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  • You’ve inspired me! Thank you!! I will try again at a lower weight!
  • This is very helpful. I've been at a 9 or 10 LOL I go nuts on the hip thrust and it's a small ROM. I'm also going too heavy on DLs. I am hard on myself because I feel I should be able to lift at least 120 lbs for 2 sets of 8 and I force my body to do it.
  • I'm an ecto-meso. Wide shoulders and a v-shape with small hips and waist and long lean legs (pancake butt if I don't do legs and glutes). I am 5'8", 129 lbs and about 19% bf. I have very small wrists and long limbs, but a good ability to build muscle - fast metabolism. For upper, I just do push-ups, and I have a TRX at…
  • please elaborate no what I can do instead. I'm going too hard aren't I. I live in Toronto and we've been in lockdown and gyms have been closed since November. I've been using exercise as a way to cope mentally. I think I'm developing an obsession with weekly progressive OL and lifting heavy as an outlet to deal with this…
  • Failure: Hip thrust 300 lbs Barbell back Squat - 120 lbs Deadlift - 115 - 120lbs (on hold due to back pain) Sissy squat - high reps and sets to failure Band work - abductions, donkey kick, bridge side lying clam etc Progressive OL every week - time under tension, range of motion, reps etc I’m pretty advanced in lifting for…
  • 50 years old Eating 2,000 cals a day maintenance 1 hour of hip thrusts, squats, band work, RDLs etc (to failure progressive OL) Been lifting heavy 5 years overall lifting 30 years Kick box 2 times week, walking everyday Poor recovery more so past few years 45+ Took 8 days off very recently to recover bc was very sore all…
  • If I start my first meal as a protein shake with peanut butter and almond milk I find I become a lot leaner. It seems to set the tone for the rest of the day. I don’t know why, but it works for me.
  • Not trying to be a smart Alec, but I have no idea what you just said lol I’m trying to deadlift around 110-120 lbs. I weigh 129. I’m doing stiff leg. My PT got me doing them. I’ve actually had to stop past 2 weeks to reduce stubborn lumbar pain. I’ve never liked deadlifts. The only variation I like are single leg RDLs. I’m…
  • Glute bridges to start and then move into hip thrusts. I had a weak lumbar region and weak glutes and I was continuously spraining my back. I began hip thrusting 50 lbs 4 years ago and now my barbell hip thrust is 5 pause reps at 300 lbs. My back is super strong now and no more flat weak butt 😊 Honestly for me, it’s the…
  • I think I’m lifting too heavy too soon. I’m at 300 lb hip thrust and figured deadlift should be easy, but it’s not. I’m a *kitten* deadlifter
  • Interesting. Thanks.
  • My lower spine always hurts after. Why is that?
  • Follow @TrainWithJoan on Instagram. She’s 75 and amazing
  • When you say the weight crept up and you are now 56. At what age did you notice the creep? During menopause our bodies actually need 200 less calories per day!! That would equate to weight gain if 2 lbs per month if you continued to eat the same. I’m turning 50 and in perimenopause and I’ve had to drop my calorie…
  • I lift weights and I’m a very fit midlife female. If you walked into my gym, I’d give you a big smile and welcome you!!! You’d be surprised at how much others will encourage you. You are beautiful no matter your physique. Take it one step at a time xx
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  • You must be really proud of yourself for losing so much weight. You’ve gotten sone great advice here already 👍 Remember that if you go too hard or too quick, it won’t be sustainable weight loss. Women require a minimum of 1200 calories in order to menstruate and be healthy. I’m almost 50 and I lose weight eating 1700…
  • When I walk 7,000 steps, I’ve burned about 250 cals. Walking IS worth it. Its great for mental health, it’s relaxing and it’s easy to do. I walk everyday for 1 hour and it’s my time to destress.
  • Thanks everyone. I’m with my trainer tomorrow to practice. He says I’m doing very well and I’ll get there. I practice at home with just an empty bar. I’ll video it next time and attach here 🤗
  • I visually guess my BF % based on pics of various body fat percentages from Google searches. I’m just as accurate as those Tana machines lol
  • Broscience and puts women back to 1984 lol
  • Have you seen Rachael Attard? OMG!! She’s another Tracy Anderson!!!
  • Thank you 😊 I work hard 😓
  • I got a booty primarily doing heavy barbell hip thrusts with progressive overload. It's also easy on the knees and a great beginner exercise. Watch any videos by Bret Contreras (otherwise known as "The Glute Guy"). I just eat a lot of protein and try to cut back on sugar. It works for me for the most part. I have protein…
  • I'm liking my muscular, but not defined body....better?
  • Fixed it for you [/quote] LOL
  • Me too! No gym since Nov 21st. I have a PT once a week and have a good set up at home. Barbell with 300 lbs of plates. Also have dumbbells, bands and a bench. I’ve actually improved in strength and conditioning. Also join Zoom kick boxing twice a week. Hang in there!!
  • I still get the occasional "what are good toning exercises?" and just bite my tongue so there's no long drawn out discussion. Thanks for reading. [/quote] I see no harm in using the word 'tone' as a descriptor of results. It's legitimate term one can use. I've heard men use the term as well for themselves.
  • I began going to the gym around 1993. It was all about aerobics step classes for women. We were terrified to lift more than 50 lbs bc we saw pics of female body builders who were on steroids. Funny looking back now. I’m so glad that people like ‘Ninerbuff’ have taken the task of educating women on weight lifting. The…
  • I still use the word toned. It just means gaining sexy muscle while keeping body fat at around 20%. I hip thrust 260 lbs currently and I’m working on my barbell squat. I’m not afraid of lifting heavy and I would still call myself toned. You call toned ‘muscular but not defined and not bulky’. Toned is one syllable and…
  • I hated squatting bc it hurt my knees and I was quad dominant. Heavy hip thrusts woke up my glutes and now I can almost do a parallel squat. Still working on it but don’t hate it anymore.