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  • Roguefitness.com has a set that's under $20 including shipping.
  • DawnEmbers
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    We'll see what I get for Christmas. Finances are tight and I need food but it goes on the list.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Gym, visit number 2 for the day but at my own gym this time.

    Went for a little workshop with a trainer on body fat percentage. Had to leave early cause traffic is bad around the time they scheduled these workshops so spent over 20 minutes walking on the treadmill as a warm up.

    The workshop involved a little handheld thing to get an idea on body fat percentage. Then the rest of it was doing circuits with different things. We did steps, lunges, kettle bell swings, planks, crunches and a few other things. Then I walked for another 20 minutes on the treadmill when it was all over. After the circuits one of the girls asked me questions about weights cause I'd met the trainer running the thing before so he'd mentioned I was lifting. Not sure she'll try it as she hasn't done the lifts before but I told her about strong lifts, the site and mentioned she could get a trainer to show her the lifts and proper form.

    Not much was said about the actual body fat percentage. I just went in hoping it would read at below 50%. Mine came up as 39.5%. I'll have to do the scan again after the 12 week mark or something with the lifting and see what it says. Only 4 of us took part in the little workshop overall.

    I also ran into my boss at the gym. He'd said it was his gym but I'd never seen him cause I tend to close and go after work and well, he works store manager hours. So we talked a moment about the photo machines and the paper jams.

    Overall, an odd day off work with lots of time in the gym. I earned a delicious gingerbread latte. mmm
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    @DawnEmbers - Amazon has 1.25's and also fractional plate sets so that you can do even smaller increments. I just asked my husband for the fractional plates for Christmas.
  • DawnEmbers
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    ooo, thanks. I shall search away. :D
  • @Llamapants86: so glad you sorted out your cramping problem so quickly! It took me several months to figure it out.

    Lifts this morning:

    Squats: 5 x 5 @‌ 55
    Bench: 2 x 5 @ 50 then 5 x 5 @‌ 45
    Barbell Rows 5 x 5 @ 45

    Had to go down on the bench since I couldn't lift my left arm after rep 2 of 3rd set. I tried twice. I am using dumbbells so I guess this tells me that my left side is waaaay weaker than my right (no surprises). I've also been doing Fitness blender upper body workouts so this might have compromised my bench this morning.

    I also decreased weight on my rows since I am starting to do bbell rows. I definitely feel this in my upper back a lot more than with the barbell.

    Yesterday was my last day in to work so I am officially on holidays!
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
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    Oh my god I miss lifting. Finals and this cold are killing me.

    You all are kicking serious *kitten*! Keep up the good work!
  • katro111
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    I think I might have a sinus infection (going to go to doctor tomorrow), but I decided to lift today anyway (I'm rolling my eyes at myself because that probably wasn't the best idea). Went with Wendler's for bench and added OHP & tri work for accessories. Pushups were also on the list, but didn't make it in.

    Bench: 5 @ 77.5, 5 @ 87.5, 7 @ 97.5lbs
    OHP: 3x10 @‌ 60lbs
    Tricep kickbacks: 4x10 @ 20lbs
  • Squat 120 5x5. Did better with less rest in between sets (about a min). Plus there were a bunch of arm-day-every-day bros doing preacher curls and being lewd next to me so that might have helped motivate.

    OHP 55 5,5,4,4,4. I did the EMOTM method @Krokador suggested and it really helped! I went all out and got it over with. Going for 5x5 at 55 next.

    Deadlift 175 1x5 plus 2 other grip. Didn't go for double overhand because my hands hurt.

    Also did chest flies 10 3x8, skull crushers 30 3x8, and leg raise thing while laying on a mat holding up a 40-lb barbell.

    Trying to get worked out before my week off away from a gym starting tomorrow. Will probably do walking, skiing, and yoga next week. And lots of eating.
  • logg1e
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    I had one of those rest days yesterday when you're just dying to get to the gym and lift.

    Squats 5,5,6,5,5 @ 129.5lb (body weight!!) plus in my warm-ups I focused on form.
    OHP 4,3,3,3,3 @ 51.5lb Grrrrrrrrrrind.
    Deadlift 5 @ 150.5lb These weren't good. Might need to deload for form.

    Came home starving and ate 300g of Greek Yoghurt. Don't know if it's end of term or what, but I'm absolutely exhausted at the moment. Going to get Christmas out of the way and then really think about what my fitness goals should be.
  • Llamapants86
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    Yesterday was workout B
    Squats 135 lbs 5x5 it was my first shot at deloading them for workout b. Felt good, and helped out with deadlifts. I hope that it will let me hit the squats hard tomorrow for workout a.
    Ohp 65lbs 5/5/5/3?/5 the 4th set was weird, I set up wrong and when I got all reset I didn't have the oomph to get through the set.
    Dl 185 lbs 1x5 felt great
  • katro111
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    No sinus infection after all, just residual congestion. I woke up today feeling fantastic so I did deadlifts today. Gonna stick with 5/3/1 format until I feel 100% then I'll go back to something with more volume.

    Deadlifts: warm-up + 5 @ 130, 5 @ 150, 8 @‌ 170lbs
    3-sec paused squats - 3x10 @‌ 125lbs
    1-arm dumbbell rows: 3x10 @ 35lbs
  • DawnEmbers
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    Those are some nice deadlifts.

