March Melting



  • Mihani
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    Lia, I'm working on my 2nd week of no snacking. It really makes a huge difference in my overall calories for the day. I did get to sleep in a bit the following day, but I was still at the office before 8:30. I am going to have to try the cuban black beans.

    Lisa, good luck with your colonoscopy tomorrow. No fun!

    Work is really crazy. I was in the office both Saturday and Sunday, and put in 10 hours today. I'm heading off to bed, I'm tired and it is making me want to eat!

  • liapr
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    Lisa, - I hope your fasting day went by quickly! Good luck today. I have heard occasional fasting is good too! But I never force myself to try it lol.

    Mihani, great job - two weeks! That would be a huge accomplishment for me. I think it will make a big difference too.

    Yesterday I had a really good day, and even with one good day in the bank, I feel more motivated for day 2. I'm dreading easter weekend a bit because we are with my in-laws all weekend but they have lots of veggies and fruit around, so it'll just be me that has to make good choices.

    Last day of March! Any good April ideas? I can't believe April is here, but I really am happy that spring weather might actually arrive.

    Awe-inspiring April? Attaining in April? Active in April? I'm really bad at this....