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  • I was in a similar relationship. My husband left me two years ago because I "didn't care enough about his feeling" to lose weight. I just had twins two years before that and I struggle to lose the weight. I was crushed and my self-esteem went to the crappers. I started to starve myself and go into a deep depression. He…
  • i have a hard enough time walking in heels. Not going to happen
  • I am oblivious to people naked around me at the gym. The only time I notice is when my friend point it out. I grew up in a household full of older ladies that love walking around nude. I think that prepared me for being around naked people in the gym.
  • Excellent result!! Keep it up. You survive the first month
  • Why does it feel like that last couple of post were trolls
  • The OP already answered everyone question. He is 20 years old. She bakes often for him. The cake he wanted is her favorite treat and she will not be able to control herself. He is old enough to take "no" for an answer and not be sensitive. Why should she waste 600 calories because he wants a cake and she knows she can't…
  • It does a little bit. I'm able to do more. I hate doing them but it has increase my endurance. Great total body workout. So, I wil continue doing them
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  • I don' t have an answer to your question. However, I am amazed about how many people failed to see the point of your question. She is not trying to starve herself. She is trying lean out because that is what figure competitors do. Before competition, they tend to go low carb. My trainer and my friends, who competes, does…