100% Paleo for July - anyone with me?



  • danamariers
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    I'm in - but I too will be primal (dairy is my crutch. I don't have a ton of it but I do have it for a treat every now and then and have no intentions of fully dropping it)

    We should all add each other as friends to see food diaries- it could help inspire one another to make meals we've never tried or thought of.

    Let's rock this like it's our jobs!

    Who's in? :)
  • I'm totally cool with food diary spying. Then you guys can check up on my "boardline," foods. I"m not doing Whole 30 which is probably more cut and dry than just being "Primal." For example, Vita Coconut Water. I didn't even read the label, but I wanted something with calories since I forgot my lunch and the little food shop where I work didn't offer a lot of "safe" foods. So I had that and hardboild eggs. My dinner is leftover Chinese (it was expensive and I didn't want to toss it) but it's just meat and vegis, so hopefully they didn't cook it in anything too crazy. That will be gone and hopefully tomorrow I'll remember my lunch!
  • momof2osaurus
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    Anyone is welcome to add me! I'm not tracking my food right now because I get a little obsessive about it and needed a break, but I probably will at some point.

    Dinner tonight was so good, my favorite paleo dinner - spaghetti using zoodles. Yummmm. And I did NOT shove marshmallows in my face, so double win.
  • melaniefave41
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    I don't mind sharing my food and exercise diary; feel free to add me.
  • rlv2680
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    i am not logging the traditional way in my diary but under notes i am writing exactly what i ate that day. I don't want to concentrate on counting calories and weighing and measuring. I am just sticking to
    meats (organic if possible),
    leafy greens,
    non starchy vegetables,
    organic full fat coconut milk,
    coconut oil,
    olive oil
    farm fresh eggs
    onion, garlic, peppers
    my homemade kombucha
    No fruit, dairy or any other whole 30 no nos.
    i must have been pretty bloated on day one because i woke up today almost 5 lbs lighter.
    yay on to day 3:)
  • TriLifter
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    Whole30 day 3: Feeling general malaise. Went for a 6-mle run this morning and only did 5, and at a slower-than-normal pace. Will get in a second short run after work to make up for it. Doing great with the food, though.
  • rmhand
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    I'm currently avoiding FODMAPS to relieve digestive distress so it looks like I'm in by default. LOL
  • I had unflavored yogurt with a small amount of added berries this morning, remembered my lunch (salad), and brought nut/raisin trail mix with some "Paleo" crunchies (mostly nuts as well). So, I should be good. Now I just have to figure out what to have for dinner. Probably more Primal friendly taco salad so I can eat up the meat while it's still good.

    So, my day should be good and primal with exception of the dressing since I still haven't made my own. Tomorrow I have the day off so I will probably play around with some homemade primal friendly salad dressing recipies.
  • redheadmommy
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    I'll also join in my own way. Not the whole 30 because I follow the primal guidelines and consuming quite a bit of dairy. Time to time I eat some rice and potato, but I 'll try a month without them.
  • Juliste
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    Day 4: so far so good on whole 30. I am also following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) to reduce body inflammation. Bread is my addiction; so I am replacing it with buttercup, spaghetti squash or acorn squash. I need to increase my good fats however; so working on that.
  • MamaVeronicaWorksOut
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    Hi everyone! I just joined the group, but I am joining your July "challenge" as I challenged myself to go Paleo in June. My husband and I were already eating Paleo dinners, and I told him I was done with bread and everything else NOT natural last week. I threw everything out on the last day of June, and started fresh on July 1st!

    Bread is my enemy, but thus far, I think I am doing FABULOUS. I am not perfect, and not 100% Paleo. In fact, I'm probably more Primal because I've been eating Greek Yogurt (I read somewhere that it was okay?!) But other than that, so far, so good, I think.

