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It would be nice if everyone can post a brief introduction so we can get familiar with the others in our support group.


  • ATHLegal
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    I'm Tatho from Melbourne, Australia. I'm a law student and need more challenges to keep my mind off food and cravings.
  • mystgrl1604
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    Im Ashley, 27, from London. Trying to lose 117lbs by keeping healthy habits. I struggle with maintaining my water intake the most!
  • crisalea
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    I'm Cali from Connecticut, US. I struggle with eating clean, mostly. Also, I can never find a reason to push myself during my daily workout.
  • noobletmcnugget
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    I'm Jess, 20, from London. Couple of committed months and I should be at my goal, hopefully this group will help keep me accountable!
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    I'm Anna, 29 and an Oregonian transplant living in NYC. I am trying to get strong and lose an excess of 50 lbs. I've lost and gained a ton of weight over the last ten years and am trying to find my way of doing it. So far it involves a lot of yoga :)
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    I'm Elsien, born in the Netherlands, spent most of my life in England, in or near London, but now live in France. My ideal weight is 62 or 63 kg, 137 / 138 lbs, but during the last two stressful years - too much work, travel, worries, unhealthy food, too much wine - my weight has crept up to 82 kg = 181 lbs. That's a lot of weight to lose, so I'm in for a long haul and a lifestyle change! I've got rid of two kg, 4 lbs, so far and feel better already, also because I've drastically reduced my wine intake and kick myself into action for at least 20 - 30 minutes. I can really do with some support!
  • mystgrl1604
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    crisalea wrote: »
    I'm Cali from Connecticut, US. I struggle with eating clean, mostly. Also, I can never find a reason to push myself during my daily workout.

    Hi crisalea!! Im so you regarding the pushing ourselves in working out. What i found that worked for me so far is attend classes in my local gym. I have to attend coz I paid for it and the instructors really push you to the limit! Plus the other people in the class gives me motivation to do my best coz i can see them working hard. Before i knew it i was doing 6-8hrs of proper hard exercise every week! And it's fun!
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    Hey everyone :) I am a mix of all your stories so far. I am 27, trying to join the U.S. Military, I move around a lot. I just got back from living in the Netherlands for a year and a half, this past August. My weightless journey actually starts in 2009, when I was 170/180 something and got down to 150 ish, but then after a horrible 2 year relationship(it wasn't always horrible), I left at almost 200 pounds. This is when I moved to Europe to do my Masters degree, I loved it and started loosing weight right away, as well as stopped biting my nails and other nervous habits. I got down to 155, then when I got back to the U.S., I maintained a couple months then gained it all back with the stress I feel living here and pressure from family, student loans and poorly paid jobs. February this year I decided I was done with all the crap and excuses. I got a personal trainer and started boot camps and ind training. I have lots so many inches but the weight is harder. From the 183 I was in January I am back down to 162, but only about half way to my goal. This time I will not let the negativity creep back in, this is a lifestyle change I am so dedicated to and proud of.

    Sorry about the novel, but I am really excited for a new support system, my "real life" friends aren't always so supportive. :)
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    Hi. My name is Salma. This app is new to me so please bare with me. I am 30 years old. Mother of 2. I live in Ilford, London. I have always been overweight my whole life. Finally decided to do something about it 5 years ago and managed to lose 5stones simply through diet and exercise. Sadly it's now crept back on but obviously I did play a part in that. Absolutely love eating! I've put on 3 stones so need to get rid of that. I'm really excited about this group but have no idea how this works. None the less, Feel this will help me stay motivated.
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    Hi, I'm Paige, from Scotland
    Recently had a change of job/lifestyle and due to not monitoring things properly, I've let nearly 2 stone creep on in 6 months! :open_mouth:
    Now trying to shift that off and a little more to get to my ideal, healthy weight.
    I hope being part of a group will help me to stay motivated!

