Ja-new-ary(ou) in the making: Workout Check-in

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Smack me on the head if you will. Ha!

Back at GBB (week #4 of it), but this time around I'm using Wendler 5/3/1 as my strength work. Since GBB is 5 days a week, I'll be doing rows on the 5th day :)

Squats 5/5/5+
157.2x9 - almost decided to go for 10, but I didn't want to force any reps since my low back hasn't been very happy with me over the past week.

3 rounds of 30s work/30s rest (scaling back the intervals as well to ease back into them)

- 1 arm KB Power Clean @25 lbs 15/16/16
- KB offset push-ups 10/9/9
- Other side
- KB swings @20kg 20/20/20

4 rounds of 20/10 of each
- KB sumo deadlift high pull 11/9/10/10
- bear crawl 10ft forward, 10ft back 2/2/2.5/2.75

Wanna feel silly at the gym? Do bear crawls. Also, major leg and ab work there!

I added in some 1-arm seated rows. 40x10, 55x10, 55x10, 70x10 (both hands at once on this set)

Then tried to go for a 400m run on the treadmill (got about 2:10 for time. Meh) and spent 10 min total on it doing incline brisk walk, some jogging, just overall tried to move my legs a bit :)

Here's to a great 2016! I haven't thought about my goals that much yet, but if no one else makes the thread I'll get to it in a short while :)


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    Woohoo! I've been waiting for someone to set up a workout thread. And I LOVE the idea of you doing bear crawls at the gym, @krokador :smile:

    I made it to the gym yesterday and it was GREAT! I woke up hungover, didn't manage to leave the house until after 11 and was basically thinking, heck, even just the walk to and from the gym will do me good - anything I manage on top of that is a plus. But I rocked it! Once I was in there - and finally got a rack - I just felt so good.

    Squats: 5x5 @ 67kg
    Rows: 4x5 @ 16kg dumbbells
    Bench: 5x5 @ 14kg dumbbells

    I'd have preferred to bench with the barbell but was waiting for the squat rack and so just did it with dumbbells.

    Pull ups 2x3 unassisted, 1x10 with 15kg assist (the lightest the machine had)
    2x10 curtsey lunges with a 10kg thingie - a Vipr bar? dumb things, but let me add some weight.
    2x10 glute bridges on the ground with a 10kg medicine ball, then 2x5 with my feet on a fitness ball
    2x10 abductor and aductor pulls using a machine - cable/ pulley thing. Only 6.25kg and I really felt it!

    Today has just been shopping, but that involved so much walking I'm wiped out...
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    Happy January everyone!!

    2 hours in the gym for me today. Still working back up after my back issues but with success!

    SQ 5X5 @55kg
    BP 5X5 @35kgs
    Row 5X5 @32.5kg

    All getting back up to where I was before the injury, and no pain to report.

    Then final workout B of stage 2 Nrol4w. Upped the weight on Bulgarian split squats to a 16kg kettlebell and on the underhand lat pull down to 47kg. Also did 7 assisted pull ups...up from 4 last time. Slowly slowly!!

    Intervals on the rower by which time I was beat. Very pleased to have my first workout of the year under my belt :smiley:
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    Krokador- thanks for setting up the thread!

    Strong lifts workout

    Squats- 1X5X 65/75/85/90/105/115, 5X5X120
    Sumo squats- 5X5X105
    OHP- 1X5X45/50, 5X5X 55
    DL- 1X5X140

    Getting back to my highest lift weights after a deload prior to Christmas. I'm having trouble with feeling lethargic though. Maybe all the sugar and carbs from the holidays.
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    I've switched to 3x3 for my squats because I'm majorly stalled...deloaded to 110lbs and going to take it easy for a week, really concentrate on form with the lower weight and lower volume.

    OHP switched to 3x5 and completed 60lbs today :)

    Deadlift - 170lbs 1x5

    Tested my 1rm for bench and lifted 105lbs!

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    Hey all! I'm new to the group. I've been strength training off and on for just over a year now. I want to get more serious about it so I started Stronglifts a week ago. Started higher on the squats than suggested because I couldn't bring myself to squat the empty bar.

