I did it!!!

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It was wicked hard, but I completed the Rookie Triathlon here in Austin, TX yesterday. My time was 2:11, which isn't bad considering.

I had to walk my bike up at least 4 hills and I could only walk the run part but I did it! I I kept telling myself "It's ok if you are the slowest. You are essentially doing the same thing as everyone else while carrying a 100-lb weight and eating only 600 cal a day for the last 3 months." When you think about it that way, it's pretty badass!

I did have trouble staying hydrated since I was unable to re-hydrate along the course at the same speed as normal (i.e. couldn't gulp down a glass of water in 10 sec) but it wasn't hot enough to be a huge hindrance. I'm not sure I'll do it again anytime soon - it was really, really hard - but I'm glad I did it and will maybe do it again when I weigh less and am eating more.

Now I need to find a new activity goal to work toward!


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    AWESOME!!! That is amazing! You should be so proud of yourself <3
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    That is so cool. Way to go!
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    That is awesome! Very inspiring!!!
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    So awesome! Great job!
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    Fantastic! Way to Go!! You have to feel so great about yourself. Bask in the glory!
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    blairmundy wrote: »
    "It's ok if you are the slowest. You are essentially doing the same thing as everyone else while carrying a 100-lb weight and eating only 600 cal a day for the last 3 months." When you think about it that way, it's pretty badass!

    That is the right attitude! Awesome job. I often wonder how the hydration plays into sports after surgery. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  • blairmundy
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    Thanks guys! Yeah, I prehydrated as much as possible. Along the race I'd take sips and then one big gulp that I'd keep in my mouth and swallow as slowly as possible and spit out what I couldn't hold. After the race was the worst because they had fruit there and I really needed a bit of it to stop feeling shaky. I drank as much as I could, waited 5 minutes and then slowly ate 6 grapes, 1/4 orange, 1/3 banana. But then I couldn't drink again for 30 mins - even if I wanted to 'cheat' it makes me throw up. So I got thirsty again. After about an hour of sipping I felt back to normal. Not sure I could do that once we start hitting 90-100 degrees here. It was high 60's to low 80's for this race and part was in the shade. I think I may pursue an indoor activity next!

    Oh, and I got to see all the results. I am pretty close to last - maybe 10th from last - but there were 10 more people that weren't able to finish. So I feel good to have finished and hope those people didn't get hurt or anything.
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    Fantastic!!! That's seriously awesome. I have my first 5K post-surgery scheduled for July. I'm working towards running it all but I'll be with friends who plan to walk so I'll probably end up walking anyway.
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    Way to go!
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    great job
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    It doesn't matter where you finished....just the fact that you did it!!
    Great job :smiley:
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    True true! And honestly, being toward the back meant that during the bike ride I was often alone on the course on a beautiful day on a very scenic road. I got to take some time in my head to just be in the moment and appreciate the views and the weather and the wind in my face (when going downhill of course - lol!). If I had been in the middle of the pack I would have missed all that.
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    This is great inspiration for me. I am an ex-runner, ex-cyclist and now even ex-walker due to my failing knees. I miss running so much. I look forward to being able to do these things again. You have shown me it may be possible! Thank you.
  • blairmundy
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    I have one not-so-great knee as well and it was even bothering me a bit the week or two leading up to this. So I basically didn't train in the 1.5ish weeks before the race because I figured I'd rather go in with a rested knee. It's one of the reasons I walked the end part. I found it to be less stress on my knee than other things I enjoy, like soccer. I'm hoping that as weight comes off I'll fit into knee braces better and the stress on the joint will be less and maybe I could jog one. Until then I say it was better to do it walking than not at all. Also for this particular tri they had a wave of people doing the 'Aquabike' - meaning swim and bike but don't run. Seems like that could be an ideal thing to try when you feel ready!
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    That is incredible and inspiring! You really challenged yourself and you met the challenge. The point isn't what "place" you came in, the point is that you "came in!" Congratulations!!
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    To finish is to WIN!! I fell in love with Triathlons when I did one a couple years back...and I was 80lbs heavier then. Hoping to do one a gain this year. Congratulations on your WIN!
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    Good job, that's awesome you participated and completed it. Congratulations!
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    Congratulations!! You have much to be proud of!!! Great Job!! :)