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  • I like "flim flam man" and I'm doing my best to bring it back.
  • What would you describe this sales pitch as? "Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones—in everyone—and only by understanding the effects of the hormones insulin and insulin resistance can we achieve lasting weight loss." This is the beginning of the item…
  • I don't think anyone denies that people have had success with Fung's approach. The truth is that any eating style that creates weight loss tends to improve the chronic diseases associated with excess weight. The issue is whether or not the people touting a particular diet are correct when they make claims that they've…
  • While the review in the ADA journal (which I think is different from an official ADA review) doesn't say Fung is a quack, lines like "Where this book will challenge some diabetes health care professionals is in its claims that all current evidence-based, conventional treatments are wrong; this assertion is clearly untrue,…
  • If it's just a few croutons and you have the wiggle room for 50-100 extra calories per day, no. But if you get in the habit of not logging anything for which "a few" won't make a difference, then you often wind up with a significant amount of unlogged calories and then you're wondering why your weight isn't behaving as…
  • The best one is whatever works best for you. Some people (including me) like to workout before eating because it feels uncomfortable to exercise on a fuller stomach. Others find that they feel better eating something light before exercise, especially if they wake up hungry.
  • I'm really curious how archaeologists have documented "leaky gut," given that it's a controversial diagnosis even today with live patients.
  • To piggyback off your point: I enjoy bread when I choose to eat it. I can also go weeks without eating it. When I say "carbs," I don't mean "bread." The idea that low carbers have a better idea of what carbohydrates are than those of us who regularly eat a moderate-to-high carbohydrate diet is kind of ridiculous. We KNOW…
  • When I started with MFP, I was pretty inactive and I was in the "exercise to eat" camp. As I lost weight and being active felt better, I began to recognize the other rewards (like improved mood, better sleep, increased energy). I moved into the "eat to exercise" camp, which is where I still am today. That said, I…
  • Posts here show that people DON'T "all know it." I certainly didn't fully understand it when I began using MFP.
  • Having watched my father recover from a triple bypass (in which excess weight and low activity were factors), I'd much rather face the injuries associated with an active lifestyle (especially since, as you point out, we don't have a higher rate of knee and hip replacements). I used to live in Tucson, where I had the…
  • Yes, I personally see a huge difference between "I'm doing keto and it's working so well for me" and "humans aren't supposed to eat carbohydrates." We have ample evidence from human history that humans can thrive on a variety of diets, including those that are lower in carbohydrates but also those that are higher.
  • A lot of traditional breakfast foods are sweet, either from added sugar or sugar inherent to the foods. Breakfast is when a lot of people like to have fruit, for example. If someone is peckish in the morning but still wants or needs to eat, sugar is a way to make foods more appealing. I really don't see an inherent…
  • Yeah, if we're talking about getting fitness benefits from "play," it seems like we should acknowledge that for some people, activities like running, biking, and swimming are genuinely fun and we do these things because they bring us joy.
  • But I have to admit that running from an aroused deer who thinks I'm their next mate would burn a lot of calories . . . so maybe OP is on to something here.
  • Lots of people will lose weight on 1,400 calories a day. Some will lose too rapidly, while others will lose at a more moderate pace. There are people who will not lose any weight on 1,400 calories a day and an even smaller group that will actually gain on 1,400 calories a day. Given what you've shared here, it's impossible…
  • I mean, the two options aren't "plate full of vegetables" and "no vegetables ever." There are middle grounds available.
  • Long term, I think everyone should account for the calories they're using through activity, whether they're adding them upfront through a TDEE-style approach or adding them after the fact like MFP does. In your case in particular, 1,000 is pretty low to be netting. If you're looking to progress in fitness, meet certain…
  • Most of the time it really isn't a problem to find vegan-friendly food and the justification is very different than "I don't like the taste." Like it or not, there's a different social context between making food choices for ethical or weight control reasons and just turning your nose up at an entire class of foods. You…
  • Absolutely -- for everything I stated, it's even harder if you have diabetes or are dealing with something like a gluten intolerance or an allergy.
  • I think it would be a huge mistake to assume that the average American likes our health care system, thinks it is the best way to allocate health resources, or that we aren't aware that other countries arrange things differently.
  • Sorry for the redundancy, I responded to your response before reading the rest of the thread.
  • I don't think going plant-based or keto for health/nutritional reasons is justified by what we currently know about nutrition. I think we have a good body of long term evidence that people can thrive without animal products in the diet, but I don't think we have evidence that one should eliminate animal products for health…
  • I'd been thinking about some of the above points recently as I've resumed business travel. When I'm at home and I have the luxury of time to select and prepare my own food, it's now almost effortless to hit my calorie goals. I can bulk up meals with lower calorie vegetables to ensure satiety, I can limit my access to…
  • I'm guessing it is because the amount is so small (even with the dextrose, it's less than 1 gram of carbohydrates).
  • It's a total misconception that "eating healthy" will ensure that one maintains a healthy weight. I've always eaten a diet that contained plenty of the foods that are associated with better health outcomes and minimized those that didn't (except for a couple of years in college). The issue is that you can still consume…
  • If you go to "Reports," you should be able to see your daily steps. You won't ever see it on your food diary -- you'll just see the overall adjustment.
  • No, it was because of the now clearly foolish hope that American adults would get vaccinated at rates high enough to protect the children and immuno-compromised people in their lives.