• I am on the fence. I have a feeling alot of us fat women use our weight as the excuse our men leave us. Sometimes we are just fat crazy women.
  • Thanks for the link. I also have other ailments. I have (had) high blood pressure. As in the 190s to 150s. Saw the eye doctor yesterday and it was 135/80! I also had a heart attack at the age of 36. I'm active. Swim an hour 4 times a week and eat about 1500 calories. I lose aprox 1 pound a week. And my health has never…
  • Well I have both arms sleeved. I have tons of photos of course not focusing on my tats. But if you are asking about sexy....This is me a few years back (no bangs!) with my Medusa. I think I look sexy. And yes. I did say it. I look sexy. Funny thing is this. When I marry my fiance I will be covered head to toe with no skin…
  • Cool. Then I'd talk to her privately. Obviously she's dealing with something to be so out of sorts with you. Maybe she needs some help. We can't be in her mind. If she's really a good friend to you..ask her what's up. Honestly. Directness is the best way instead of trying to be psychic!
  • I know everyone says she might be jealous. That's the go to answer we all go to when we don't want to think of things a little deeper. She could be. Of course. Or maybe she think you think the wedding is all about you. And not...the bride.
  • Well you did pick him. Apparently twice. Maybe you need to start focusing on yourself and your behaviors for a while. So you don't make this same mistake a third time.
  • How is everyone doing this week?
  • Seeing a misbehaving child fall on his butt. Gets me every time.
  • I met my fiance over a an old Marilyn Manson forum of all places. He is a Muslim. I am a Satanist. I saw The Joker in his signature and fell in love with the cartoon. 5 years later here we are....getting closer to a marriage! :love:
  • I'm 39. I can be appropriate when I'm dead!
  • Is this going to be a night of you ranting about your marriage? Cuz I have to go make some popcorn. BRB.
  • I say let that be the very last post about him. THIS is about YOU now. Get out there and do your thing! Being positive will do you alot better than thinking about the negative. Good luck!
  • I eat about 150 complex carbs per day..mostly from fruits and veggies. I've moved my A1C from 9.7 to 6.5 in a few months AND lost weight. You don't have to be that strict. I just came back from a Diabetic nutritionist today. There are other moderate ways besides the extreme low carb way.
  • I take it you are a lesbian then? Or do you partake of the swine?
  • So while at work and unable to have a meal *way too busy with my customers. I drank one of those Atkins chocolate shakes. My bg before was 85. Two hours later 88. Those things rock!
  • I've had a hard couple of weeks as well. My time of month hormones throws my bi polar out of whack. It's harder to control my emotions during that time. Thankfully I put into motion my go to coping skills. I find NOT talking about it helps. I know it's weird. It's a matter of not feeding that wolf. And I make sure to stay…
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  • I...might be missing something here. I was sure you can't see an exercise log until one of your friends posts about it. So then it shows up in your feed on your friends' page. Correct? If what all of you are saying is that you laugh and or eye roll or whatever it is you do when you see someone on your friends post…
  • Not a drinker. As a Diabetic and heart attack survivor, drinks and my meds are a no no. Plus I'd rather have Diet Dr Pepper!
  • I do a pilates class for beginners via Netflix streaming videos. This way I can get an idea of what it's like before I get up the nerve to take a class. Do some on line watching and try them in your house first.
  • I don't recognize this person as some celebrity trainer/motivator on tv. His rant is invalid to me. :tongue:
  • I get free test strips and meter through LA county ORSA program. I test twice a day and I usually test 2 hours after my first two major meals. These are the important numbers that actually matter. Unless you are having issues with your morning numbers etc, I'd stick to testing the problem areas, if any. For about a week I…
  • I've fallen asleep in similar positions. Lol. Too cute.
  • Oh I use those too. I work at a bowling alley as a waitress. And though I do get to snack whenever I want, on the weekends I get very busy. So I use the Glucerna snack bars as a meal replacement when I'm hungry and crunched for no snacks on hand. I decided to try the Atkins because they are actually lower in carbs then the…
  • I've become addicted to the dollar tacos al carbon at pollo loco. You can separate the 2 tortillas and make two tacos out of them. Which works perfect for me since I need to watch the carbs due to being Diabetic. And the protein from the chicken fills me up.
  • How are my fellow Diabetics doing this weekend? I was very high during the day but I managed to get it down to a 69 by the time I got home. So I'm hoping I start off the morning with some good low numbers. It's taken me a good two weeks to stop being teeter tottering with my numbers since my hypoglycemia kicked in for a…
  • I just wanted to note that Diabetics have to actually have snacks between meals. We normally eat 5 times a day. Mind you NOT candy bars! But apples, or some crackers. If you have a tight control on your sugars like I do, I will become ill when I don't snack. And I have been known to shove a half can of coke down my throat…
  • I have over 90 friends. One of them dropped me. No wait, it was two. And it drove me NUTS trying to figure out who they were! I was seriously thinking of writing all my friend's names down and keeping a list. And when one went missing, tracking them down and giving them a good talking to! Then I backed away from the…
  • I'm addicted to Diet Dr Pepper Hot Momma Pickles Wolverine Stupid solitaire on my phone. Of all the games I could download it's solitaire that steals my time in the bathroom at work! mutant slash MFP tattoos
  • Everyone take a step back. Go to your kitchen. Grab your candy bar and eat it. Then come back and post. Re fing lax.
  • Everyone take a step back. Go to your kitchen. Grab your candy bar and eat it. Then come back and post. Re fing lax.