Fitness in February

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Thanks for the suggestion Carla, I like Fitness in February, especially since I tend to be more slug-like in the cold, dark months. Time to get moving on the new treadmill and see if I can’t walk off a few pounds.

I admit that I struggled a lot in January after the first couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure that this is stress/emotional eating issues rearing up once again. Work has been so busy and overwhelming for so long, and it chips away at my self-esteem when I don’t feel like I’m doing my job as well as I am used to doing. I made it through today without any starchy salty snacks from the cabinet. I’m going to concentrate on getting in all the recommended veggies from here on out. I’m not eating anywhere close to a pound each of raw and cooked, especially cooked, and filling in those gaps with blue corn chips and nuts and things like that.

<3 y'all!


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    Love the Fitness in February! I'm so pleased - my body is finally craving exercise again (after a lot of hibernation) so I think I'm going to bring out my T25 videos again. It has been crazy nuts busy at our house and looks like it will be for most of the month so I'm going to use exercise as a stress management tool!

    I am with you, Mihani, need to be more on the ball and more veggies. I have been making grains a central focus too often and nuts a main snack, and I need to go back to making veggies my main goal.

    Hope everyone has a happy February ahead of them <3
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    PS Carla; ahh the new house and property sounds lovely! 10 acres + pool!! How great. How is the housing market where you are, do things move a little slowly? I'm not sure what to expect; the tricky thing is my husband's new job is about 1.5 hours from where he works now, so we kind of have to move quickly, at least to get temporary accomodations. So strange how quickly things happen! How long do you think your commute will be? Worth it to go home to peace and quiet and a dream home :)
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    I'll second that, Carla - the new property sounds amazing -- jealous!!! :smiley:

    Looking forward to Mexico. I have to admit, I'm having a hard time waking up and getting moving. I'm trying to burn the candle at both ends, and I've gotta get my sleeping into a healthy routine. Otherwise, I'm doing ok.

    Just made some of my favorite juices last night. Looking forward to them today. Yum!

    Have a great week, everyone!!
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    Ugh...I just wrote a whole post and then clicked my mouse button and it all disappeared! I hate it when that happens!!!

    I'm glad no one decided to lynch me after the Fitness in February suggestion ;)

    I just got a Microsoft 2 band that tracks my calories burned, workouts, sleeping habits, etc., so I am motivated to get in at least a few workouts a week. Anything at all will be an improvement!

    Lia, the Seattle market is very fast, but where we are further North I'm not sure how long it will take. Ideally, we'd like to move in spring so that we have time to plant a garden. My commute takes about 1 minute, or however long it takes me to stumble down the stairs in the morning. I work from home :) My husband does half days in the office and half days from home, but if we moved to this place he'd probably work from home Monday and Friday and go in for full days at the office Tues - Thurs. It would take him 30 minutes each way. During peak times there isn't really a rush hour, just a solid stream of traffic. One an a half hours for a commute?! Yikes. How soon does he start? I hope you're able to find something soon. It is stressful but will be so worth it when you're closer to his job and hopefully you'll have the nice back yard you're looking for, too!

    Karrie, I've never been to Mexico and I confess I'm feeling a little jealous while sitting here listening to the rain drum down outside. You've been doing such a fantastic job with your juicing! I hope you have a fab trip. (Do pina coladas or margaritas count as juicing while in Mexico? I sure hope so)

    Mihani, give yourself credit for doing as well as you've done during a busy and stressful time. Think about what all of the other people at your office eat like and you should feel better! Not only that but you bought and ASSEMBLED a treadmill!!! Personally, I'm super impressed!

    Sloth3toes, this link is for you: (and everyone else should check it out too because it is super cute.) The best part is that they hang them up to dry!!!!

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    Carla omg cute video! I would love to be able to move back to the country, but with working the way I do there's no way. Have fun with your band, I lost my fitbit and really miss it.

    Lia, keeping my fingers crossed for you to quickly find a new house.

    Karrie, countdown on to sunny beaches, woohoo!

    Have had a good couple days. I feel a bit more in control. I had a hummus wrap for lunch and instead of blue corn chips I had baby carrots. Good swap there. I think I'll start posting my meals again, seems to help keep me focused.

    B - oatmeal with blueberries and a few chopped walnuts
    L - hummus wrap with loads of lettuce, baby carrots, grapes
    D - big salad (spring mix, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, balsamic, fresh ground pepper, nooch), slice of rustic italian bread
    S - almond milk yogurt

    Still too many starchy carbs but it's better.
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    I like getting ideas from what everyone else is eating, so I'll start posting my meals again too.

