Self Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) & Protein

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In attempt to do Keto the right way, I will be monitoring BG 4-5 times a day whilst playing around with protein/EAA intake (variable). Mainly in attempt to gauge post prandial BG rise attributed to protein to determine an ideal limit to protein intake. This should be a cakewalk in terms of methodology since I also incorporate IF (1 meal/day, rarely 2meals/day). Measurements: waking (pre-exercise), post exercise, preprandial, 2hours post prandial, and pre-sleep (if needed, if I can somehow stay awake beyond 2 hours post prandial).

I'm curious as to what others in this group have come up with as far as a protein limit be it in shear grams/day or based on grams/body weight. Dietary % alone might not be reliable on its own as one can easily offset protein kcals with fat kcals whereas insulin release/bolus may simply rely on an absolute amount of protein &/or carbohydrate intake overtime.

Ketostix can have methodology flaws in measuring urine ketones versus serum ketones and doesn't correlate with insulin necessarily as well as blood glucose monitoring does.