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  • mtgrzz
    mtgrzz Posts: 33 Member
    following because I'm having the same issue. I will stop resyncing. MFP has my steps now but I'm not getting credit for it. Fitbit is still not showing any food logged. Ugghhh!
  • retirehappy
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    For those who didn't follow the link earlier:

    Fitbit Sync Delays 3/2/15 - Updated 3/2/15

    Hello everyone,

    Our Fitbit API load is much heavier than usual today, which may cause significant delays in the sync between the two programs. This hopefully will be ironed out by tomorrow, if not later this evening.

    In the mean time, we do not recommend unlinking and relinking the two programs, as it will not prompt the sync between the two programs, only increase the workload on the server and delay processing the backlog of requests.

    Thanks guys, we will have things back to normal as soon as possible.


    MyFitnessPal Staff
  • mtgrzz
    mtgrzz Posts: 33 Member
    Now mine keeps unlinking itself!
  • indianwin2001
    indianwin2001 Posts: 296 Member
    When this happens I just log my food directly into fitbit. What's the difference. Fitbit still has all the information

    (1) That takes additional time, when the sync usually works perfectly.
    (2) I don't get a Fitbit adjustment on MFP for my regular daily activity and walking.

    I understand. I mostly use the stats from fitbit to regulate my routine. I am in maintenance though,so I am more into the activity phase now which fitbit is great for.
  • KatyE213
    KatyE213 Posts: 446 Member
    Mine hasn't synced at all for over 24 hours now. Hope it gets sorted soon!
  • tcollis
    tcollis Posts: 12 Member
    I've just read on the FAQ page that MFP claim to have fixed the issue, although they do say it may take a while for everyone to see things back to normal. I still have nothing happening - what about everyone else?
  • mrt_1981
    mrt_1981 Posts: 2 Member
    Mine stopped updating then started again last night, then unlinked itself today. I've just linked it back up now, and suddenly it seems like some (but not all?) of my old diary entries have extra calories added (like on some days it seems like I suddenly have another 1000 calories that could have been eaten that day!). It just seems to have gone totally haywire.
  • scrittrice
    scrittrice Posts: 345 Member
    Worked once for me last night, but today it unlinked itself. I just linked it again, but nothing from FitBit is showing up on MFP and none of my food from today or yesterday shows up on FitBit.
  • jacquirich
    jacquirich Posts: 105 Member
    It is still not working for me :-(
  • marielaem
    marielaem Posts: 202 Member
    It's not working properly for me either. Steps aren't going from Fitbit to MFP and water intake isn't going from MFP to Fitbit. Strangely, Fitbit isn't showing active minutes on the dashboard - though they are logged .... I can see them if I click on the arrow for more details. It's all very hit and miss.
  • sad_kitty
    sad_kitty Posts: 84 Member
    Still not working at all for me either.
  • lisaverdon1
    lisaverdon1 Posts: 2 Member
    Not working here either. I uninstalled, disconnected, etc and nothing :(
  • kuranda10
    kuranda10 Posts: 593 Member
    It was working for me until this morning (well it's morning for me on the 4th)
    But FitBit is being a bit odd too at the moment. My dashboard is showing most recent exercise, but it isn't in the activites list.
  • shadow2soul
    shadow2soul Posts: 7,692 Member
    It was working for me until today. (3/3) I think their "fix" broke something for me. MFP is getting information from my Fitbit and Fitbit is getting info from MFP, but I don't have an adjustment (which I should by this point).
  • freechewy
    freechewy Posts: 111 Member
    GRRRR.. I disconnected and reconnected my FitBit to MFP and it STILL is not working. It's worked for over a year and now it isn't. So frustrating because my FitBit Dashboard accurately is recording my steps for the day and now I have to manually enter everything. This is really frustrating.
  • freechewy
    freechewy Posts: 111 Member
    Okay, I see that I am not the only one. They must be having a datafeeds issue. If this continues I may have to switch over to Fitbit to track my calories and pay for a membership.
  • freechewy
    freechewy Posts: 111 Member
    Mine just started syncing again. Here's what I did: 1. MFP-Settings-Steps-Selected "don't track steps". 2. In fitbit settings-Applications-Revoke Access to MFP. 3. MFP-Apps-Fitbit Tracker-Get App-Allow. 4. Restart mobile MFP application - Steps in MFP match Fitbit and the calorie deficit displays! Good luck everyone, I hope it keeps working!

    No this didn't work for me.
  • eurobetty
    eurobetty Posts: 1 Member
    add me to the people having problems syncing, for weeks...
  • freechewy
    freechewy Posts: 111 Member
    I just found this and they do not recommend unlinking between the two sites:
  • jenniecb
    jenniecb Posts: 1
    My calories are going over to my FitBit, but my steps are not going over to MFP. So, halfway there? Bummer bc I just started linking them on 3/2 . Bad timing!