Dashing in December

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Dashing is pretty lame, but I feel like probably everyone in this group, regulars or not, feel like they are dashing around like crazy people this month!! I love love love December and the holidays but you definitely run yourself ragged. So we can commit to being as healthful and happy this month despite the dashing.

Plus, Santa has a reindeer called Dasher, so it's sort of fitting, right??

Happy first day of December. I can't believe it's already here. November seemed to stick around only momentarily. Does anyone have any goals for this month?

I have a total of 5 Christmas parties over the next three weekends, one of which I'm hosting. I can say at least that my eating overall is much better. I am less reliant on sugar, especially after meals. I think it is because I am worrying less about food! Woohoo! I am almost done my holiday shopping as well so I am ahead of the game, although it doesn't feel like it.

Mihani, sorry to hear about your injury. Exactly HOW bad is it for you to drink while taking these?? Just frowned upon?? Haha. Maybe you can have some exceptions. Mostly, just hope you're feeling better. I feel like typing at a desk is probably terrible for shoulders/back/neck in general.

Sabine, thanks for sharing about the hot pot!! That sounds so awesome! I miss the old fondue days too. Good substitute :)

Terri, glad you got to have the kids over for awhile :)


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    You guys might enjoy this recipe I made the other day. I was just messing around and didn't really measure everything, so these are estimates of what I used. But they were yummy! I call them chickpea cocoa energy balls, but they look like elegant deserts that you could take to holiday parties if you like.

    Chickpea Cocoa Almond energy balls by Amanda Moors

    Rough measurements since I just through it together….

    2.5 cups of cooked chickpeas (not seasoned)
    10-15 dates (can use more or less)
    2 TBS almond butter (or peanut butter if you prefer)
    1/2 cup of dried unsweetened shredded coconut (can use more if you want more coconut flavor) and use some to coat the balls later too
    ¾ cup of raw almonds
    2 TBS chia seeds (can use more or less as you wish)
    2 TBS maple syrup (or don’t use any sweetner but use more dates)
    4 TBS raw cocoa powder, plus some more to coat the outside of the balls later
    1 TBS vanilla extract (use less if you want)

    Basically I just put all the ingredients in a food processor and processed until relatively smooth. You might need to add some water to make it mix. If it gets too watery, add more cocoa or chia seeds.

    Then I would scoop out about a TBS or more at a time and roll into a ball in my hands and then roll in a dusting of cocoa powder. I also liked them with extra cocconut added to the outside of them before rolling in cocoa powder (otherwise cocconut won't stick)

    You might want to coarsely grind the almonds first. I added them at the end and they mostly didn't grind up, but I also liked the larger pieces of almonds in the balls. You will have to see what you like. My cocconut shreds were the unsweetened kind and they were rather large pieces that are harder to stick to the outside. Perhaps grind them into smaller pieces would have made things easier.

    Once they were all rolled up and coated with cocoa powder I put them in the fridge. My husband enjoyed these a lot but also said he would like a richer chocolate flavor, so I was thinking I might try some dipped in melted dark chocolate.
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    Hi all! Hope you had great Thanksgivings! Finally have my Statistics class behind me and feel like I can breathe again and reconnect with the world! lol I feel pretty good with how I got through a pretty stressful class. I really worked hard to keep my study hours from reaching "obsessed" mode, remembered to take time to do things like socialize and managed to keep my health goals towards the top of the list. They weren't top priority, but, at least they didn't completely fall off and I am just so super proud of that! It is a much different place to be. Having a rotation of a 6 week class and a 6 week break is really going to help me keep my sanity.

    I really want December to be super focused on my health. I know there are going to be a lot of challenges towards the end of the month. The long Thanksgiving weekend kind of put that in perspective for me. I really want to have a good plan in place for the holidays and would really like to make my next goal on the scale.

    I did something huge yesterday. On a whim and completely out of no where I decided I wanted to buy a dress. Now, I NEVER buy dresses. I don't really like how I look in them, I never found any to be complimentary and I have been so self conscious about myself that I just never dared to buy one. DH was shocked when I told him I wanted to go buy one. He has been so supportive on this weight loss "journey" that during our running around yesterday he walked right into the dress area at the department store I wanted to go to. I found this really pretty "fit and flare" in red and a really pretty sparkly black sweater to try on and it just fit so perfect and I felt so pretty in it I didn't see any of the imperfections I generally focus on. He asked to see it and he said the smile on my face told the entire story. He said it was the first time I ever tried on a dress and looked that happy. It is currently hanging in my closet just waiting for Christmas. I hope this success continues and I keep feeling more and more confident. I had forgotten how this feels. It's a pretty amazing feeling that I really just want to continue growing.

