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    Hi all

    Had another scan yesterday and they happy placenta working well so baby defo feeding (so maybe just smallish). Have another scan next week re growth check.

    This baby doesn't move that much and more rolls round so maybe a lazy one! (Hopefully that likes to sleep as Isaac didn't!) Lol. In the scan it was yawning! She also showed me it's spiky hair as could see it floating about on the scan screen. Too cute.

    Think we have a name sorted but have time to change our minds! Lol

    We are building the cot today and I'm going to sort any last bits and bobs. I have just sorted Isaac baby clothes for a few diff people as this one a girl.

    We don't need much with being second baby but would like a nice girl blanket/ pram set as just stuck to plain with Isaac. So if my mum asks she can get us one. She bought pram last time and using it again. (Just cleaned it!).

    Poke- when is your section date? 38 weeks? I just read our first posts the other day- can't believe time flew in so quickly.

    Summer- are u about? How's your little guy doing?

    I haven't actually gained any weight in last month or so, so I'm up 22lb at 37 weeks. Don't think I'm as hungry / have room to put it it. I expect couple more pounds before 40 weeks tho.

    Catch you soon

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    @helenmelon29 my date is set for 39 + 3 days. There is still plenty of time, she will chub up I'm sure! Was your son on time/early/or late? I can't remember if you've shared...

    Both my grandma and mom are knitters (and mom quilts too) so I know this little one will get a hat and sweater set from both and likely a blanket of his own. I have seen the fabrics so I know a quilt is coming too... i asked for a double size as I'd like to use it on the bed in the spare room (where baby gear is stored for now, not set up as nursery, but I know I'll end up sleeping in there a lot!) So maybe that was infair! I don't quilt, but the difference in size for a floor mat, or crib size is pretty different from the double bed! Sorry mom!

    I didn't gain this week... lol! I've given up thinking of the numbers... too depressing to do the math.

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    Isaac was a week early. Went into labour myself and was 3 cm. his heart rate kept dropping so they broke my waters to speed things up but that made him worse so did a c section as decided would be too long to wait.

    I wouldn't mind c section if I have to as I did recover well, just thinking/ hoping it would be easier afterwards if I didn't, with school runs etc. you always manage tho.

    We just off the the beach for a bit (it's a bit wet n wild tho!) this British summer is not summer like at all!!!
  • I can't believe how close we are getting! All this talk of cribs and sorting clothes is making this all seem very real all of a sudden, lol! I'm at 32 weeks tomorrow and with my first I went 11 days late so in my head I've got at least 9 weeks left, but the reality is that I'll be full term in just four short weeks. :# I feel so unprepared, and I've been feeling a little under the weather recently so that to do list is pretty well just glaring at me right now.

    I posted it on my own page, but I may as well post it here too. My glucose results came back 0.4 point high on one of the results of the two hour test. During the two hour test they take your blood when you come in before you get the super sugary drink and they want that bloodwork to come back at 5.2 or less. Mine was 5.6. Then you drink the drink and they take your blood at one hour and they want that to be 10.6 or less; mine was 10.3. Then they take your blood at the two hour mark and they want that one to come back at 9.0; mine was 8.0. So basically, there's not much to worry about as far as a massive baby or even a stillbirth goes (all potential side effects of gestational diabetes). I asked if the higher levels could have anything to do with what I ate the day before and my midwife said that yes, it definitely could. So basically I'm blaming all this on my Skor bar addiction that claimed me the day prior. :P It just seems a little odd that my body handled the sugary drink very well but this is still an issue. I'm obviously still going to follow doctor's orders, but I'm less paranoid about it now.

    I hope everyone's enjoying the last days of summer!
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    That's great news, @JustAnotherGirlSuzanne! Not a bad idea to follow Dr's orders anyway but how much of a relief it must have been!

    I'm not sure about the personality of little miss here either... Her brother was a mover and a shaker and she's not as much, although she seems to like to boogie a lot more during the night which I don't remember my son doing... hopefully not a sign of the nights to come after birth :#

    My mom's family had a shower for us a few weeks ago... we got lots of diapers and wipes (which was all we wanted) and some cute other things too :) I picked up a nice, sturdy change table for $20 off a buy and sell website a few days ago and finally made a decision about a double stroller - picked one up yesterday as well off the same buy and sell website... I decided on a Phil and Teds. It's an explorer, which they don't make anymore, but I think it's going to work well for us. If nothing else it will be nice these next couple weeks to use with my son. What kind of strollers do you all have? Anyone have experiences with doubles or make decisions on doubles?