    B - smoothie (1/2 banana, 2 oz baby spinach, 1.25 c. coconut milk, 1 cup blueberries, 1 tbsp walnuts, 1 tbsp flax)
    L - mixed greens, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 container mushrooms and 1/2 onion sauteed in 1/2 tbsp tamari, 1/2 tbsp tahini
    small amount of leftover smoky lentils
    S - fuji apple
    D - Burrito Bowl (black beans, spices, onion, tomato paste, cilantro, garlic over 1/2 cup brown basmati rice)
    guacamole, salsa
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    HI all,

    Had a rough day on Monday but pretty much back on track yesterday. Funny, the other day I realized I have not had a headache in a long time and darned it I got a headache this am. Teaches me a lesson to go off program.

    Poor hubby got in a car accident last night. Everyone is ok but his car had almost 200,000 miles on it. Not worth fixing the car. We will need to go car shopping this weekend. He really likes the Chevy Malibu hopefully, we will find a used Malibu somewhere that we like.

    Eating wise I have been really on or really off. I have been doing more blending lately, I want to do more vegetable blending then with added fruits. I made a V5 juice yesterday but was just so so . If anyone has a good vegetable juice recipe please share.

    Carla and Lia; good luck with the moves.

    Karrie: have fun in Mexico. Sounds like a fun trip. I have 3 weeks till my next Florida trip.

    Everyone, have a great day

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    So glad your husband and everyone else was okay, Terri! Good luck on the car search.

    As for vegetable juice recipes, when my husband and I juice, we throw in all the veggies we'd normally never eat and it is a bitter and peppery nightmare that we plug our noses and drink down haha! Needless to say we don't do that too often! I found a few recipes in the ETL Cookbook, but I haven't tried them.

    Immunity Power Juice (serves 2)
    4 kale leaves
    5 carrots
    2 stalks bok choy
    1 apple, cored and quartered
    1 medium beet, peeled
    squeeze of lemon

    Run all ingredient through juicer.

    High Cruiciferous Juice (Serves 2)
    3 medium carrots
    3 cauliflower florets
    1 apple, cored and quartered
    6-8 kale leaves
    2/3 cup watercress with stems
    2 cups broccoli with stems

    Run all through juicer.

    Detox Green Tea (serves 4)
    1 bunch kale
    2 cups romaine lettuce
    1 cucumber
    4 leaves bok choy
    2 cups unsweetened green tea
    2 cups frozen raspberries
    2 cups frozen cherries or strawberries

    Juice kale, lettuce, cucumber and bok choy. Mix the green tea with 2 cups of the green juice. Add to blender with berries and blend well.
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    Great thread! I love the idea of focusing on fitness!
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    Perfect title for February! It has been that for me (not intentionally) because we got walloped with snow recently. I've been outside 3 days running, shoveling snow. It's great exercise and I can tell I'm much stronger, and can shovel longer. My FitBit has been registering over 10,000 steps, something I never do on an average day. My weight has not gone down so I still have 10 pounds to drop --just to get back to where I was before Oct-- but I'm not discouraged yet.
    Exciting and stressful, buying a new home and selling an old one!
    Car buying, well, not so fun (at least for me). But something new, that's fun.
    I made the Lentil Chard Sweet Potato Curry from the FOK website [ LINK ] and it is even delicious the next day. A great comfort meal.
    I'm making a green smoothie for dinner today. I decided there is no reason to just have a smoothie for breakfast. I may sleep better that way, since heavy dinners result in poor sleep for some reason.
    I've been having trouble going to sleep at night and end up awake at 1 AM so sleep is in short supply lately. I used to do this on Sunday night, when I was still working, trying to postpone Monday morning. But I'm retired; I should be getting all the sleep I need with no trouble. Aaargh!
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    Might not get the chance later, so I'm posting before I have dinner. Got in a fast paced 20 minute walk after a very embarrassing 'steps walked' count on my MS Band 2. I guess working from home has some definite disadvantages!

    B - smoothie, same as yesterday only with half cherries, half blueberries and chia seeds instead of walnuts
    L - salad - mixed greens, tomato, water tamari sauteed mushrooms and onions with 1/2 tbsp tahini,
    creamy broccoli soup
    snack - apple (after a month on plan these apples almost taste too sweet! a nice problem to have I guess)
    D - same as yesterday, a burrito bowl w/ homemade guac, some Pace salsa and 1/2 cup of brown rice

    looking forward to the weekend when I get to eat oatmeal! Sounds crazy but I love it. Trying to limit it to Fri-Sun to reduce grains. This week I'm not sure if I'm going to try pear anise oatmeal, chai oatmeal, or Earl Gray and rose water!
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    The burrito bowl sounds really good Carla. I make something similar as a salad.