    Lia - I think "Dashing December" definitely sums it up for me! I love December as well! I love the kindness that starts to ooze out of everyone's pores. I love how nice people start to be to each other. I love the holidays, I love the fact that my birthday (the 23rd) pretty well kicks off several days of celebration for my family. Seriously. I am completely giddy it is December!!

    Coueswhitetail - that recipe sounds delicious! I will have to try it. One thing I want to try to have on hand are some healthy treats so I am not as tempted by all the goodies later this month. Thanks for sharing!

    Ok all, back to work!
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    I love the title!

    I have goals for December: Lot's of Yoga while my Pilates class is on hiatus. 50miles running (always harder in winter). Lots of high fiber, low starch vegetables. Less wine.

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    Sabine, less wine for me too!! But it's hard to start in December. I realized this weekend I am sort of using wine as a bit too much of a crutch to de-stress and I think I'm going to share your "more yoga" goal.

    Coues, thanks so much for that recipe! That's awesome. So impressed you can throw together things like that. I am terrible; I NEED recipes.

    Woohoo Laura, your dress story made me smile!!! Normally I love love love shopping and finding that lately, some of the love is lost. So I'm looking forward to getting that back also. A pretty red dress sounds like the perfect thing for Christmas too. I am also so giddy it's December! That's the perfect word for it.

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    I read through the Nov posts, then, looked for a Dec Thread. Not finding one, I thought about starting one. I couldn't think of a decent name. So, I waited for someone else to do it. B) Hi everyone !!! :wink:
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    Thanks for starting the thread Lia! My months are all blending together I can't ever remember when it's starting a new one lol. The anti-inflammatory can cause severe stomach bleeding if you drink with it so I don't think that's worth the risk. I'm not concerned about one glass of wine at the upcoming Christmas parties, but I need to really watch it and best not to drink at all.

    Thanks for the recipe Coues.

    Hi Laura, glad to hear you are doing so well. Yay that your class is behind you and you'll have some time to enjoy the holiday season.

    Hi Sabine, I'm going to get back to some yoga. Doc says no weights at all until my shoulder heals. Bummer.

    Hi Sloth!

    Goals for this month, more salad less starch, more exercise less desk. Boss just left for a 6 day vacation so I really hope that I can get caught up a little bit while he's gone.
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    HI all,

    Goals for this month is to: 1. get back to the gym. I have been really depressed about the pain that I get after working out. So, I will have to revamp what I do for working out. Oh well, That's life. 2. try to make sure I get all my ETL foods in everyday. I feel like my body is missing something been tired most days of the week. Started to be stricter again and my energy is coming back. I let to many starchy carbs in my diet over Thanksgiving.

    Newme: congrats on finishing the hard class

    Mahini: hope your shoulder heals fast

    Lia: your December looks like it will be a lot of fun. So many parties.

    Monday: I see my local holistic MD. She is going to go over the results of the blood tests she ordered. They took 12 vials of blood. Thought I would have none left by the time they were done.
    Friday: I see Dr. Fuhrman's associate Dr. Benson. Hope between the two of them we can come up with a plan. But I have to be honest with you so far the diet is not working. :(

    Saturday: we have my husband's X-mas party. sorry to be a debbie downer but i have been finding going out a challenge. NO wheat, no meat, no dairy does not leave alot of choice for food going to someone elses house or eating out. So, I thought I would just eat dinner before going to the party. Oh, an no alcohol either :(:(

    I am looking forward to XMAS. Instead of getting everyone gifts I booked our family a suit at a fancy hotel on Newberry st in Boston. The room was super cheap on cyber monday.
    I made it thru Thanksgiving without cheating but will probably cheat on xmas.

    today's plan
    B: blueberry flaxseed oatmeal
    L: "cheesy" Kale soup, salad with nuts, almond milk
    D: black bean and mango salad
    great greens, almond milk
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    Wow - I can't believe it's December already - it's crazy!

    Lia, looks like I missed Dec 1st. Do you still want to start C25K? When should we start? Wanna start on Saturday? That'll be the 5th...
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    Hi all! Been re-adjusting to work this week. Sometimes it is more of a challenge than others that's for sure. I think I have Christmas break-itis. So looking forward to two full weeks off....

    Tomorrow is going to be a super exciting day! DH and I are going to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We have always wanted to see the group live and finally have the opportunity to do so! Should be a nice night. The only snag is my youngest has caught a cold and I am now re-thinking taking him to my mom's. I have been pretty protective of her since her CML diagnosis and am not sure if having a sick kid there is such a good idea. I would feel terrible if she got sick. Planning to run it by her tonight and see how she feels about it. May require a last minute call to my MIL to see if she would be willing to come over and watch them. Typically if we had plans to go out we would just simply stay home, but, for this, we had to buy tickets, they only have two performances (both tomorrow) and we have waited for years to be able to see them. I am sure it will be fine in the end.

