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    I suggest you sit down and come up with 4-5 strategies for defeating future binges. When you feel a binge coming on look at your list then go do something on the list. Still want to binge after finishing? Do another strategy until the urge has passed. Strategies:
    1. Self Talk: have a come to your senses talk with yourself, remind yourself of your goals, remember how far you have come and how far you have to go.
    2. Eat a meal with a salad, some lean protein and a piece of fruit. If you are going to eat, make sure you feed yourself a quality meal.
    3. Get outside: water your garden( that's what I do) observe nature, find something you never saw before(an insect, flower, rock you never noticed before) Walk around the block, and take this time to be alone with your thoughts.
    4. Tackle one small project or house keeping chore. Clean out your purse. Clean out your car. Pick up trash around your home.
    5. Go visit a neighbor who needs to see a friendly face.
    6. Walk to the park. Take your dog and his favorite toy, so you can play catch.
    7. Grab a sketch book and pencil and find something outside to sketch.
    8. Find something in the trash and think of a creative way you can re-purpose it.
    9. Visit Pinterest and search for ways to avoid a binge. Look for motivational sayings. Print some out and post these in prominent places.
    10. Still want or crave? Figure out what you want. Do you want something crunchy? Sweet? Salty? Smooth? Creamy? Decide which category. Then think of what you want in that category. Go to the store and buy just one small portion of what you crave. Eat this slowly and thoughtfully. Then move on. Tell yourself that's that.
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    It's tough for me too when my husband is out of town. I sit in front of Netflix and watch till bed so I don't binge. He's gone again in a week. Sigh.

    I think it is the loneliness that gets me. We moved from Australia for my husband's work in the US. (Read very few friends.)

    I fell back into a pretty good routine when he came back, but I realised all the things I could have done/seen whilst he was away! (That he isn't interested in!)

    I'm going to write a list of activities for when he is away next. Will you join me?
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    a confession -> I have not been eating very well lately. I haven't been eating a proper breakfast or dinner sometimes. I eat cheese and crackers for dinner at times and only coffee for breakfast. I think filling myself up for breakfast with only coffee is no good since all of the creamer makes me full for a while but then I crash with the sugar crash a few hours later which is no good. After a few days of doing this with no breakfast or proper dinner, I felt a bit faint this morning and had to drink water and nap a while. I think the problem is not drinking enough water as well which is just awful within itself.
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    I didn't track my food much the 2nd half of August.

    Guess what? I gained back the little I had lost!! Here's to a better September!!!!!
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    I'm going to write a list of activities for when he is away next. Will you join me?

    I started taking a night class at a local community college two nights a week after work. Between that and studying, I'm hoping to get through his next absence with no bingeing. Also, my adult son just got back from a job on a tanker so that will help.

    A list of activities is a great idea. Even if only one gets done it will break the "binge moment". I'll friend you.

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    Just want to vent. .. why is the "bad" food have to taste so good, all I want to do is eat it. Such a distraction in life.
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    Last week I posted an NSV, about shopping for new clothes and finding that I had to go down 2 sizes. I was so happy. Then I came home and seen pictures from a wedding I was in. And do you know what I thought when I saw myself???? it wasn't "wow you look great you can really tell that you've lost weight and gone down 2 sizes!" It was more like " Wow do your arms look fat. They are gigantic! how could you not notice that? How did I ever feel good in that dress" Why is that I let one picture ruin the great mood I was in? It just seems so defeating. But I kept telling myself that yes you are losing weight and that's great, but it also takes time. Just because you feel great, your not going to magically see a skinny you in pics. Hard to see. but it's motivating me to keep going. On the plus side I was all ready to stuff my face with cookies and cheesecake last night, but instead went for a 3 mile walk with a friend, came home to no Cravings!
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    I HATE seeing pictures of myself in my favorite clothes! I already know from looking in the mirror that they are more flattering than the rest of my clothes, so it is super defeating and depressing to see a picture of myself in something I felt good in...and realize that it isn't as flattering as I thought! That means those other clothes must look absolutely TERRIBLE!!! I went on a vacation this summer and I was feeling very good about the new wardrobe I bought for the trip...until I saw the pictures. I hear you sister!
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    I try to quit eating/drinking sugar, and the drinking I nipped in the bud for the most part, but the eating sugar is very very hard! I haven't managed to do this. The no drinking caffeine, I manage to not have any for the most part. No alcohol, thank goodness! No processed food, I can't imagine going without. I'm going through a lot of stress with someone in hospital right now, so I'm trying to be gentle to myself.
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    I've been able to stay away from sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods for almost 2 weeks. I made the change because I had a bit of a health scare. I'm not perfect - still have some caffeine in my green tea and the once-a-week cup of black tea - but now that my body has detoxed from the sugar and caffeine especially, I'm not feeling so lousy. I've also managed to lose 6 pounds in that time frame! That more than anything keeps me going!

    When I feel the need for sugar, I try real hard to grab a piece of fruit instead. I've not had much success in the past, but for some reason, this time it's working for me!