    I made it through Workout A and the end of week 5. Yay! I did a shorter warm up this time because the area where I usually foam roll and such had several people in it and the cage was empty, so I jumped at that chance. Had a guy ask if I was done when I was changing weights after warm up, then another ask me to let him know when I was done so he could switch to the cage on my last set. It was a hot commodity. lol

    Squat - 5x5 @‌ 115
    Bench - 5x5 @ 80
    Row - 5x5 @ 27.5 dumbbells

    I stayed at 115 this time just to be sure on it. Felt pretty good and the one guy commented that it looked easy for me. Gonna try 120 next time. The big one of the day was bench. I failed twice with 80 so if I couldn't do it today then it would be deload, but I managed all 5 sets. Not sure on making it to 85, but we'll see how I feel wednesday. Switched to dumbbells for row this time. I might on occasion do barbell and other times do the dumbbells to work on the form as it always feels odd.

    Followed with 30 minutes on treadmill and home to try and scrounge some food together before work.
  • psych101
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    Sunday morning session

    Squat 5x5 @‌ 150lbs
    Bench 5x5 @ 72lbs - this was a deload and felt easy as *kitten*
    row 5x5 @‌ 90lbs

    Off for food and a nap lol
  • Llamapants86
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    Work out A
    Squat 165 lbs 5x5 the deloading on workout B seemed to help, these felt hard but solid if you know what I mean.
    Bench 85 lbs 5/5/5/5/4 again. I have one more shot then it is time for a deload.
    Row 75 lbs 5x5 these felt really good which is surprising because it has always been one of my weaker lifts.

  • SkepticalOwl
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    Got stuck at work waiting for other people to do stuff so that I could get my work done, so I did a bodyweight workout:

    Each circuit 5x with 45 sec rest in between, then start next circuit:
    Circuit 1:
    20 pushups
    20 bench dips
    45 sec wall sit
    30 russian twists

    Circuit 2:
    60 sec plank
    30 flutter kicks
    10 diamond pushups
    30 bodyweight squats

    Circuit 3:
    30 mountain climbers
    30 single leg calf raises
    30 uppercuts
    30 single leg lunges

    I feel much better now than when I started! :D Have a good day everyone!
  • canadianlbs
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    don't think i'm going to make my 100lb squats by the end of the year, but eh, life happens. still fighting the neck/upper back/shoulder problem, but i'm not going to learn better form sitting around eating jellybeans, so.

    workout a (i guess?)

    squats: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] left shoulder is really causing trouble for the lowbar squat. i put in some heavy trigger-point time on my infraspinatus muscle using a wall and a small bouncy-ball, but most of the time when i first start out, i can't get my elbow back far enough to settle the bar symmetrically on that side. i think it's torquing the whole of my body from neck/shoulders down. i did a lot of warmup with just the bar, and even tried high bar again for one set. but in the end [email protected] with a low bar was what i did. on the plus side: my legs weren't having much trouble with 85 pounds, so i've still gained a lot of ground since the summer.

    bench: [email protected], (some sets)[email protected] i honestly can't remember. i might have done the full 5x5. in any case bench press was quite a surprise; you'd think it would be impossible with a shoulder acting so weird. for some reason though i got the form nice and solid and it didn't hurt . . . and again, 65 didn't feel all that hard. not saying i could have gone higher or anything, because i could not have. i tried and was happy as a clam to not even finish rep 2.

    **dunno why they call it 'roll of shame'. it wouldn't even cross my mind to feel any shame if someone hadn't come up with the name . . . and even now that they have, i still don't.

    rows: bad shoulder, bad bad shoulder on this. i did some body-weight only reps without even a bar, and my left elbow and right aren't even close to symmetrical. so i didn't do bent-over since you can't possibly keep any kind of an eye on your form in bent-over rows. and from inside my own skin i one-thousand-percent just don't know if i'm even close. i did [email protected] of *very* conservative seated rows with a cable machine, instead. with a few-seconds squeeze at the back of each rep.

    deadlift: yeah, i deadlifted a bit. not a lot and not enough weight that i'm going to say that it counts.

    and now . . . jellybeans.
  • logg1e
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    Squats 5x5 @ 134lb (more than body weight, form terrible).
    Bench 6,5,5,5,5 @ 51lb (no more excuses, need to move up).
    Rows 5x5 @ 68lb (finding these very unsatisfactory - what are they supposed to be working? I might swap these for another move.

    My current plan is to try a (cautious bulk) for a few weeks, lift heavy, deload on some for form, reduce the cardio and see how I get on.
  • Squats 5 x 6 @‌ 55
    OHP 5 x 6 @‌ 50
    Deadlift 1 x 5 @ 100 (yay!!!)

    I am now over the 200 lb mark with my weights!! The deadlift felt heavy, but good form. I might slow down to 5 pound increases instead of 10. I also did two fitness blender workouts: cardio kickboxing and upper body workout. I always feel so stupid doing the kickboxing routines. I can feel that I do get a good workout but the motions are very awkward to me.

    On another note, I am changing my diet for the next while. I think it's sort of like what is recommended for recomps. On lifting days I will eat TDEE + 100, on non-lifting days I will eat TDEE - 500. For me that will be 1900/1300. Overall deficit should be 1700 calories per week.I just started yesterday and will see how it goes over the next several weeks.

    @logg1e‌: I subbed in dumbbell rows for the barbell rows. They are targeting my upper back much better now. I am also interested in how your bulk is going to work and progress you make.