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  • drrasjr
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    Just got mine on Saturday. Tracking is going well. I did notice that I got "congrats on your new Force" and it is showing up as Force on apps. I called customer service and they said that it is normal for now based on current firmware and that an update in a couple of weeks should fix the issue. FYI.
  • emi1yawolfe
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    I currently have the Force and ordered the Charge. I was a little concerned about the new textured appearance vs. smooth finish on the Force. Does the Charge look more masculine??? My main concern about switching.
  • rinislosing
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    Mine is in the post but also use the scale and loving it!! Add me rinislosing :D
  • Littlesiany
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    Just had mine today, all charged and ready to go
  • I bought mine yesterday. I have been researching, and finally made a decision.
  • whatcarl
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    Bought one today and the calories remaining on MFP and the fitbit website dont match is that normal?
  • ljwhite71
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    I have one and I absolutely love it! It replaced my BodyMedia armband tracker. I love having this on my wrist instead. I hope they make cuter bands like the other versions of fitbit.
  • annminna
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    Got mine this morning!
  • chunt87
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    // still cant wait for the hr version to come out. The charge update rendered my force unusable so I needed to replace it with the charge
  • schwip83
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    Work just bought me one, and I've spent the last hour setting it up. Just got through setting all my alarms, syncs, etc. Ready to rock!
  • MissYvette46
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    My husband got us each one for our anniversary. We were going to get the force but it had just gone to recall. Three months later, we got the charge instead. Just getting it all set up.

    Above it said to reply with our user profile. If they meant the fitbit one, here it is: //

    I am still new to this part and not sure what is needed.
  • revsec
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    got mine today and google play store is having issues that will not allow any apps to download.