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  • I'm having the same issues. Everything appears to be connected, but the data isn't syncing. I've revoked access and reconnected multiple times. E-mailed for help, doubtful I'll get a concrete and valuable reply. Grrrr. I really enjoy the MFP app, but if they can't get this figured out for good, I'm ditching it and will utilize the FitBit options only. Sad.
  • lak200
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    @christabenjamin‌ - thanks soooo much!! just did it and it worked for me too! pain in the butt - but it worked!
  • NikkiAnamCara
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    Thanks for this thread. I've had to disconnect and reconnect my Fitbit each day for 3 days. Been using Fitbit/MFP together over a year. Hope they get it fixed soon!
  • flirtyquirky
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    Has anyone used just the fitbit tracking? I haven't had my fitbit and MFP sync seamlessly since I got my fitbit. I'm really getting tired of having to disconnect and reconnect all the time.
  • MFP and my fitbit haven't synced correctly in months. I've tried disconnecting daily and it still won't register. I sure wish they'd get it fixed especially since I rely on the two apps to work together.
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    Muddy_Yogi wrote: »
    My fitbit app and MFP app have decided to quit communicating. FITBIT doesn't show calories in and MFP isn't showing fitbit calories burned. But it shows still synced. It is really frustrating.

    I started having this problem today as well. I emailed mfp.

    I've been having the same issues all week. Why is this taking so long to rectify?
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    2 different sets of programmers, each probably trying to blame the others, not working together.

    Actually, there's probably 2 sets on each side, the web acount/database guys and the app guys, which must sync with the account.

    Same on both sides.

    I don't use either app, I've never had problems since initial sync over a year ago, even during the problem times.
  • flirtyquirky
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    I was able to fix the issue by following the steps to revoke access and then relink both through the websites. I think the problem for me was I had been trying to do it from the apps instead of the Web. They are working perfectly now.
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    I just came back to MFP and just linked my Flex and was frustrated they aren't linking! I feel better that it isn't just me!
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    I started using MFP a couple of weeks ago and a FT Charge about four days ago. I properly set it up for them to synch, but the data is not pushing either way because I can't look at anything that shows calories out vs. calories burned. After using BodyMedia for years, this is really frustrating. I like MFP a lot, but I really want to see the whole picture.
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    Fitbit is not receiving the meals from MFP?

    Have you followed the advice above to unsync account on MFP and revoke on Fitbit, turn off your apps, close out, exit - and then start the sync again through the web account?
  • NikkiAnamCara
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    Yay it's fixed! I hadn't unlinked from the Fitbit side. Once I did that piece and reconnected from both sides, everything started working again!
  • NikkiAnamCara
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    My problem was steps, not meals.
  • tinabell153
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    I tried unlinking from both sides and reinstalling the apps and nothing is working. The meals from MFP link to FitBit, but steps from FitBit are not linking to MFP. This started last week and I can't seem to get it fixed. Very frustrating!!
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    Mine not linking either, seems to be an intermittent problem, sometimes the refresh works and sometimes it doesn't. Very frustrating!
  • ShannonMpls
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    Many reconnects, very intermittent linking. Annoying :/
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    Oh good it isn't just me. I see how dependent I have already become to the Fitbit :'(
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    Same thing happening here. The advertised "fix" of revoking and unlinking occasionally works for a single sync, but must be done every single time you want to get any data across. This started before the weekend for me and was working flawlessly before. Starting to get a bit frustrated...
  • KatyE213
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    Mine was fine until a couple of hours ago and now isnt syncing. I've unlinked from both sides and linked back up but still not working :-(
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    Mine stopped working (from both sides) this morning, Fitbit isn't getting my meals from MFP and MFP isn't getting my calorie adjustment from Fitbit. This happens WAY too often. I've tried unlinking like 10 times today, I'm not doing it anymore.