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  • I took them for about a week a few years ago. Developed insomnia and got the shakes. Didn't lose any extra weight above what I'd normally lose anyway. Ended up throwing them in the bin. There was no ingredients listed on the bottle but they're had to be a whole lot more than just green tea in them!
  • St. Patrick's day is also not included, in Ireland at least.
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  • I live in Ireland. Lent is a really big thing here. People would be horrified if you said you weren't giving up something for Lent. (Even if you're not religious! :D ) But I've never heard of someone giving up ALL carbs for Lent. It's not healthy and it's not in the spirit of Lent.
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  • 1.4 off this week. Disappointed because 1.5 would have got me out of the 16 stone bracket which was my goal. Have had a disaster of a day. Have eaten everything in sight and feel terrible. I even stopped logging this evening which I'm really gutted about because I promised myself that even if I went off track I would at…
  • I ignore the extra calories most of the time. Then when I'm having a hungry day, usually about once a week, I can safely eat 100% of them earned that day, as I already have the ones I didn't eat as a sort of buffer. I figure they also offset any possible logging errors. Works well for me.
  • You've been told countless times that 1200 isn't enough for you! Unless your 5 foot or under, which you've already said your not, or unless your profile pic is 50 years out of date you need to eat more!
  • There's obviously a problem or you would be losing. Why won't you open your diary? Doesn't really give people much to work with. If your not losing, you either aren't in a calorie deficit or you need to visit the doctor. Simple. You'll have to decide which is the reason and act on it.
  • I had a really long post written and it just disappeared on me! The general gist of it was that my mom is around the same age and she's only 5 foot. She has lost almost 30 lbs on 1200 calories. It was very slow but it is possible :smile:
  • Lost 1.4 this week. The weight is coming off way slower than it did the last time I was this weight for some reason :( Didn't meet my exercise goal this week but not overly concerned about that. I went to the Dr with my foot problem and I'm waiting on an appointment with a physio. Don't want to over do things until I see…
  • I totally get where you coming from. I have ME, arthritis and neurological issues. I get that it sucks being in pain all the time. I get not being able to exercise. My step goal is 5000. It's about 7pm here and I have less than 500 today. The good news is that it's all about cico (calories in calories out). You can lose…
  • My sister likes to do all the fad diets. She has informed me many times that cico doesn't work for everyone.
  • Yeah I have restless leg syndrome so I take magnesium for that. It does stop my legs from jittering around the place at night but does nothing for my actual sleep. You're absolutely right of course. I was really down about it yesterday but in the long term it doesn't really matter. Previously that would have upset me to…
  • Only lost 0.8 of a pound :( Stuck to my calories rigidly too so very disappointed. I haven't been exercising this week as I've developed a problem with my foot. My right foot is turned out for some reason and its affecting my balance. Going to the doctors tomorrow to see what's causing the problem. At my weight the pounds…
  • Lost 3lb this week! Delighted with that. Had a very good week overall. I really need to work on getting more sleep though.
  • Sunday morning for me. Helps me to stay focused over the weekend.
  • I'm in Ireland too. Feel free to add me
  • You're not going to lose a pound a day or even half a pound a day. You need to accept that and have more realistic expectations. A pound a week is realistic. Make sure you're logging is accurate. Weigh everything. The weight will come off if you stick to your plan.
  • Add more healthy carbs into your diet if you can.
  • Sunday mornings. I sometimes have a sneaky check on a Wednesday morning to see how the week is going but anymore than that and I get too obsessed with it.
  • It's down to personal preference. You're best option is to experiment to find the one that suits you best. I've tried loads of different ones. I'll use stevia based ones if I'm stuck and it's all that's available. I can't stand any aspartame ones. And I love splenda more than actual sugar now.
  • I've been on pred since September and have piled on the weight. Reducing my dose at the moment and hope to be off it completely by the end of Feb. The weight is starting to shift but slower than I'd like.
  • Lost 2.25 pounds this week. A bit disappointed with that but I didn't meet my exercise goal for the week and overall it was a pretty sedentary week. I also went over my calorie goal a few days during the week. Aim for next week is to stick to the calorie goal everyday and reach my exercise goal.
  • I've been on and off here for a few years now. Here for the long haul this time. Feel free to add me
  • Mine is open to friends. I love looking at other people's diaries for ideas. Feel free to add me.
  • I had my tonsils out a few years ago. The best advice I got on food was from my surgeon. He said if I forced myself to eat toast the recovery time would be a lot less. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't pleasant but I had 1 slice at least twice a day and I was fully recovered within a week. The soft food option is very…
  • As everyone else has said, it's one meal. These things will happen occasionally. It's not a disaster as long as you get right back on that wagon! Disaster strikes when you get into the mindset of I've messed up now I might as well eat this, and this, and this etc. One meal turns into a day, then a week. Now that's falling…
  • I have psoriatic arthritis. I've tried the autoimmune protocol, going gluten free, dairy free etc but have found nothing that improves things. My consultant says any specific diet won't make a difference, apart from the obvious benefits of losing weight. I've been on prednisolone since September so the lbs have crept on.…
  • I have ME too and recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Previously lost 84 lbs but gained back 70 due to months of steroids :/ Decreasing my steroid dose at the moment and hope to be completely free of them by the end of Feb. It's tougher for us but we can do it!
  • Hi I'm Claire. I'm 30 and have 70 lbs to loose. I previously lost 84 lbs on here but have gained back most of it :/ My calorie goal is 1270 because I have arthritis and not very mobile at the moment. Last time around my calories were a lot higher because I was pretty active. Struggling this time around with the much lower…
  • Hi everyone :smile: I'm Claire from Ireland and this is my first challenge. Looking forward to it. I previously lost 6 stone using this site but put back up 5 of that through bad health and stopping tracking. My aim for the next 10 weeks is to lose 20lbs. Also to log honestly everyday. I have a habit of having little…
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