    Today's workout:
    SQ: 5x5x80lbs
    OHP: 5x5x45lbs
    DL: 1x5x105lbs

    Then I met my running buddy for a 3.3 mile trail run up a stupid hill. My body would like me to rest now.
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    I did PHUL Upper Hypertrophy this morning
  • Sumiblue
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    Started Stronglifts about 2 weeks ago and started light. Worked out yesterday. Have very little upper body strength and was struggling with the OHP.

    SQ: 5x5x35lbs
    OHP: 5x5x25lbs
    DL: 1x5x65 lbs

    Went on an 8 mile hike today. Taking it easy for the rest of the weekend.

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    Hi, I'm new here too! I started Stronglifts back in October, progressed along nicely then after getting sick I had to deload quite a bit, just getting back to where I was up to before. I've scaled back the progressions on exercises a bit so that I'm not failing too much, and so I can better maintain form. Yesterday's workout:

    SQ: 5x5x47kg
    OHP: 5x5x22kg
    DL: 1x5x75kg
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    edited January 2016
    hello new people :)

    ever pinched a segment of muscle between your collarbone and that first rib while rolling your shoulders into position for deadlifts or rows? you don't want to. it completely threw my form off for those two, and i kept my ohp to 45lbs today just in case.

    but i did do 85lb squats and 2x60sec front planks, so there's that.

    edit: and also 5x5x45 of the dreaded front squats. they're like taking my creatine: i make sure i do them.
  • Isca_1
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    I started 5x5 just before Christmas. Had started new rules for women back in Aug...needed to be in a out of the gym a bit faster. Really liking it so far. Had to take off some weight moving to the 5x5, but I knew that it would add weight fairly quickly. Love that I can do hit the gym on my lunch hour. Today was ok, I find that I am much weaker just before my period hits, then during it and after, I am much stronger.

    SQ 5x5 @100pds
    OHP 5x5 @ 49lbs
    DL 1x5 @ 110pds

    I feel pretty good with how far I have come...looking to really get into it this year. Really enjoying how I feel, daily life is so much easier with two young kids that I can keep up with. It's great stuff. And I actually look forward to hitting the gym and get grumpy if I can't!
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    Lower power today

    Squats 125 # 3x5. Finally got all reps. Have realized I like to scooch over and make my right leg do 80% of the work
    Deads 155# 3x5 grip not as strong as *kitten*
    Split squats with 30# DBs 3x8
    Hip thrust 155# 3x8
    What are those leg curl things where you kneel and someone holds your ankles and you try to drop slowly? Those 3x5

    Hangry now. Very hangry.
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    Not the best day overall. I slept in, didn't do errands, had coffee (okay latte thing from drive-thru place so more calories but also more protein than my usual coffee) and not much to eat beyond some sugar snap peas until after 7:30pm. Ended up with burger king for dinner, which wasn't too bad except they messed up the plain part of the chicken burger so had to wipe stuff off the burger and bun. Went to the gym after work, stopping by other store to drop off supplies to them on the way. Since my food consumption wasn't the best I didn't quite know how upper power would go (less than 1200 calories before 11 pm, yeah...) but it went okay. Need to work on some goals, including prep protein foods. This whole trying to cut back more on dairy is challenging me cause all I want right now is cheese, yogurt, chocolate and anything that has dairy. Le sigh. Oh the dairy day will be good but it's a hassle sometimes getting in the protein when haven't shopped much or cooked. I have Monday off from work though so can buy things.

    Upper Power
    bench 3x3 @ 105 - 95 felt heavy but went for it still. Fine but last rep on last set, left arm struggled.
    db incline bench 2x10 and 1x8 @ 35 - started off fine but was struggle by end. Getting the dumbbells up into position at this point feels hefty so not sure how it will go if increase much right now.
    bent row 3x3 @ 110 - okay.
    lat pull 3x10 @ 80 - feels heavy but managed, need to try increasing one of these days. I don't move up much on these overall.
    OHP 3x3 @ 80 - wasn't sure I'd get it cause 75 is heavy but was able to push through
    overhead tri with cable 3x8 @ 40 - increased and it was challenging.