    So I was 36 weeks yesterday... I'm definitely feeling you @poke987... not nesting, just resting. Can't get enough it seems... I'm beat all the time, no matter what. I have been terrible with food and exercise this week... fueling with junk and not moving much. I have made an effort today to do better and started my day with a smoothie filled with greek yogurt, hemp hearts, spinach, apple, banana, ginger, and blueberries.... lunch was a homemade pizza on a whole wheat tortilla with everything measured, etc... so today is definitely a better day food wise, but unfortunately I can't seem to get the energy or motivation up to exercise! @helenmelon29 got any more great pep talks up your sleeve? Haha (but I'm only half joking)!

    How are you doing, @KristenE83?
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    I'm currently 30 weeks+4 days and feel like I'm in full on nesting mode. I'm also getting slightly anxious about how close it's getting! Being a first time parent, I assume everyone gets nervous so I'm just trying to stop my brain from panicking too much. :p Was measuring fine and heartbeat was good at my 30 week appointment a few days ago.

    We do have a name picked out, and have had it picked out for a few months now. Been sleeping terribly for a while now, and have had a little nausea/heartburn/headaches the past couple weeks so that's fun to deal with! Hope everyone's doing well!
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    Quick update. Anna Elizabeth was born at 2.09am today! Weighing 5lb 8oz. She is little but doing well. She needs to have 2 days of antibiotics as a precaution.

    Waters started leaking at 2am on fri so was 24 hours from v start. We went to hospital to be monitored at 6am so had a long boring day. OH left at 11pm as nothing happening so was looking at c section in the morning. at 1am i started with bad pains n she was born at. 2.09am! OH missed it as rang him at 2am and he 20mins away . Was fast so needed a few stitches but feeling ok at mo! Bit sore but to be expected!
  • Congratulations Helen!!!!! What a beautiful name! Glad to hear you're all doing well! I hope the antibiotics do their work and you'll be able to take your little one home soon! :)
  • There's been a stomach bug going around both my husband's and my family and it's finally claimed me too. :( hoping this will be over soon. Maybe this is my hint to start leafing through the baby name book again while I'm bedridden.

    I was able to get a double stroller off of a mom at my church who happened to be selling it on a buy and sell site for $25. It's not brand new by any means, but it's the same brand as our carseat so I will be able to put baby with the carseat straight onto it. We found that feature indispensable with our first little. :) I also found someone selling a double/triple on a buy and sell site for $50 so I snagged that one too. Lol! The wheels are huge so that's perfect for the rough terrain and walking trails by me.

    At my last appointment my midwife told me that baby was head down already and the heartbeat was good. I'm still measuring a week behind but she's not concerned as log as its consistent.
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    Wow congrats Helen!!! So exciting! What a beautiful name. Rest rest rest as Much as you can :) you will be home in no time.

    Great deals, @JustAnotherGirlSuzanne! Gotta love those buy and sells! I hope you get over the stomach bug quickly :( not fun.

    Glad to hear you're feeling well @sarieth05! Not much longer for you :)
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    @helenmelon29 congratulations! ! How exciting that your little one is here!!! Hug her extra tight for me! You make it feel so real... i must be right around the corner!! So crazy that she came so fast. What an exciting birth story she has!

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    @JustAnotherGirlSuzanne my hubby has been sick a full week (as of tomorrow ) thankful nobody else had gotten it... but I'm worried! I've been careful to wash hands and sleeping some in the spare room. I don't want to be sick, that's for sure! And all the other kiddos start school next week, so I don't want them to get it. And I'm afraid little one will come early and he will still be all full of germs and feeling crappy! It's a bummer for sure. I keep hoping he will feel better, but no such luck!

    I got out our swing today and set that up. Even with fresh batteries it won't swing. So i need go start scanning our resale shops and buy/sell pages for a used one!

    @helenmelon29 I'm still processing your post! Yay!!! You had a vbac! That's extra fantastic! ! Can't wait to hear what brother thinks of her!
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    I'm kind of a lurker over here but congrats @helenmelon29!!! Oh man it makes it that much more real. Baby month starts tomorrow!!!!
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    Helen, congrats! Hope you and the little one are home safe and sound soon!

