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  • Kinda forgot to update since I'm technically off my cut plan but after 1 week ramping back to maintenance cals I've leveled off at 199Lbs. So, I'm calling it official at 17Lbs actual loss via 4wks rfl protocols. Not going to post pics cause I don't really see enough difference to be worth showing off. The process did give…
  • Forgot to add, lost 16Lbs overall and I'm still stepping up to maintenance so the returning water weight hasn't shown just yet. Also, I'll make my diary public for a bit in case anyone interested in the most boring list of foods possible lol
  • I tracked my intake very specifically (other than 2 refeeds that didn't require close monitoring). Average calories was around 1400/day. Protein requirement was 220g/day.
  • I just finished 4 weeks on it and found it challenging at some points but actually fairly easy for most of the time. It's so rigidly structured that you don't have much room for error. The entire point of it to most efficiently cut fat while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. So, there isn't a set deficit or…
  • Phew!!!! Week 4 of my initial rfl phase in the books; wrapped it up yesterday with a refeed (omg I've never appreciated spaghetti more than that meal!) and I'm working my way up to maintenance calories throughout the next couple days. Starting Weight - 216lbs End of week 1 - 208lbs End of week 2 - 206 End of week 3 - 203…
  • Great work so far! You're taking awesome steps in improving your health and physique. I'm no expert so won't offer technical advice, however, I can say with certainty that patience and research will be two very important tools. Don't expect quick results that will be maintainable in the long term; there's no short cuts.…
  • Good luck and keep at it! Sounds like you're in the best place for a cut and ready to show what you've worked for during your bulk. Keep us posted with your progress :smile:
  • Yesterday kicked off week 4 of rfl cut and progress has slowed a bit: Starting Weight - 216lbs End of week 1 - 208lbs End of week 2 - 206 End of week 3 - 203 This passed weekend was a bit rough and I fell off the program Friday by having a few drinks. Was able to mostly keep my eating under control but the booze calories…
  • RFL cut continues, starting week 3 today. Last week was a bit of a challenge due to a family dinner out (used my free meal on a pork burrito, chips/salsa, and some guac) and a party to watch the Cavs game Saturday night (scheduled refeed, plenty of carbs). Had 3 drinks at the party which is not a part of the diet at all…
  • Welcome aboard the fat drain train! Mind sharing any of your stats and program details? It's nice to see how different body types and training styles approach/execute cuts. I'm also in week two of my first real cut and share similar base goals - lose fat, keep muscle.
  • How long was your cut? Multiple cycles or one single phase? I remember you posted it somewhere but I'm feeling lazy :#
  • The water weight drop piece is definitely a wildcard aspect to the cut process and still a lot to learn, on my part, about it's overall affect. Another thing I've come across is that one nice part of being so depleted is I'm getting a really good feel for how my workout performance is affected by even small fluctuations in…
  • Deficit is big but everything is planned out per my program so it’s all as expected. Just venting a bit in my earlier post
  • Week 2, day 2 and the hunger beast is strong. Did the lifting routine today and it felt good but now that I'm passed it and lunch is settled I'm really struggling to resist eating something other than the stick of celery I brought for snack. I won't give in but I didn't get cravings like this at all week 1 so it's a new…
  • Week one went pretty well, better than I expected really. Fri & Sat nights were the toughest part; I like my drinks :p But I stayed fairly busy to keep my mind off the urge to eat and drink. Sunday, had my first scheduled refeed. Wasn't as clean as it should've been and I'll try to schedule future refeeds around a lifting…
  • Lot's of good posts here, glad to see such good progress! I've basically been at maintenance over the last 8 months or so with some typical up/down fluctuations. Ran the first two 8-week phases of Bigger Leaner Stronger and am taking a break from that program to run r fl for maybe 4 weeks, started this past Monday.…
  • All good info, guys. Much appreciated. No hurry for me, I'm in it for the long haul. Consistency and avoiding injury are top priority. Coming from doing my own thing to trying to find a fixed routine has been tough since most programs are full of specifics from a gains perspective. Hard to find solid info for people that…
  • Thanks for the feedback. Sports is simply a fun way to be active so not being at the top of my 'game' won't bother me. Just don't want to blatantly put my self at injury risk.
  • Not seeing any response so is there a better spot to have posted this?
  • Wife and I just passed 17 years married. We were both 21 and now have 16yo girl, 14yo girl, and 12yo boy. Not even sure how that much time passed. Strange feeling that we're probably closer to our kids wedding days than our own.
  • Longwing brogues today Great to see everybody showing off the footwear
  • Oh, I saw the hat. Just figured you'd lost some schitty bet to put something like that on :) But no, I hope your team loses every game :p
  • Gym shoes just for lunch workout
  • Those are nice! Clarks?
  • I don't know who your team is?
  • Went to see Snoop Dogg and Wiz last night. It was a fun show. Was soooo hungry when I left :smiley:
  • So glad to be back to football season!!!! Browns fan - I know, I know; heard every crack there is to make. One day it will pay off then I get my turn to be intolerable :) I expect 3 wins this year and we'll find out we finally have WR's but no running game. Defense will not be good. RG3 will be a placeholder but maybe…
  • @GnothiSeauton23 If I gotta wear shoes, I try to wear good ones. Barefoot would be a nice option fo sho