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  • This should be required reading. This is the best answer to the relationship of sugar to healthy eating.
  • No...I believe you thought I said I saw someone say they lost weight eating only Big Macs. I never said that. I'm fully aware that people can choose to eat what they want, fit it within their dietary and caloric goals and lose/ maintain weight. Heck, I'm not even defending clean eating. I'm merely pointing out how the…
  • You know what would be a better response to the op? "OP- I'm not sure if you're aware of this but "clean eating" can mean different things to different people. Can you clarify what you mean or give an example? Thanks! ;thumbsup"
  • It's the way in which members on this site say it's not a requirement. It's so smug and condescending. There's a few of you who have this wolf pack mentality. You swarm in and sweep the legs. No mercy. Then, the little followers come in echoing the same things hoping to get pats on the head from the leaders.
  • Oh c' guys have over 1,000 posts on this site. I'm generalizing, (although someone in a private group did make the same claim a little bit ago). I know you have seen posts about people bragging how they just had a Big Mac and still met their calories.
  • How do you know when someone lost 40lbs while still eating McDonalds? Don't worry, they'll tell you. ;) I cringe when I see posts about clean eating. No, not because the OP may be misinformed, but because of all the smug and elitist replies of "Gee, I lost 40lbs eating Big Macs and I didn't eat clean". When I see someone…
  • I agree with Stephen- T2 diabetics are all unique. While, there are some things that everyone agrees on, how your body reacts will vary depending on the person. Also, diabetes is heavily genetic dependent, meaning, you were most likely going to get it no matter how hard you battled against it. The good thing is you can…
  • OP- I'm not gonna lie. I thought your opening post was a joke as it goes against the common sense rules of insulin management. The "rule of white"- no carbs that are white (potatoes, sugar, pasta) should be the first thing you learn. I echo the others who recommend changing doctors. If you can find an endocrinologist, all…
  • I disagree with regards to not paying attention to sugars. I have steel cut oats every morning and am never above 100, 2 hours post meal. However, I can eat an apple with eggs and my sugars will be above 100. Stable sugars is the key to good diabetes management.
  • Mine is set for 100g. I'd also like to add a few amplifying thoughts. I think it's important to know which carbs affect your blood sugars the most. This is where eating to your meter is vital in the process. One may have carbs set to 100g but if that person is eating carbs that cause spikes in glucose, then there really…
  • 83 this morning.
  • To the OP: just wanted to say yay! for biking to work. I hope you continue to do so. It's such a great way to get exercise. I don't know your stats or how fast you ride but those calories don't raise my eyebrows on first glance. I think it's partly because I burn mucho calories on my rides. If you're averaging 14mph or…
  • You should stand behind the gym teacher. Everytime a parent complains that precious Johnny was punished for not following the rules, it becomes harder to govern the kids at school. Kids know they can give the puppy dog eyes to mom and dad and everything will be alright. His arms are sore. He'll get over it.
  • I stopped putting a prize on food. I gave up cheat days because why should I reward myself for doing something that I should be doing anyways? There are occasions where I say "screw it" and eat a little more but that's just part of life and I move on.
  • Homeostasis. Everytime you take away or add too much, your body has to adjust to keep homeostasis. This is basic college level A&P stuff. To make a blanket a statement of "carbs are not essential" is dangerous.
  • I agree 100%. Therapy was the one thing that started to make everything come together. I don't think I would've turned my life around without it.
  • Do you even Anatomy and Physiology, bro?
  • Is that a typo?
  • To give you a comparison, I'm 41, 6'2", and weigh 230. I exercise for about an hour 5 days a week. I eat close to 2,300 calories a day and I'm still losing 1-1.5lbs a week.
  • Is your clicking on the outside of the hip or inside along the bend of the thigh/groin? Look into a good sports medicine doc or an orthopedic surgeon. They typically order special views of the hip in lieu of the traditional 2 view non-trauma hip images. Sometimes the clicking can indicate something going on within the…
  • Hi there. I'm a Type 2 diabetic as well. The best advice, and advice that was given to me, is to "eat to your meter". If you're not testing daily, you should be until you understand what foods have the greatest effect on your blood sugar levels. Every T2 diabetic reacts differently to carbohydrates. Add to that the…
  • This is an inspiring post to read. And thank you for your service.
  • My only suggestion is blueberries or strawberries with a protein.
  • If you look at the original post date, you'll see she posted in November of 2014. That means her a1c dropped to a 4.9 over 7 months.
  • Do you know what I love about walking? You can put on your shoes, open the door, and go. Tonight was a lovely night for a 40 minute walk. Enjoy yours!
  • Congratulations on your weight loss. You've shown great dedication. Despite what your military future May or may not be, I hope you realize you can do this and will avoid any setbacks in the future. What I'm saying is, should your health conditions disqualify you from service, I hope you do not relapse into your old…
  • Why can't you take statins?
  • Slow and steady wins the race. You look fabulous!
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  • I'm not sure if you're in the US or another country but there is no way your recruiter told you that you needed to lose 15lbs from your weight of 285. You would have to lose more like 60-70lbs and only then would you make it if you were 6'2" or taller.
  • 88 this morning. I seem to hit 88, 5 out of 7 days a week. Sometimes I wonder if my meter is stuck. lol