    I must have jinxed myself by constantly saying nothing much was wrong, cause I have broken out in massive hive-like bumps all over my body (minus face). Waiting on a call back from my doctor, but they keep telling me not to worry too much unless I have other symptoms associated with it. Not sure if pregnancy related, but frustrating anyway!
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    @sarieth05 i hope you get it resolved. Itches plagued me this pregnancy and it's been awful!
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    2 weeks from today we meet our little man! Thanks to @helenmelon29 it feels so real, and knowing he could come any day is so exciting!

    Took the younger two for a tour and sibling class tonight at the hospital. We had a long day, both were tired and fell asleep in the car going there. Woke them up, and had 2 crabby uncooperative kiddos! Oh well. They didn't do any of the activities... well, i "forced" the 5 year old to have his foot prints taken. They did the "big" kids then you bring the paper with you to have the new babies feet added next to them once they are born. I thought it was such a sweet idea and wanted atleast one! He was ok with it, but didn't participate in anything else after that.
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    Congrats Helen! How exciting!!!

    Suzanne - I'm sure the back to school crud is going around. Good luck getting better soon.

    Sarieth - I hope you feel better soon too, but unfortunately you'll probably have to tough it out until the end. That stinks. I had itchiness with the first pregnancy, but not this one. Oatmeal baths and eczema creams. Oh the joys.

    Poke - I didn't know they did tours and classes for older kids to prepare them. I may have to see if ours offers that too. What a great idea. Really like the foot prints too.

    I know it's gross, but is anybody else leaking? I'm not sure if it's my diastase causing urine to dribble without me knowing or if the placenta is leaking. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow as it is so I will tell him of my concern then, but after reading the internet, I am super paranoid. Should have stayed away from the blogs! I'm at 32 weeks so it's not the end of the world if we did have him early, I just want to make sure we have him alive and well.
  • @RosieRaz mthe pamphlet from midwife says that any leaking that could possibly be your water breaking should be reported as soon as possible. Is there a number you can call? Although I haven't had it, urine leakage is apparently normal near the end an to tell the difference you should try climbing stairs or lunging side to side to see if the liquid comes out more. (If it does, it's likely your water). My water broke before labour started with my first so I had to walk up the stairs to figure it all out. Lol

    I'm feeling great now which is such a relief!! The three or four days before getting sick I was so exhausted and worried that my energy was just gone for the rest of this pregnancy. Thankfully that's not the case and I'm making good progress on baby prep again. :)

    @sarieth05 I hope you're feeling better soon! Hives are just awful!

    @poke987 so cute with the footprints! :) I love the idea!

    Not much is going on with me other than a return of energy... which is pretty great to say the least. My fingers are surprisingly ok with getting poked four times a day to test blood sugar levels but controlling my carbs is making me a little crazy. I need some high calorie and low carb food items. Lol, I need to eat more but I keep craving those calories in the form of muffins, cake, and ice cream! Other than that everything ices going pretty well. So close now!!
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    Hi all

    Thanks for all the kind congrats. We are doing well . Had to stay in hospital a couple days as Anna had 2 days of antibiotics . She didn't have infection ( it was precaution ) so she doing well now. She feeds little and often but starting to have more at a time so hopefully go longer.

    I'm recovering well, yesterday was my first day at home and OH worked from 6am- 6 pm and we did ok. Isaac loves his new sister. My stitches are a bit sore / tight but nothing terrible.

    Rosie, you still think you leaking? . That's how I started with Anna. I would go toilet then get back in bed and lie down/ still and feel it trickle. It's a diff feeling to weeing ( or I felt it was ). It smells diff too. Sort of sweet ( I thought a bit like Semen- sorry too much info!!). You best to get checked tho.

    Susanne- glad you are doing ok, it's so hard not to eat what u fancy, not long now tho and all worth it .

    Sarieth- hoping itching better, I can think of anything worse.

    Poke- footprints sound good. There is a workshop here where u do them on pottery and they fire / glaze them so we prob do the same.

    Will weigh in next week. Total gain was 22lb x

  • @helenmelon29 well done on the weight gain!! :) I hope you heal up quickly! :)

    And that's how I felt when my water broke too. It does have that distinct feel/smell for sure. But it doesn't hurt to ask just in case.