    Then did 20 minute jog on treadmill with warm up and cool down. Didn't do the stretching moves at the end so hip ached a little in car but not bad since didn't have running shoes plus didn't run for too long. Might try and do a long run tuesday but I work that day so we'll see as that will be a long, late night at the gym. Today was long but that tends to happen when I combine lifting and cardio.
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    Today's planned workout: a 40 mile bike ride
    Today's actual workout: a 21.75 mile bike ride, and a burger and chips. I blame the icy rain :smiley:
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    First off: welcome to all the new faces! =D
    andylllI wrote: »
    What are those leg curl things where you kneel and someone holds your ankles and you try to drop slowly? Those 3x5

    I believe those are called nordic curls? Isn't the goal to work up to being able to get back up afterwards? Like glute ham raises but without a pad to help you back up? xD Mighty core and hamstring work, right?

    Today was beeeeench!

    115x9 ! Wut?! The 1rm calculation puts this at a 147.5 (and 9th rep wasn't even that bad of a grinder!). Haha. I'm happy :) It's insane how fresh I feel with the set progressions of 5/3/1. I missed this when doing 3-5 sets at the same working weight

    Then 8 min AMRAP
    - Power assisted pull-ups x3 (reset and let myself "fall" into the bands to power up faster. Alternated grips, used all bands knee in. That was the slowest exercise of the circuit by MILES)
    - Pike press x5
    - cossack squat x5/leg -> def need to add weight to this next week

    I got 6 rounds total. Not too shabby.

    For time (cap 10 mins, which I hit)
    Burpee x30, 20, 10(, 5)
    KB ground 2 overhead @40lbs x5, 10, 7(15, 20)

    I was feeling the fatigue from benching and pike pressing something fierce here. Usually my legs will start to give out on me first on burpees, today I was jumping like a frog and coulda done squat thrusts at double the speed I did these. I mean, the first 30 burpees took 6 minutes by themselves!

    And then I looked at the DB area. I wanted to go add isolation work, then figured more is not better. I AM feeling DOMS from the squats today. Don't wanna push my luck too much xD
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    For a change I went lifting this morning and it was lovely and quiet.

    Upper power first session
    Bench press 1x5 30,32.5,4x4 35kg
    Incline press (machine) 4x5 10 kg
    Seated row 3x5 40kg
    Lat pulldown 3x5 40kg
    OH press 3x5 20kg used barbell today
    Preacher curl 3x5 20kg
    Skullcrusher 3x5 12kg

    Left shoulder bit sore thought I might have pulled tricep other night.was cautious with how much weight I lifted. Didn't like BOR so did seated instead. Not having my coffee before lifting didn't help either. Back to work tomorrow so I'll be lifting at night again.
  • fanncy0626
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    Strong lifts rest day

    Goblet squats-3X5X 25
    Kettle bell swings - 22X7X 25
  • hufflepie
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    Today was a rest day, but it snowed! It never snows! So I took about a 3 mile walk. :smile:
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    No workout for me. Instead of lower body power, I just had work. After the snow this morning we had cold and rain, so roads got a bit icy. Still managed to bruise top of my left knee going up a ladder cause I'm talented like that. Might try to do session tomorrow, depending weather and maybe getting a day pass at a local place instead of driving the distance to my gym. We'll see.
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    Could only manage a quick workout before work today. And boy was the gym busy with newbies. Honestly, I thought that it would be busy in classes and the cardio room, but not so much in the weights room - I was so wrong!! There must have been 50 people queuing outside the gym for them to open this am!!!

    Anyway, managed to get my SL done at least, still working back up from the back issues.

    SQ: 5x5@ 57.5kgs. form was fine - happy with this as I was on 60kgs before my deload, so almost back to where I should be.
    OHP: 5x5@ 25kgs. Didn't fancy trying anything more than this today. Glad I stayed where I was.
    DL - worked up to 1x5@65kgs This is where my back started to hurt again :( I could see in the mirror that my hips were twisted, so back down I shall go next time until I get this cracked and become fully fit in the back dept.

    Also did dumbell chest press with 14kg dumbells - 3 x 8
    Wide lat pull down - 3 x 6 @ 40kg
    Seated row - 3 x 6 @33kg

    Not a brilliant workout, but a workout all the same!