100% Paleo for July - anyone with me?

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I'm starting Crossfit on July 1st (EEEEP!) and my eating has not been where I want it to be. Not even close if I'm being honest. So when I start CF, I'm also going to start a 31-day 100% paleo challenge. So far the participants of the challenge are...me! Anyone want to join me??


  • momof2osaurus
    momof2osaurus Posts: 477 Member
    Yay! :)

    I'm not doing a Whole 30 because I don't think I'll make it without Paleo treats. Lol.
  • Is there a good Primal food challenge list? ie one that will allow diary? The only other thing I'd "have" to have is caffeine. I have WAY too much stuff going on to fight that battle right now. Staying away from my bad foods will be enough of a challenge for now. Normally I do fairly well but I've been slipping a lot lately. A month challenge would be good for me.
  • TriLifter
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    I'm starting a Whole 30 today, so I'm in!!!
  • samanthawilson26
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    Hi, I'm In!
  • Juliste
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    Count me in as well. My challenge is to remove grains. I'm OK with no sugar and no processed foods. Anyone experience the same and if so what was your process in removing grains.

    We can use this thread to report in; say every Monday?
  • AllanMisner
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    I'll join in. July will be my month to fully drop beer. My only non-paleo food will be red wine, and sparingly.
  • laetitiab
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    I'm in too. I'll be the French part of the team :)
  • momof2osaurus
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    Yay! :) I vote we check in every day, there's a lot of non-paleo damage that can be done in a week!
  • homesweeths
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    LOL, baby steps it is!

    I haven't committed to 100% because I will still be taking communion at church on Sundays (have been for the past 5 weeks, though I've been 100% outside of that time). Just call me 99.9 percent "in".
  • Oops, today is the 1st of July! So, I had a Starbucks Latte with some vanilla syrup in it. I also had a Kind bar.. though that is probably not too bad since it was a fruit and nut bar. I'll be good for now on! I'm just going to try and follow Mark's challange as he details it here:


    That will be more doable for me.
  • momof2osaurus
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    July 1st, done! This is actually day 2 for me, I started yesterday so I didn't feel horrible at CF today. How's everyone else doing??
  • rlv2680
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    hey nice people!
    I started a whole 30 today and i will be blogging about it so if anyone wants to add me feel free=)
  • Making up for it tonight, Primal Taco Salad. Yum (no chips, beans, rice)
  • melaniefave41
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    I'm all in.
  • carissar7
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    I'm in!! Although today doesn't count because I had some rice. And cake. Delicious cake.

    I've been slacking too much the past few weeks and I'd really like to restart.
  • laetitiab
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    Good day. I eat primal, not paleo, because I can't give up on cheese. I didn't work out, but I felt in a really good and energetic mood.
  • AllanMisner
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    I think I had a pretty good day. The only two things anyone would question would be a Hint Essence Water (I couldn't find coconut water) and some Dr. Mercola Miracle Whey protein powder.
  • TriLifter
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    Day 1 of Whole30 went awesome...looking forward to day 2!
  • miqisha
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    I started Crossfit back in May and also started a Paleo challenge at my gym July 1st 2013. I gave away all Non-Paleo food from my pantry and fridge/freezer. I am 100% in. Only meat veggies and fruits are in my house. My entire house is all in, which makes it alot easier.

    Day 1 was good, and it makes it a lot easier when the food has nothing to temp you. The challenge is for 90 days and I plan to stick to it 100%

    Good luck to everyone
  • lizibk
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    OK Im in..slightly late to the party though oops. Am doing primal not paleo (cant do without the dairy!)..
    I dont really have a problem sticking to the primal foods (with primal treats...) but I really need to watch my portions as got 10lbs to lose.