    Feel free to add me. I've only missed Tuesday's food diary, otherwise I have everything open for friends to see. :)
  • michele040673
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    Can everyone please add me? Need help. Late for the July challenge but want to do something that will help me succeed in my weight loss journey.
    What's primal?
    What are the foods I eat?
    Whole 30? Is this a book? Please help me!
  • TriLifter
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    Whole 30 Day 5: Kill ALL the Things. And yes, I'm there. I have even less patience for stupidity at work than I usually do. I probbaly should have taken today off.

    My workouts this week have suffered as well. Not sure why, as I've been 99% strict primal since November.
  • TriLifter
    TriLifter Posts: 1,283 Member
    Can everyone please add me? Need help. Late for the July challenge but want to do something that will help me succeed in my weight loss journey.
    What's primal?
    What are the foods I eat?
    Whole 30? Is this a book? Please help me!

    Primal: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/welcome-to-marks-daily-apple/#axzz2YB8Nzedg
    Whole30: http://whole9life.com/start/

    It's very different from what you're currently eating--no processed foods (like the Quest bars) and more food--I see you eat less than 800 calories on most days. That's not healthy. Please check out the links above.
  • momof2osaurus
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    Had a really rough couple of days and wanted to eat ALL THE THINGS, but I powered through and stayed paleo. WOO! So far so good!
  • I was doing good yesterday til last night when I took my kid to the fair grounds. I didn't heat a ton of food, but the little bit that I did eat wasn't Primal by any means :p

    today I should do good. I'll be going to Chipolte for dinner (driving kid to dad's house, it's a long trip) but I'll skip the rice this time. Just the meat and the vegis (I don't eat the beans). I brought my own lunch though.
  • homesweeths
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    Had a really rough couple of days and wanted to eat ALL THE THINGS, but I powered through and stayed paleo. WOO! So far so good!

    Good job!

    We were at a potluck yesterday with lots of yummy food... Ah, potato salad (and beautifully decorated with hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes)... However, I was still in enough pain to resist everything. Stuck to a plain hamburger (no bun), a GF bratwurst (just pork and spices), plain salad (no dressing) and -- here's my cheat -- a cup of watermelon chunks. I was really tempted by the homemade cheesecake dessert, too, but pain is such a great motivator.

    Have been avoiding watermelon because I notice the next day after eating it my stiffness and pain is worse. I suspect it has something to do with the sugar in the fruit.

    I do hope that paleo will help with the joint pain. I'm a little concerned after reading comments at thepaleodiet.com from a few people who began to suffer from tendon pain after switching over to paleo. That's similar to what I'm experiencing. The bone-on-bone arthritis pain has cleared up, but now I have tendon pain (hamstrings, knees, and elbows) and cramping in my calves. Calcium/magnesium seems to help the cramping a little. Am taking chondritin on a friend's advice in hopes of clearing up the tendon pain, but she said it could take six weeks to kick in.

    Does anyone have experience with clearing this kind of thing up?
  • If I don't eat a lot of potassium I get cramps, but I am not sure if that is the same thing you are feeling. I just add in a banana for breakfast for a few days and it goes away. Usually stays away for a while without added bananas. I just get low once in awhile I guess. I always try natural versions before pill versions even if the natural isn't perfectly, "paleo" or whatever. You do have to be careful with really strict diets that you are not missing something. You need to eat as much variety as possible within that diet. I think the problem is that some people get use to eating a small list of foods they feel safe with.

    I ended up having a few questionable foods on the night of the 4th and part of a cheesecake brownie yesterday when taking my son to his dad's house (he gave it to me and I didn't want to toss it) but I did good today for the most part (depends on how you feel about a single serving of Martini Asti). Tomorrow will be another easy day, I'm staying home.
  • I think I'm starting to detox! Which I don't think I've ever really done before. But, I've started to break out in these little dry patches I get on rare occasion, just a lot more than normal. Will be interesting to see how things progress with the diet. Probably good I am Primal and not Paleo, I don't need a serious detox right now!
  • AllanMisner
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    Had some cheese yesterday (cheddar on an egg white omelet, and blue cheese crumbles on a salad - I did skip dressing though). Still, happy with my progress on this so far.