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The Truth About Exercise at a Calorie Deficit



  • josieliverpooljosieliverpool Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
    Really interesting thread!

    I have a lot to lose, over 70lb.

    I exercise (play rugby) because I enjoy it, not to lose weight. I think this is the key with exercise really, to find something you love :)

    I have just started OMAD and have gone to rugby training sessions fasted which have been fine energy-level wise.

    I have a match tomorrow (80min) and am thinking I should not do OMAD tomorrow as I think I will need to eat before it to give me enough energy? I also want to eat (and drink!
  • catuccifranco08catuccifranco08 Posts: 218Member Member Posts: 218Member Member
    Im taking a construction job for Blattner energy as labor to start work between 10 hrs and 12 hrs days 6 days a week how many calories should i have on my plate for my ONE MEAL A DAY??? Thanks for sharing!
  • Brendalea69Brendalea69 Posts: 3,461Member Member Posts: 3,461Member Member
    I don't count calories, just use a regular sized plate and fill it up :)
  • catuccifranco08catuccifranco08 Posts: 218Member Member Posts: 218Member Member
    Thank you!
  • EstrangedTigerEstrangedTiger Posts: 542Member Member Posts: 542Member Member
    I’m almost to the point of stopping calorie counting. However, continue to keep a food log. Keeps me honest and able to detect potential deficiencies easily.

    Also, it just makes sense that one will be more hungry some days versus others, based on nutritional needs and activity.

    There are many OMAD athletes today. They are using it for a body hack. Know of two professional wrestlers that are transforming their bodies in their early 40s. There is a huge drug free movement out there today. OMAD is free and legal HGH/Testosterone.

    On a personal level, my endurance has increased to a shocking degree. Can workout fasted or fed. My performance is reduced a little with weights while fasted, but believe the gains are better, via the hormone hacks.

    When I start playing basketball again this Fall, will be splitting my meal to maximize performance on game days. (Same amount of food)

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  • catuccifranco08catuccifranco08 Posts: 218Member Member Posts: 218Member Member
    Keep up the great work!
  • catuccifranco08catuccifranco08 Posts: 218Member Member Posts: 218Member Member
  • danny41adanny41a Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I have been doing OMAD for a month now and I love it. I'm 92kg and need to lose 20 kg to get to my ideal weight. I used to an avid jogger 4 years ago, I used to do 50km a week until I stopped and gain a ton of weight. OMAD has helped get back me get my life and health slowly back in shape. I recently decided to go back to jogging but I've realized that jogging three times a week on one plate of food a day is extremely difficult, my stress level goes off the charts and I can't sleep at night. I guess I would have to do reduce my jogging to casual walking and see how that would work until I reach my target weight.
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,377Member Member Posts: 1,377Member Member
    I'm finding that, regardless of diet, if I want any appreciable weight loss, my exercise suffers. I can maintain a pretty intense training while losing VERY slowly (as in, maaaybe a pound a month), but anything measurable and I can't muster up the energy to keep going.

    I'm not extremely overweight, either - I have at most 25 pounds to lose, but as soon as I'm in a deficit, the workouts go by the wayside. Things that are "light" activity (such as going for a hike, easy jog around the block, some easier weight lifting) is fine, but my "normal" workouts just ain't happening. Basically have to decide which is more important to me (which goes in phases, right now, sick of the weight and my fitness is reasonable).
  • theWalkingDonuttheWalkingDonut Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    My personal experienze is, that following supports weight loss additionaly:

    1. de-stress your life - very important
    2. if you have too much cortisol you will never loose weight
    3. what helps to stay in balance?

    4. exercise daily - means - move your body - no matter how. I have a tracker and I do average 10000 steps every day - no matter what wheater we have - oh well- in italy we have almost good weather ;-)
    5. exercising on empty stomach is better than after snacking / eating - don't believe the sport food industry - they only want your money

    6. do not drink to much coffee and black tea - instead camomilla or best "still" water - this lowers the cortisol level
    7. track you stress leves for example with the health app on samsung telefone - works perfect
    8. go more offline - no need to check mails/postings/news feed after eating dinner, or?
    9. sleep enough - yes, sleep enough - at least 7-8 hours / night - trust me, I slept for years only 4-5 hours and even with heavy sport I did not lose a KG - instead I got bigger and fatter.

    without OMAD but following above rules, I was able to loose about 10kg

    and maybe also important "don't take life / business too important - enjoy every day"

    hope it helps!

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