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  • Columbia :)
  • Just go to the gym and do some kind of physical activity. It will make you feel better. Sweat it out! I'm not a gym lover by any stretch of imagination but being active helps when you feel crappy about your eating. You'll be alright!!
  • In my personal experience, people at work didn't say anything to me when I lost 20 pounds. I figured they probably wanted to stay professional and not say anything about someone's weight. However, my close friends at work complimented my weight loss. People notice. Not everyone comments on it.
  • You're not alone. I have a hard time stopping myself once I start binge eating. I've been doing ok this past week but I know I'm susceptible to binge eating once I'm stressed out. I know this may sound silly but what really helps me from binge eating is to actually get out of the house and hit the gym. This really helps me…
  • Work out to earn more calories, eat cucumber or baby carrots - stuff you can chew but not gain too many calories from.. Good luck
  • I'm with you on this. While it is true that I want to feel confident, a lot of it also comes from looking good to others. Today I had this sad feeling of seeing a really good looking guy at a store and then feeling so crappy about how bad I looked because of my weight gain. Had I been 45 pounds lighter than where I am now,…
  • I have HUGE issues with this :( I always crave for high sodium and carb food and I know they're bad but once my mind's stuck on it, I'm not satisfied until I get it. I even tried working out when I feel the urge to eat to reduce my appetite but that didn't work for long. Eating healthier options to reduce hunger/craving…
  • I guess mine would be to be able to have a healthy baby in the next few years and also to live longer in a healthy state :) Thanks for your supportive words!