Aussies add me!



  • ashleyharrison3914
    ashleyharrison3914 Posts: 20 Member
    Feel free to add me I use this app lots and have an open diary
  • melj2244
    melj2244 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi I'm from gold/tweed coast, add me if you like.
  • missar
    missar Posts: 32 Member
    Hi everyone!
    I am back on here again here too after a break
    I am from Newcastle NSW, but anyone can add me :)
  • Karen1998
    Karen1998 Posts: 5 Member
    Another newbie here - add me too!
  • RoadtotheRAN
    RoadtotheRAN Posts: 55 Member
    I'm here from the Blue Mountains in NSW. Feel free to add me!
  • Tigs2614
    Tigs2614 Posts: 142 Member
    Feel free to add me! Am a daily user.
  • AngelaJAC
    AngelaJAC Posts: 47 Member
    I'm logging every day.
    Qlder. Brisbane. 40+
  • Adam_NeverGiveup
    Adam_NeverGiveup Posts: 35 Member
    Feel free to add me. I log my exercise every time and log in everyday since coming back. I'm already down 10kg since Sept 1. Plenty more to lose
    I dont do my diary much as I know what im eating.

  • Wyverntales
    Wyverntales Posts: 3 Member
    Hi all. South Aussie here. :)
  • QoLmatters
    QoLmatters Posts: 708 Member
    Hi, Just started visiting the website a few weeks ago and I'll be here for a long time to come - have a lot to lose. Am logging in daily. Need some friends. :)
  • Aussie_Mel
    Aussie_Mel Posts: 25 Member
    Feel free to add me. I'm back on the wagon and looking for new friends to support and motivate each other. I'm a self confessed gym addict and like to just enjoy life.

  • tomtwoswans921
    tomtwoswans921 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi , love to be added. I am aiming to break a barrier that has beaten me , located on the Gold coast
  • twentytwelve12
    twentytwelve12 Posts: 245 Member
    I'm from Adelaide.
  • Nicolee_2014
    Nicolee_2014 Posts: 1,572 Member
    Adelaide here too. I need to re focus & get some active members back on my FL
  • Arsenal1919
    Arsenal1919 Posts: 211 Member
    I am a very committed daily user.
    I have a very few friends now on MFP as so many people became infrequent users or dropped off altogether. I have only three or four people in 'my circle' that appear 5+ times per week and one other who "speaks"/comments about once a fortnight.
    I am a loyal friend/supporter on a long weight loss ... currently 31kg lost from 176kg and aiming to get to 80-81kg by 2017.
    Feel free to post an invite message to me.
  • sjack44
    sjack44 Posts: 36 Member
    I am from Qld and would love a few more Aussie friends.
  • kirstyvdk1
    kirstyvdk1 Posts: 13 Member
    I am a daily user living in Canberra - feel free to add me!
  • mineboy
    mineboy Posts: 2,483 Member
    kirstyvdk1 wrote: »
    I am a daily user living in Canberra - feel free to add me!
    Here for support. add if you like

  • SuesNewImage
    SuesNewImage Posts: 743 Member
    Sue from Gold Coast
  • noah_mac
    noah_mac Posts: 30 Member
    Tasmanian here :)