little over. I have sent you a FR in case you want to have a little…
  • You're not alone in this, I have the same problem and I understand exactly what you are talking about. My boyfriend loves me very much and my size is irrelevant, but to me it is a HUGE issue- I hate the way I look and feel and I am fighting hard to change it. However, weekends (which for him include Friday night) is NOT…
  • Hey there! I use The Protein Works shakes pretty much every day and I love them. I have the Caramel Machiatto one for breakfast with milk and after a work out and snacks at work I have the Vanilla Cream which, if mixed with milk, tastes like a melted Milky Bar :D I tried the Blueberry Crush but I hated it, it reminded me…
  • 25 here! Feel free to add, I'm super new to MFP :)