    Terri, glad everyone is okay.

    Hi Sabine!

    Lisa, that recipe sounds really good. I love curry. So many new recipes being shared that I want to try, I gotta get cooking! You are so good to get out and shovel snow. It’s definitely a serious workout. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

    Another long day at the office. But I did okay other than a quick dip into the snack cabinet for a few blue corn chips.

    B – oatmeal with blueberries and coconut milk yogurt
    L – hummus wrap with lots of lettuce, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, grapes
    D – red lentil kale soup
    S – 1/2 a serving blue corn chips

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    Hi guys! Sounds like a positive week all around.

    Carla, I loveeeee burrito bowls! Also sorry, I forgot right away that you already had said you work from home. That's great, and hopefully 30 mins 3 days/week will be pretty bearable for your hubby!

    I also love the meal posting, Mihani, great idea. Everyone always sounds like they have interesting meals.

    Terri, how are your feeling these days? Any difference in pain?

    Hi Sabine!

    Lisa, great job on all the steps!! Shoveling is amazing exercise; my body always hurts in places I guess I don't use very often lol. Haven't had much snow this year though.. it's been a freak winter for us. I'll take it!

    I have been super anxious this week about all the upcoming changes and moving etc. Still, I've made some good meals! I made this delicious Hearty Italian White Bean Basil Soup from Vegan 8 - really easy and definitely worth trying:

    Karrie - also never been to Mexico but seems like all my clients are heading there this year. I really want to go! Seems like a good mix of relaxation and things to do/see.

    B - Banana; whole grain toast w/ pb
    L - White bean soup - vegan 8
    D - Going to make my first attempt at a tofu scramble!
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    Lisa, I can't decide if I am jealous that you've got all that snow or not....we've only had maybe 1/4" of snow this year in total and none last year. Either way, it is a great workout. 10,000 steps is awesome! Are you shoveling in the evening? Maybe a later workout is keeping you up at night.

    Lia, that soup recipes sounds good! I will have to try it. I just got my Penzy's spices delivered and I'm anxious to start using them.

    There's a new house on the market that we're very excited to see. Good internet, 20 minutes from town, and great art studio and workshop. We're going to take a look with our realtor tomorrow afternoon.

    I went for another 20 minute walk this morning to get my steps tally into a more reasonable range.

    Breakfast - blueberry spinach smoothie
    Lunch - salad w/ mushrooms and onions, 1 cup Amy's chili
    Snack - apple
    Dinner - Red Lentil Cauliflower curry (do you ever still make this one Mihani? It is a staple of ours)

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    So here's a question for February:
    Hubby and I have birthdays close together near Valentine's Day, so we usually pick one day to celebrate all 3 events. We both like nice restaurants, a concert or other sedentary activity. And we do that anyway once or twice a month on average. But neither of us needs another fancy (fattening) restaurant meal! This year, I'm suggesting we do something active. A 2 or 3 hour hike or all-day bike ride sounds really nice to me. We did a nice hike last year, but hubby felt it wasn't quite "complete" without a rich meal at a restaurant. I think we need a paradigm shift on how to celebrate these events. Is this too weird?
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    @ CarlaEnsink — Pear anise oatmeal… sounds intruiging.
    I am going to try that Hearty Italian White Bean Basil Soup, too. I do a lot of crockpot versions of soups in the winter. Thanks for the link to that one.
    @liapr — how did the tofu scramble come out?
    And yes, I was shoveling snow in the evening one night but I don’t think that kept me up late. Honestly, I hate to say it, but I think the alcohol I drink at night keeps me up. I usually have at least one glass of wine most evenings (My food diary is open, you can see how much I drink LOL!) and I’ve been thinking that is something that may be a culprit. Then again, it could be I need to exercise MORE. I normally only get 2K to 3K steps in a day; that’s practically sitting still all day. I’m trying to raise that number, now that I can see how sedentary I really am. I’ve been enjoying the physical workout that shoveling snow gives. So I want to up my activity level, definitely. It feels pretty darn good to be active, so that tells me I need more activity. I’d rather blame that for my poor sleeping patterns lately than to give up my glass of wine LOL!
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    HI all Snow day today!

