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  • Barbara Happy Anniversary! Annie in Delaware
  • Happy birthday Heather! Annie in Delaware
  • Good morning ladies! Thank you Barbie for the new thread! I had three new books to read while the rain (hurricane remnants) washes over us. But I am through two of them with three rainy days to go! I found a new author Lisa Regan who writes about a female cop, Josie Quinn. Very good stories. Meanwhile my two library books…
  • I have been on MFP for 1195 days and I now weigh more than when I started by two pounds. Nobody to blame but me. Sigh. Annie in Delaware
  • Tina here's some encouragement for you! You can do this, a little at a time. You know the steps. Slow and steady, persistence is key. One day at a time. You will be stronger and healthier! Katla hope you are not separated for too long. Rebecca hope you get some good info from your doctor today. And that you find some…
  • Machka so sorry about the skin cancer. Sounds like you got checked just in time! Here's hoping that clearing that up will lower stress on your body and help with the other symptoms. Annie in Delaware
  • Michele, it turns out that we were shorted 90 pills the last time we got them. So we ran out early, and the insurance won't pay yet. But I took the pill container back to the store and they gave us the extra pills, so we are good now. Just one of life's little hiccups. Annie in Delaware
  • Thanks Tina! I did move around some - did my yoga and my walking video with added arm circles. It feels better!😊 Annie in Delaware
  • Good morning ladies! Yes we found a receipt from the pharmacy for my mom's booster shot, and that was enough to get her a new booster shot. Yay! Now she has a new card that only has the one shot listed. That should work as proof of vaccination if she needs it. The next struggle is that a different pharmacy won't refill her…
  • Well my arm hurts from my booster shot so I skipped my dumbbells today. I've been trying to take a nap all day. So now I will just go to bed early. Annie in Delaware
  • Good morning ladies! Well, I got my Covid booster and flu shot, and now both my arms are sore. It will pass. I need to buy groceries today, but I could use a nap first. So nothing much going on, but I still enjoy checking in with all of you! Annie in Delaware
  • I did my yoga and marching! Yay! That makes this fresh start official. Hope all of you and your loved ones stay safe from these hurricanes. My mom's vaccine card is lost and my dad is going in circles trying to find a workaround so she can get a fresh Covid booster. If he would learn to look more effectively he would…
  • My entertainment style is a blend of careful planning and total panic. I don't do it enough to have any confidence. There was a time when I could have my friends over for coffee and feel okay, but that was twenty years ago. I'm irritated with caregiving this morning. I made a really nice meatloaf earlier this week and my…
  • I did my dumbbells Yay! 30 reps. But I'm still eating way too much. Gotta find my way back step by step.
  • Well I did about half my yoga today. Better than nothing but I really need more to get back into a weight loss range. And I need to cut back on the sugar too. Gotta make it my priority. Annie in Delaware
  • I woke up from my nap dreaming about peanut butter. Had to have some! Annie in Delaware
  • Well I spent my morning fighting bureaucracy. First I refilled my Mom's pills. That was straightforward. Then my dad's pills through the mail order pharmacy with someone whose English was unclear. Got through that, and they should be able to text me now. So that's good. Then I tried to redeem my pet rewards virtual…
  • I did half my dumbbells 20 reps instead of 40 since I had been skipping it. I will plan on 30 reps Saturday then back up to forty next week. It still took me an hour. Teddy was being extra affectionate too, so it took a bit to get started. Now to work on my diet issues. Annie in Delaware
  • I did my yoga for the first time in a few weeks. And my beginner aerobic walking video. So I am getting back on track. Yay! Now to stop eating cookies at night. I should be done eating for the day, but I will be in the kitchen making meatloaf for my parents. Annie in Delaware
  • Barbie so sad to say goodbye to Bernie the cat. Wishing you comfort as you grieve. Pip hope your cataract surgery goes well! Popcorn is the best! I never heard of hulless. Thanks Debbie! Amazing that you can grow your own. Just groceries and laundry today. And see what I need to get shots. But I got a new book from Amazon.…
  • Very nice Pip! I had a long day. I did my mom's pills this morning then drove to visit my friend who had the stroke. Then I drove back just in time to make supper and do evening pills. It was seven hours of driving, much of it in heavy DC traffic. My friend seems cheerful enough. He says he is getting 10% stronger on his…
  • Good morning ladies! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my friend Craig who had a stroke. He is moving to rehab today. He has been using a walker, but expects to get better. I plan to go visit on Tuesday. It will be three hours to drive out, then visit and three hours back. Then the usual dinner and pills for my…
  • Good morning ladies! Well, my best friend had a stroke Monday night and is still in the hospital. No mental damage, but weakness on his right side. He is under sixty, with bad diet and no exercise. That might change! I feel all keyed up about it, but there's not much I can actually do. He lives about three hours away.…
  • Katla that's great to hear. A relief all around. I got new glasses and now my phone looks sharper! Like a brand new phone without all the transfer hassles. Annie in Delaware where everything is sparkly clear
  • Katla our thoughts are with you as you face this new crisis. Many hugs!! Annie in Delaware
  • My every day jeans are getting tight. Time to end this slump and get back on the wagon. Annie in Delaware
  • Sue oh my gosh that fire must be close! Stay safe! I don't know how you could evacuate with goats and horses. Annie in Delaware
  • Machka excellent job losing weight! Well done! And a beautiful picture of you too! Annie in Delaware
  • Pip Yay for no blood thinners! Karen Yay for getting your brother's card! Machka Yay for less tinitis! Hugs for everyone! Annie in Delaware
  • Good morning ladies! I am in a slump. I skipped yoga on Monday and only did half my dumbbells last night. I've been eating way too many cookies. I'm afraid to face the scale. Every morning I try to start over and then by dinnertime I give up. All part of the journey I guess. I miss out on a lot of scammers because I still…