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  • Statistics best class ever. My professor brought dice and cards for the first 2 weeks. Best thing I learned was how to pass any multiple choice test knowing only a 15% of the information
  • Rules of engagement on net flicks or red box net flick movies horrible
  • Vegetarian trying to be a active friend add me I have 30 lbs to go and have been logging daily
  • I bought a force I wanted to track my steps since I do a lot of walking at work but I am disappointed in it and plan on returning it for the fit it one. 2 things the clasp is horrible google it's reviews. I ware another bracelet with it. I tie the bracelet to the fitbit so it doesn't get lost when it falls off. And it will…
  • The pain in your arch of feet could just be your shoes maybe some dr Scholes or chalkos would help.. I have had similar issues depending on the shoe
  • I think so. google there are many folks that are raw dieters and very healthy. Personally I can't hack it. I feel to hungry. My wife is mostly raw and handle rather well. she is skinny but not at all anorexic. So yes you can
  • I do workout at the gym and outdoors. Cardio 4-5 times a week roughly average 40 mins and weights 3 times a week for about and hour. Outdoors I play golf 2 times a week and coach baseball most of the year. I don't cout these a workouts but I do walk course and run around a lot at practices. Also not so sure on how to log…
  • Ty everyone. But out of curiosity what makes a smoothie un healthy? It's just fruits with water in a blender
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