    Got to work from home yesterday and got in a solid workout and fixed some yummy soup for dinner. It was nice to be back to cooking dinner versus leaving DH in charge of it! He is a great cook, but, I really enjoy preparing a meal for my family.

    Plan to go home tonight, get in a workout and then have a pretty low key night. We will see if I can actually pull that off. :-)

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    Karrie, that just occurred to me too lol. Yes the 5th is good!! Saturdays are more promising than Tuesdays anyway. I'm gearing up to start!!

    Terri, sorry you're having a rough go at the moment. That sounds very frustrating. I am so impressed that you are sticking so well to it and really trying to experiment. Is the xmas party out at a restaurant or someone's house? You could also tell the server and see if they can put something together for you that is beyond lettuce. Also, the hotel sounds awesome!!

    Hi Scott!! How goes it?? (Ps decent name is a low threshold)

    Mihani, ACK that sounds like horrible sick effects. I guess totally not worth it. That's ok, maybe it will be a blessing in disguise.

    I've been having a pretty good week but still disappointed I'm not fitting into some old clothes. Ugh. But obviously trying to remind myself it's not a race and takes time. I think I will offer to drive this weekend for the parties so that I'm not tempted by alcohol!
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    It has been a crazy month so far! So so busy and haven't even had time to think about Christmas yet. I am all over the place, either not eating or eating too much, there is no in between lol. I think the medication for my shoulder is affecting my appetite too. I need to get my roots done and buy a new outfit for a big party on Friday, it's business related and I need something nice to wear, all my nice stuff is too tight right now. :'(

    But I am maintaining at least. I am going to get back to more strict ETL tomorrow and only make exceptions for parties. Brought a pile of work home so I will have to catch up more here later.
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    Mihani, that sounds busy. Hope the party is awesome though! Let us know what you buy :) Also, I've been the same - great or awful with eating!!

    I ended up with some nasty food poisoning after my first xmas party on Friday, coupled with too much wine (by the servers, not even intentionally!) and not enough food, made for an awful Saturday lol. Learned my lesson to start the season anyway.
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    good morning

    I guess December must be hectic for everyone. So quiet on the thread.

    I had appointment number 1 this week with my local doctor. Her conclusion:
    1. genetic defect that interferes with liver function
    2. absence of sex hormones
    3. elevated homocysteine
    She gave me a boat load of supplements to take and wants me to meditate and de-stress.

    I have been working on increasing the amount of greens I eat hoping it will increase my energy level. The past few days have been better. I have not been weighing and measuring lately and my weight has plateaued. Just 3-4 lbs short of my goal. I will probably weight till the new year to start weighing and measuring again. Give it a little longer to see if I will drop over the next month.

    Off to Dr. Fuhrman's practice on Friday. I have an appointment with Dr. Benson this Friday.
    Luckily, my husband will be coming with me to help share the drive.

    Lia: sorry you first party made you sick :( no fun

    Mahini: hopefully one day you will be able to relax and take some time for yourself.

    NewMe: How was your concert?

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    Hi all! Busy start to the week, but, thankfully I got the most pressing item finished yesterday. Now, back to "normal"! The concert Friday was AMAZING! If any of you have not seen the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas concert it is absolutely worth shelling out the money to see it. Make sure you buy them early though. Our seats wound up being in the second from the very last row at the top of the concert venue. But, it actually worked out really well. From our vantage point you could really take everything in and see all the effects really clearly. I was literally smiling the entire 2 1/2 hours and was nearly in tears with excitement. It was really, really wonderful. DH and I will likely go back every year possible. It was just that good. For my first concert ever I would say it definitely lived up to all the hype.

    I have been nursing my left foot for the last week. Somehow (likely from trying to jog too much too fast) I think I have irritated one of the tendons across the top of my foot. So, rather than ignoring it I took jogging off the workout list and have been sticking to some shorter walks. It is frustrating, but, likely my body telling me that it isn't quite ready to bust out a 5k in under 30 minutes yet. I know it will be and I have to be patient, but, I am just ready mentally to be there NOW! Despite having to cut back on the intensity and amount I still saw a loss on the scale this week and am within a half pound of my next goal. Hoping to see it show up on the scale next week.

    Saturday we are going out with friends to celebrate their anniversary. I think I am going to wear my new dress!! I am a nervous wreck about it! One of those things that I felt super confident wearing in the store and now the closer we get the more nervous I get. I am going to do it though. I have been doing more and more things to intentionally force myself out of my comfortable little box I have put myself into over the years and this is just another step in that process. It will be great in the end and I know I will be happy I did it.