    CW: 196
    GW: 145/150
    H: 5'5
  • autumnnfuller
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    Hi I'm Autumn, 20 from New York. Started at 180 pounds and currently 169. Hoping to get down to about 130
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    Hi everyone. My name is Jodi, I'm 42 yrs old, live in Michigan, married two daughters, 14 and 5 yrs old.
    I've struggled with my weight since my early 20's, tried all the fad diets and Weight Watchers. The only thing that has worked for me was when I started tracking my food on MFP and walking. Last summer I lost 30 lbs but managed to gain that back plus 20 due to a back injury. I herniated 2 discs in my back in April and have had to steroid injections which contributed to my weight gain. I need to get out of this funk and am now back on the wagon for good! So happy to have found this group for support and motivation!
  • degeorgeff
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    My name is Danielle I am a 28 year old mother of 4 stair step children that lives in Ohio. I have between 70-80 lbs to lose to get to my ultimate weight. After I had my 3rd child I haven't been able to get the weight off and seem to just add more and more with my sedentary lifestyle. I have finally had enough and realize I cant use my pregnancy or child bearing as an excuse anymore. My baby is three now! My goal is to get as close to possible to my goal weight by my 29th Birthday next May so I can at least feel good about myself and enjoy my last year in my twenties! I am so happy that each of you have joined this group and look forward to the support.
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    My name is Deepu 32 year old. Mother of two girls 4 and 2 yr old. Lost 15 with mfp. Starting at was 178.Looking to lose 35lbs more. Currently Iam 162.8lbs and 5'2. I live in US. Iam overweight my whole life and after pregnancy Iam obese.
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    Hi I'm Jess from Boise Idaho, USA. I'm 26yo, 5'11" and 219lbs. I just got back into working out and watching what I eat about a month ago after about a 2 year lazy spell. I've lost 1 pound so far! I did really well a couple of years ago, going to the gym every day and eating right and got under 200lbs, but something happened in my brain and I lost the motivation to keep going, right when I started to look the way I wanted! I'm not sure why I stopped but I'm hoping being in groups like this will help me stay motivated as I don't have any friends here in Boise that are doing this with me. I'm excited to start the challenge August 1st with so many awesome people around the world!
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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Kris and I live in New Mexico. I'm a single mom, a special education teacher, a grad student, and a Catholic. Life is busy, but good! I had previously lost almost down to my goal weight (125 lbs) using MFP, but I stopped tracking and slowly the weight crept back on and then some. I'm looking forward to getting back on track with my health and lifestyle. :)
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    Hi I'm Sharon, 53 from North Wales UK. I've gradually gained a stone over the past year, due mainly I think to stress, lack of sleep and exercise, and bad flare ups of my arthritis. I don't eat too unhealthily, but obviously too much of it, I can't get away with much as I'm barely 5 feet tall, also I think my age has added a few pounds naturally too. I just want to feel stronger and more confident again. I know I will never be thin, but don't really want to be, just a healthy weight and have some energy to enjoy my life. Good luck to us all, and let's help each other through this.
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    Hi, I'm Laura. I'm 35 and started slowly gaining weight in my early 20s. I tend to eat for emotional reasons, so every time something bad happened in my life, I put on more weight. I would eat moderate and healthy in public, but binge like crazy in private. I have lost 19 pounds so far, and am on a good roll with a workout program and keeping a good deficit going, but I know from experience that I can slide right back down that rabbit hole if I'm not careful! I'm trying to have health and exercise BE my hobby and that thing I focus on every day right now, and not let anything pull me back down!
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    Hi, I'm Natalie I'm a 32, full time working mother of three. I'm from Denver, CO but not one of the athletic ones in the state. I've been on and off with MFP for three years now. The first year I lost 30 pounds. Slowly I started falling back into old habits and gained it all back. I decided to try to get involved in the communities here, maybe socialization will keep me on track. I have about 50 pounds I want to lose and recently I just bought a fit bit to get me moving more. I'm learning I need to stop making excuses and quit talking myself out of exercise. I push my children in activities all the time when I'm the one who needs the push!! I'm hoping to finally conquer this weight loss battle once and for all!!!
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    Hi, I'm Allyn. Im a Texan, 38 yr old mother of five, 9,10,13,15&18. I put on a lot of weight since I quit working to go back to school 2 years ago. I graduated last August, now I'm studying to pass my teacer's exams next month. Anyway... January 2015 I made it 200lbs and decided it was time to make a change.

    I started to eat healthier and exercise in May. Now I'm 184, 5'2. My goal weight is 145. Currently I try to get in 10k steps a day if not more as well as going to the gym 4times a week. I feed on motivation and my family aren't very supportive. This is why I joined mfp. Please feel free to add me so we can motivate each other daily!

    Good luck everyone!