The Bro-ctober workout thread; SUPAHSET!

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*Gun shots*

(If you don't know bro-science... You're seriously missing out!
Channel Link)

It's time to train arms! I mean, our full bodies (and skip leg day.. wait, no! Don't!)

And for me that means a second rest day in a row because I have been overreaching a bit. TOM + seasonal allergies and/or possible cold + heavy *kitten* weights + getting older = beat up gal.

If I can be awake enough tonight I'll do some yoga tonight.

But I didn't wanna pass up on the thread title >_> Sorry?


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    I always think about starting the monthly threads but that's just gold!
    Today was bench and power clean 5 day.
    70 lbs x 5, 85 lbs x 5, 95 lbs x5 for both of them. For once I had more trouble with the power cleans than the bench press. I am really feeling yesterdays squats so I think that had something to do with it.

    Accessories 5x8 70lbs for both. Went pretty well. 5k at lunch that may or may not happen.
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    Hahaha! I <3 Broscience!


    Squat: 30kg 5x5
    Bench: 20kg 5x5
    Row: 30kg 5x5 (was supposed to be 25kg, but apparently I can't lift and do math at the same time)

    Today I'm going to take it easy and do yoga and tomorrow is a much needed rest day. :)
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    krokador wrote: »
    But I didn't wanna pass up on the thread title >_> Sorry?

    bro means never having to say you're sorry. this was gorgeous :D

    today i have the wifty gentle girly yoga with the covert-control-freak instructor (you know the type), and then much later on, i have my lift group. on the menu for that: deadlifts and bench.

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    Hahaha, that was hilarious!
    Today is a rest day after my crazy day yesterday. It may be a big food day. I'm starving and it is only 11!
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    Missed my planned workout yesterday, so got it in today.

    Squats 5x5x87.5 lbs
    OHP 5x5x60 lbs
    Deadlift 1x5x115 lbs

    Today's overhead press reps were soooooo hard omg I was dying......But I eeked them all out. We'll see what happens when I add weight next time. Squats felt challenging but alright, as did deadlift. Resting over the weekend then hitting it again on Monday.
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    Squats 110 3x5. Near failure equals success!
    Bench 85 5,5,4
    Dead 150 1x5
    Hip thrust 150 3x8 (too lazy to retail the bar after deads so let's see how long this can go on?)
    Pull ups BW 3x5

    Abs: dead bugs, hanging leg raises, side vsnaps, side hip leg raises and some random glute activation work.

    Today I am sore.
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    Love the title of this month's thread!!

    Today was short and sweet:
    Deadlift w/u; 4x165 (rep pr)
    Hip thrust 3x10x130
    Ab wheel 3x10

    I got a rep pr on both bench and deadlifts this week so I am pretty happy. I am taking a deload week and then this next cycle I should be hitting some weight pr's.
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    trainer day: bench 72.5 (wow, hard), and deadlifts 115 (not so hard but glad when they were done). and 3x2 negative chins, which i did the first two sets of with the harder overhand grip and the last set underhand.

    also, still doing zillions of bodyweight squats with my webcam. i can't seem to leave the camera alone for more than an hour.

    not too bad considering i lifted yesterday too and had cheetos for lunch. happy but tired.
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    *giggles* Great one! I may have waited to post cause yesterday couldn't come up with anything but had lifted at gym.

    Yesterday: 12 - Lower Hyper

    good morning and front squat warm up with 55
    front squats 3x10 @ 75 - not bad, just slight ache in wrists
    good morning 2x10 @ 65 - I like these and might do them in warmups at times
    barbell lunges 3x10 @ 55 - same weight from before, eh lunges
    leg extension 4x10 @ 70 - okay here though tad heavy by end
    leg curl 4x10 @ 60 - same, not bad
    seated calf 4x10 @ 70 plus two extra weights - eh, calves

    Today: I'm tired. After yesterday's lower hypertrophy workout I had an 8 hour close shift at work and it was freight day. Then I ended up having a schedule change so I worked an open shift today. I didn't want to get up super early to do long jog so I did it after work, then a few errands. Finally got 30,000 steps in one day but my legs and bum were sore before I jogged so going to be feeling it tomorrow.

    Cardio day = 5.5 mile jog
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    I love Broscience! I've been following him since his early videos and his other channel.