    Terri - hope the next appointment leads to some resolution to all the issues you are facing. Pretty lucky you get to go to Dr. F's practice!

    Lia - yuck on the office party. Too much wine and not enough food can sure put the whammy on you the next day. Hope you are feeling back to 100% by now!

    Mihani - I had hoped things would have started to ease up for you now with people getting more into "vacation" mindset and hopefully slacking off on work. Good luck juggling all that. I don't know how you do it. That would probably drive me over the edge.

    Off to work! Have great days!
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    Mornin' ETL'ers! Busy week, not much to tell just work and stuff. Went shopping yesterday and got a few new outfits to get me through the winter and the upcoming holiday events. Boss is out of town this weekend so I hope to get lots done in the office there on my own. There are a few deadlines before the end of the year and so far December is zooming by so I need to stay focused. I would really love to take Christmas weekend completely off from going to the office so that's going to mean getting a lot done this coming week.

    Terri, good luck with your appointment! I'll be very interested to hear what the doctor recommends.

    Laura, glad you enjoyed the concert. Sorry about your foot.

    Lia, my clothes weren't fitting right either, I had to buy a size bigger on my shopping trip yesterday, but I figured they would get me through the winter and hopefully by spring I will be down where I was again. Very disappointing to have to buy bigger clothes though.
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    Mihani, hope you bought something gorgeous to feel pretty in though!! No one knows what size it is at least. Hope you have a fun probate party (has that ever been said before?! Haha).

    Laura, awesome re TSO!!! I asked my husband for tickets for Christmas - they are in Toronto on Dec 23 and I've never seen them either. I hope we get to go! I have heard amazing things. Also, totally wear the dress!!! I am positive it looks amazing on you and you will feel so good :) I have to actually remind or force myself out of my comfort zone too. I actually just bought these over the knee tall leather boots. They have a stretchy calf. Usually my calves are too chunky or, because of my height, the knee highs are too short, so I'm so excited to have a pair! But also nervous about wearing them out haha.

    Terri, how did it go today?!?! Hope it went well! Glad you got some confirmations from the doctor though. At least knowing is something... hope you got some suggestions today.

    I feel like I'm drowning at work this week! I"m actually excited to come in on a Saturday without phones ringing and finally work on something!! I've been meaning to finish these reports for about three weeks... It'll be nice to have a clearer desk.

    Happy Friday beautiful ladies and gent :)
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    I almost forgot! I started C25K, much to my own amazement. I really didn't want to because I kept thinking I couldn't do it. But I did it!! I mean, week 1, which is pretty simple, but still, I did *some* running. Which made me miss running. So I'm actually looking forward to some more :)
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    HI All,

    Had a nice appointment with Dr. Benson. So here goes the day.
    Took my husband about 4 1/2 hours to drive to his office. We arrived a 45 min early. When we sat down Dr. Fuhrman came in so we briefly talked to Dr. F.

    Dr. Benson took me in early and spent about 1 hour 45 min. with me. He completely disagreed with the other doctor and advised to discontinue 1/2 of the supplements the other doctor put me on. I was really relieved because taking all those pills did not make sense to me. He did an exam, took my weight and measured my Body Composition analysis, Obesity analysis, Segmental Lean Analysis, Extracellular Water to Total body Water, and Visceral Fat levels through impedance and used a fancy machine to measure my nutrient levels.

    My nutrient levels were pretty good. I measured at 55,000 he wants me about 60,000. He recommended eating greens at every meal and reminded me to only eat 1 cup of starches per day. Also, to try and not overeat, ie reduce my portions.

    I am currently at 140 lbs he set my goal weight for 120 lbs.

    He wants me to do a 3 to 4 day water fast and at some point do a longer water fast at True North.

    Take a few supplements and decrease my thryoid supplements gradually.

    So, I have lots to do before I see him again on March 11.

    I don't know if I have reached a threshold hold but since last Tuesday my pain and swelling has become a lot less. Hope this continues.

    Holiday's will be challenging but I will make it through. Went to my husband's holiday party on Saturday. The only thing on my list of approved foods was the vegetable try.
    Would be nice if people would at least make 1 healthy dish but I know I cannot expect that.

    Everyone have a great day.

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    Thanks for the report in your visit with Dr benson.....sounds like you are in much better hands now!!!
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    Hey Terri, thank you for sharing! I sure hope that Dr. Benson's treatment will get you feeling better.

    Sorry so scarce, the end of the year is really tough at work, and there have been parties after work. I haven't even thought about Christmas yet. I know I'll be working all this coming weekend so I better jump on Amazon at some point this week and do my shopping.