    Lia: when I eat well I have minimal pain and swelling. If I don't my hands burn, swell and hurt. You would think that would be enough not to go off program but apparently my food addicted brain has issues. Anyway, the scale is finally moving down again. I have been working on increasing the amount of greens I eat and that seems to be dong the trick. I would like to lose 18 lbs by April 15. MY next apt. with Dr. Benson.

    Carla: your oatmeal sounds yummy I will have to try it sometime.

    Mahini: hopefully you will take some time for yourself this weekend.

    Karrie: getting close to your Mexico trip. Now, I am jealous, will not be going to Florida in Feb.

    Lisa: what about going to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Your husband could eat heavier and you can eat lighter.

    My trip to Florida has been cancelled but for good reason. My daughter has a job interview in New York City and she wants me to come along. So, it is off to NYC the end of Feb. Still, a tough job market out there. She has sent out 40+ applications and so far this is the only place that has gotten back to her. She is an impressive candidate so I cannot imagine what it is like for the average young person.

    I have picked out a car. I am going to get the Ford Fusion. Off to buy the car later today.
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    One more week! I'm itchin' to go...

    I'm almost down 18 lbs. I want to lose at least 20 before I leave. So that's do-able. 2.6 more lbs in a week; I got this!! :smiley: I haven't been very regimented about exercise yet this year. Really hit & miss. When I get back from the trip I will have to do better.

    I'm glad nobody was hurt in the car accident!! Scary stuff.

    I've gotta run, but I am reading everyone's posts - just don't have the time to reply to them all...
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    Woohoo, Ford Fusion is a fun car! I test drove one about a year ago. Enjoy it :) Will you be flying to driving the new car to NYC? That sounds like a fun trip, Terri. Hopefully some good weather. Job market is very depressing..

    Lisa, Great idea turning your celebration into an active one! I love that, and a hike is such a nice way to spend time together too. Maybe you can compromise on a meal somewhere? I second Terri's suggestion; maybe a gourmet veggie place or Italian place where they are sometimes more accommodating? I guess it depends whether you would enjoy the meal or dread it/feel sick. What about a healthy dinner and a fancy place for drinks (dessert for hubby) afterward instead?

    Ooooh Carla, exciting! Let us know how the new house looks. We have suddenly decided to list our house.... next week! Before the long weekend. So now I have a busy weekend ahead lol. Wish me luck! I'm pretty excited.

    Happy friday!!!
    B - pineapple/banana smoothie with hemp hearts (I ran out of greens! I never thought I would ever write that...)
    L - OSG smoky bbq chili
    D - tbd, maybe a wrap.

    Also, Lisa, the realtor came to pitch to us last night so we didn't get around to tofu scramble; saving it for a weekend brunch option instead!
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    Lisa, I don't think it is weird to want to change that default behavior to have special food as a treat. It is very much ingrained in our culture but not necessary. That said, if your husband isn't as ready as you to replace it entirely, I think that Teri and Lia had good suggestions. A place where you can both get something suitable, or a dessert place after dinner where you can get a drink or tea or something. I hope you have a lovely time and get in some good activity too!

    Terri, do you live near NYC? Do you go there often? Sounds like an exciting trip to me!

    Great job Karrie, excited to hear about your trip once you return! Do you have a bathing suit that you love that you're going to wear?

    Lia, funny how once the ball starts rolling with selling and buying a home it really picks up momentum quickly. I guess you guys have the added pressure of needing to be closer to your husbands job. Good luck getting everything done this weekend! At least you'll be getting in some good exercise! Funny...I was also surprised to have run out of greens this morning! I went to make my smoothie and had to have oatmeal instead.

    So for lunch I made this White Bean 'Chili' that isn't at all like chili to me. It is spicy but the flavor is more like the insides of a chicken or turkey pot pie. It has rosemary in there and think that's part of why it reminds me of that. In any case, if we have guests over and do a bit of a sort of healthy/sort of splurge dinner, I was thinking I could get some puff pastry, fill it with that and then have a side salad.

    Breakfast: Pear and Star Anise Oatmeal (I really like the way it turned out)
    Lunch: White Bean Chili, salad with the usual suspects on top
    Snack: might skip it, I'm so stuffed after lunch and we're going to look at the house soon
    Dinner: Red Lentil Cauliflower Curry

    I thought the star anise looked pretty on top, so I took a picture! (Does anyone know an easy way to make the image show up smaller here?)