    Bleh, I'm away from home again staying in some tiny resort town. The fitness center is all arms/chest machines, cardio stuff, and missing dumbbells, but I made it work.

    Front Squats dumbbells 5x10 60lbs - Curse that jerk off who stole the higher weights

    Bench, incline 5x5 90lbs - I finished just to finally figure out how to make the bench not incline. DERP. Next time.

    Some shoulder Press machine I tried to OHP on 5x10 50lbs - these were just awkward as the bar is too fat and too far apart.

    Tricep pull down - 5x5 30lbs

    Romanian deadlift dumbbells 3x5 60lbs - seriously, who took the other 40lb dumbbell?

    5 minutes on elipitical. I got too bored to do more, hence when I dont' do cardio.
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    . . . also, i'm gonna brag that mr trainer's spring grips are some of the tightest i've touched, and i not only used them, but used them one-handed all night . . . my left hand.

    even mr 400-back-squat hates them. he saw me gnashing my first pair and doing those micro-adjustments to get hte angle right and told me 'you have to use two hands on those. even i do.' but i didn't have to, beam beam.
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    Back at it after 2 days that ended up being completely off (aside from a 30ish minute walk at lunch on both days).

    Wasn't too hard. I was offered a spot at the beginning which I turned down. Last reps were a bit wobbly due to my lats just falling asleep there, but overall no grinding and no issues whatsoever. Depending on how this one went I was either gonna drop to 2.5lbs increases, but since it was relatively okay, I'll go for 115 next time.

    Overestimated my capacities a bit with the first AMRAP setup (8 mins). I basically upped the difficulty on all 3 moves, so ended up with a relatively bad showing overall. I also ended up out of breath really quickly, I'm not too sure why.

    - Burpee + vertical jump x3
    - pull-ups (assisted with black and red first 2 sets, then all bands) x5
    - KB thrusters x5 @ 2x25lbs - funny story: someone FINALLY labeled the orange bells, but they wrote 30lbs on them. Even though the actual 30lbs one, the red one, is a decent amount heavier, if not quite as bulky.

    I did 5 rounds and 2 burpees. Felt like I could've pushed a little more. Ah well

    8 min AMRAP
    - KB sumo deadlift high pull (20kg - ~45lbs) x 4, 6, 8, ... 16 (70 reps total)
    - Push-ups 2, 4, 6, ..., 12, 11 (53 reps total) and since I hate leaving things unfinished, I added 3 more after time to complete the round of 14

    The last part called for 4x40yd sprints but the are was kinda crowded, so I ended up doing all out 20s sprints on the spin bike. Ow... lol

    Oh, and I tried to hold onto the thick rope for as long as possible and barely managed 15s twice (switched top hand). I guess I shouldn't expect to be able to climb if i can't do a pull-up, so that's something Ill be working on from now on! I'm actually going to write myself a bit of a hanging routine to tack on at the end of my workouts so I can work on that and manage the monkey bars. Because I REALLY am not looking forward to doing a ton of burpees at the spartan race next year!
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    I could never do pull ups or chin ups, yet had no problem with the rope in gym. It was two shortest ones and the tallest guy who could make it to the top when we got to climb the rope. Though you don't just use your arms so maybe that is a big factor, whether you are hanging from something and relying on your arms for the lift, or not.
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    DawnEmbers wrote: »
    I could never do pull ups or chin ups, yet had no problem with the rope in gym. It was two shortest ones and the tallest guy who could make it to the top when we got to climb the rope. Though you don't just use your arms so maybe that is a big factor, whether you are hanging from something and relying on your arms for the lift, or not.

    I honestly can't really figure out how to even use my legs, though. I try to wrap my feet around the knots or what have you, but I'm so bottom heavy I end up just swinging which makes it harder to even just hold on. No matter how much I try, it can't inch an arm or the other any higher than when I let go of the ground. Yet. I'm hoping practicing holds and then maybe knee raises while holding the rope will get me somewhere soon.
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    it looks like what you have to do is jam the knots between the soles of your feet and use the purchase to stand on them while you reach up. but all i can think of when i imagine myself doing it is adductor cramp.
  • andylllI
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    Squat: 120# 4,5,4
    Press: 65# 5,4,3
    Row: 80# 5,5,5
    Chin ups: BW 5,5,4
    Single leg hip thrusts banded fire hydrants and clams, GHR
    Stir the pot
    V snaps
    Side plank shoulder presses with dumbbell.
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    Went to the "bro" gym tonight because it is the only one open late on Saturdays. It was interesting :P but so messy! Random plates scattered everywhere. But, I did hip thrusts in the male dominated weight room. I have only done them in the women's gym before. It wasn't crowded, but there were several people there. I felt a little awkward, but figured, meh, screw them.

