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  • I would argue that no, you don't manage well on 1200. If you actually were sedentary you might get away with 1200 for a couple weeks, but you're an active farmer and you're moving. No way you're sedentary. Set your goals to "Lose 1 pound per week" and use a more realistic Activity Setting than "sedentary." Binge/restrict…
  • Surgeons will suggest surgery. Medical doctors will want to give.....medicine. Therapy might uncover why one is over-eating in the first place.
  • I started out trying 1200, because, "Hey, losing 2 pounds a week is better than 1 pound a week!" - said everyone who ever started weight loss... It wasn't sustainable. I don't think I stuck to it on ANY week while I had 1200 as a goal. It's just ridiculously low unless you're completely sedentary, older, or really short. I…
  • Well, I don't think a book telling me how to walk would be all that helpful (to do you, boo) but I do know that walking daily outdoors gives me a lot of joy and allows me to eat a tiny bit more. What's the gist of it?
  • So many things... I might ask my doctor for a different anti-depressant, sometimes they stop working or were not the right one to start with. I never felt "right" on any prescription drugs. Not saying that's the problem, but 10 years on one anti-depressant seems like a really long time.
  • It might be unrelated to what (or how much) you ate. Did you fly? I would just caution against this punishing attitude you are creating in yourself for having a good time. That way danger lies. Life is for living: and weekend getaways are for relaxing with friends and family and eating and drinking. Let it go, would be my…
  • The science is not wrong, your number of calories could be. How did you come up with your current goal (calories?) If you've only been at it 12 days, that's not long enough to get sufficient trending data. Calories in < Calories out = weight loss So track consistently for 4-6 weeks, then adjust. If you got your calorie…
  • Eat a little less than you are now eating. Don't expect it to happen in a month, expect 6 months. Definitely log food and exercise. It's the second best metric available (other than scale weight.) Find an exercise you love (or at least like) and make it part of your non-negotiable routine. Eat 5-8 servings a day of whole…
  • Very common. You can research the connection, but yeah - cutting carbs affects mood for many people.
  • On a calorie deficit it's often necessary to eat a bit more protein than is recommended on this site. The site defaults are 50% Carbs, 30% Fat and 20% Protein. You can use this calculator to calculate your protein needs for your situation, Keep in mind that if you…
  • ...and THIS is why I only use dried beans. Well, that and they 1. taste better 2. Have less salt when I prepare them and 3. Cost $1.50 for 13 servings dry, and $3.00 for 7 servings in a can.
  • What exactly do you mean by, "Is it real?" There are a lot of factors involved, but just the physical biological part? I don't think or believe that the hormone changes in and of themselves "cause" weight gain. Weight is still manageable during and after menopause. I lost 80 pounds at about the same time I was going…
  • I spent a lot of money on stuff for exercise and weight loss that I don't use. $1500 is a lot of money, but isn't there a monthly subscription too, like $49 or something? That will add up quickly. It's the name of the game. Finding something that's fun and just the right amount of energy expenditure takes experimentation.…
  • @emmamcgarity ^^This is genius. Just as an aside, the database on the Recipe page still uses asterisks, so the Admin-entered ones are so much easier in that database. MFP: HOW HARD would it be to bring back the asterisks?? (Pay no attention to my rant if you've only been on MFP for a few years, this is an old-school rant.)
  • You win the Best Logger Award. :flowerforyou: I wouldn't even know how to log something like basil or curry powder. . . you say, "it’s surprising how they can add up." Really? Like how many calories for a tablespoon of dried herbs? I can't imagine it's more than 20 calories and that would totally ruin the joy of cooking…
  • Well, Pam and spices have calories...but not at the quantities I use. I don't actually use Pam, I just use butter or coconut, walnut, avocado or olive oil.
  • No.
  • I've been logging food and exercise for - what - 14 years? I've never worried a whole bunch about elevations, and I live in Washington State, a hilly place. I've just used a flat 300 calories for an hour of moderate exercise, no matter what the exercise is. My daily walks are 95 minutes sometimes on flat terrain and…
  • Why don't you want anyone to know (or to question you?) Have you had eating disorder issues in the past? I agree with gpanda. You have very little to lose so just eat the same foods as everyone else, just a little less of them. No one will be the wiser. It's not easy losing that last 10-15 pounds so just go slow and live…
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  • You can edit for one hour -
  • The macro split on this site defaults to 50% Carbs 30% Fat and 20% Protein That's a perfectly good split. Up to you what you want to use.
  • You can Google body weight exercises...I think "Convict Conditioning" is one. Lots of ways to increase muscle without lifting actual weights, just using your body weight and gravity. As far as calories...1600 does sound low. Did you set it to "Lose 1 pound per week" and set your "Activity Level" as accurately as you can…
  • I don't even try to do that. I get close on some days, but it's purely accidental. It's not really necessary for weight loss. Calories are the ones on which to really focus. I also track iron, calcium and fiber. Try making all those match. :lol: Yeah, no. I just make sure I'm in the ballpark for the week by looking at…
  • ^^This and, @yirara I can turn off notifications, but I want to keep up with most of them. Just that one I'd like to delete. In other forums on other sites I can "unsubscribe" to single threads.
  • I must have made the mistake of posting in it at some point because every day it's in my notifications and every day I have to scroll past that notification. I wish there was a way to unsubcribe - you know, like most forums permit. *sigh*
  • I'm having a very hard time believing your story. 1. Underweight already 2. Very little water intake and very little urination 3. Diuretics 4. Gaining (and/or not losing depending on which post I read) weight on 1100 5. Doctor just thinks it's fine Please call a therapist.