    Squats - 3x5 at 130 lbs. Felt a little better this time, but still hard. The good thing with this gym was the mirrors to the floor in the power rack. I was able to make sure I was hitting depth, and I was :D . I noticed my knees caving a bit on the way up, so I need to make sure to watch out for that. I was able to correct it as soon as I noticed.
    Pull ups - 4,3,2
    Bench - 3x5 at 80 lbs. Definitely locked out this time. Still tough, but not as bad as I thought.
    Row - 3x5 at 85 lbs. First time here. Tough, but ok. May have rushed the last rep.
    Shrugs - 3x8 at 70 lbs. Easy.
    Hip thrusts - 3x10 at 110 lbs. ok.
    Skullcrushers - 3x8 at 40 lbs
    Barbell curls - 12,12,11 at 40 lbs. This gym doesn't have 45 lb fixed bars, so I used the 40 and upped my reps.
    Cable crunches - 3x15 at 100 lbs on a dual pulley cable machine, which felt about equal to the 50 lbs on single pulley that I usually use. I just logged it as 50 lbs in my app.
    Hyperextensions - 3x10 with 25 lbs. Hate the setup at this gym for these. I am too short for them.

    I have mixed feelings about this gym. I like my little women only one, but this was has 3 or 4 power racks, 2 squat racks, 2 smith's and dozens of bars at benching stations and just scattered, that I never had to worry about hogging the barbell. I might need to check it out on a weeknight and see how busy it is.
  • krokador
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    I don't know if thinking I might hit that wall is what brought me here, but it happened and it's time to deload!

    Squats 180x 4 / 2 / 3
    135x10 (AMRAP)
    I thought I had more than that in me but I was weak as hell walking in today. Probably due to TOM and fighting off a weird cold/allergies yesterday? either way, I was mad at that 2 reps. Didn't get the bar on my back quite right and the lopsided rep just killed me.

    EMOTM x8 - 1A KB complex x3 (switch arms each minute)
    - Power Snatch
    - push press
    - thruster

    First 2 rounds per arm w/ 30lbs, last 2 w/ 35lbs

    8 min AMRAP
    - Push-ups x5
    - cossack squat x5/leg w/ 30lbs

    Managed 8 rounds & 5 push-ups, then added the last 5 squats to round it out

    Death by KB Swing w/ 20kg bell (~45lbs)
    10, 12, 14, ..., 28, 29 (+1) So 220 reps total

    Then finished up with straight arm rope pulldowns
    15x20, 20x15, 25x15, 30x15, 35x12, 35x12

    and for my elbow, 1 set of wide grip ez bar curl 20x20 (lulz)

    And I'm going to my grandma to do yardwork this afternoon... Does that count as cardio? :P
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    I wouldn't remember how to climb the rope anymore. Think last time I had to do it was jr high, and I was a tiny bit shorter back then (4'10" instead of 4'11.5").

    Got up later than planned but still made myself jog. Tad warm after 10 am but nice breeze made it bearable. Jogged around 40 minutes so little over 5k distance. Will do upper power lifting after work.
  • canadianlbs
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    long sunday day at the gym. i didn't eat anything or have my breakfast shake before going, so it went pretty well, considering that. and considering how many ZILLIONS of squat reps i did trying to sort out my form.

    squats: still suck. 70lbs. it really isn't the weight that's my block, with the squats. it's my form.

    ohp: 55lbs. that was an intentional repeat of my last time, given how last time was only 3 sets. this was easy for the first 3-ish sets and then wasn't easy at all. i may try 57.5 next time, dk yet.

    deadlifts: 120lbs. i'm pretty pleased about them because i just did 115 deadlifts on friday for trainer day, and 120 so soon after impresses me with myself. they were heavy but my form made me feel pretty happy.

    lat work: pulldowns and rows @60lb. they were easy enough but i didn't even want to try challenge myself atm.