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    Quick update on the house we went to look was SO nice! My husband and I said to our realtor that we wanted to list our house immediately and put in an offer. Unfortunately, after being on the market for only 1 day, they already had 3 offers in on it!!!! (so no luck for us since our offer would have to be contingent on the sale of our house.) Big bummer but we figure that means it wasn't meant for us. It was at the very top of our price range, so I guess we're saving money at least!

    We're both feeling good about the house with the pool, so we're gearing up to list on the 15th of Feb. Hopefully we get a quick sale and can get that one before it's gone, too!
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    Whew! Busy couple days here. I am not going to the office today though. Taking the old gal to the vet at 9:00 then I brought work home to do here today. Tired of the office.

    Lia the white bean soup sounds delicious. I will have to give that one a try. Did you make your tofu scramble? My first couple didn’t turn out too well, but now I can whip up a great one in no time. The spices are what make it.

    Lisa, I like the idea of the compromise, an active day followed by a meal at a place where you can both find something.

    Terri how exciting for your daughter! Hopefully you’ll have time for some sight-seeing and fun while there. Did you pick up your new car?

    Karrie you’re really rocking the juice this time around. Doing great!

    Carla, I do make the red lentil cauliflower curry pretty regularly. It’s so good. The oatmeal looks very pretty! I’ve never used star anise. Too bad about the house, but the one you had looked at before sounds nice too.

    Yesterday’s menu:
    B – oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts
    L – luna bar and a non-dairy yogurt (it was a busy day and I never took time to really eat something)
    D – totally not ETL – veggie “chicken” tenders, mashed potatoes, peas
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    Hope y'all are having a good weekend. I had a weird night, got up in the middle of the night for several hours, didn't get back to sleep until 5 a.m. so of course I slept until almost 10. I have a very high priority file to work on that I brought home so I'm just going to work from home today and I have laundry going.

    Today's menu:
    Skipped breakfast since I slept so late.
    L - BBQ tofu with "cheesy" rice and broccoli (used this recipe for the "cheese" sauce... SO not ETL ... mixed the rice and broccoli with the sauce then baked in a casserole dish until bubbly then broiled for a few minutes to set the top a bit)
    D - will be salad and some fruit to make up for the indulgent lunch

    I have really been craving comfort food lately. I'm letting myself indulge a couple days a week but trying to keep it reasonably healthy.
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    Carla, that video reminds me of my childhood. My mom used to hang me up to dry too. But, I prefer chocolate over flowers.

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    Thanks, all, for good suggestions. It will be, like many things in a marriage, a compromise we can both live with! He's a pretty good sport, most of the time, so I will appeal to his adventurous spirit.
    We have such a good time when we go hiking; we just don't get ourselves out often enough. It's like we get overcome with laziness, even on a beautiful day like today.
    Yesterday we got back from a overnight stay in downtown Denver, where we walked around the downtown and had dinner before seeing a concert, walking back to the hotel afterwards. I ate lightly, and he ate heavy. The next day we had a tea with one daughter, which was good teas accompanied by little sweets, meats and treats. Hubby helped eat my share of all that. It was the first sugar I'd had in ages, and I noticed I had a bit of the sugar shakes later but was able to eat a good large salad when I got home. I didn't gain anything so that's a plus.
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    Sounds like everyone is doing really well right now - it's nice to see. :smile:

    We leave for Mexico THIS FRIDAY! Woot!! By 6pm on Friday, we'll be parked by the pool on our first night's stay. Can't wait! I'm thinking that by then, my weight loss will be at about 20 lbs for the year - not too shabby!!

    When we get back, I'm going to attack my workouts. Going to make bedtime a priority so I can wake up early and get my workouts done with the sunrise. :smile:

    But not next week. Next week is all about fun in the sun.... :wink:

    (oh, btw - I have a nice bathing suit, but it's not one that I love. It's still too big to qualify for that... :lol:)
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    Happy Monday! How did everyone's weekend end up going? Lia, did you get a bunch of house stuff done in preparation to sell your place?

    Sloth, too funny :) I'm with you on the chocolate over flowers! Great quote, thanks for posting.

    Mihani, is it your dog that went to the vet? How is he doing? Did you manage to get your work done?

    Your overnight trip in Denver sounds so nice, Lisa! How far away are you from the city? My husband and I have stayed in Seattle a few times over the years and we are only 2 hours away. It is nice to not have to face the drive after a full day and having some extra time the next day.

    Karrie, I'm glad you have a suit you like! When we go somewhere tropical that is always the most difficult part for me - finding something I can swim in and walk around in that I feel good okay about.

    I lost 3.3 lbs over the last week. That was a nice surprise! This weekend, my husband and I did some yard work and picked up some nice large pots for our yard. We had borrowed planters from my father-in-law when we listed our place in the fall, but he moved to his new place in the meantime and needed them back. It turns out that pots are expensive! At least we can take them with us when we move.

    I didn't post my meals on Saturday or Sunday, but they were almost the same as what I'll be having today. Saves time!

    Breakfast - oatmeal with nuts, berries, half a banana
    Lunch - salad w/ mushrooms and onions, 'creamy' broccoli soup (the last of it YAY!!!!!)
    snack - apple or pear
    Dinner - red lentil cauliflower curry
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    Woohoo successful weight losses going on here!! Awesome Carla and Karrie, you guys are on fire! Great job :)

    Karrie, you'll have to post a nice pic of the sun and beach so we can drool and feel the warmth through the computer screens :p

    Carla, so sorry to hear about the house!!! I do feel like it must not have been meant to be, or that a better one is coming along. Do you have a crazy schedule lined up for this weekend then? Funny we are both doing this at the same time lol.

    OMG we did so much this weekend!! I can't believe how much work it ended up being lol. We boxed up so much clutter and stuff. I also became a master at hiding things, like coffee makers and toasters, so our countertops are clean and clear. It looks really lovely, but I also feel like it will be hard to live in (prospective buyers aren't allowed to see evidence that you brush your teeth!). We are posting it today or tomorrow; unfortunately this weekend is supposed to suddenly be brutally cold. And it's a long weekend. So I'm worried we will have three days in a row of dead open houses... cross your fingers.

    Lisa, glad to hear you guys had such a nice stay/visit/dinner together! It sounds like good activities and good company too. Amazing that you are so sensitive to sugar now; I can't even imagine, but I know I better get better on my sugar sooner rather than later. Great job sticking to it!

    Mihani, how was the rest of your weekend? Glad you got a sleep in; you must have needed it. Did you finish the file off? I did make the tofu scramble! Surprise surprise, it was an OSG recipe. I used: firm tofu, potatoes, red and yellow peppers, sweet onion and green onion, garlic, nutritional yeast, fresh basil and parsley. What other spices do you often use? It was really yummy!

    Sloth, love that quotation. It's so true and so much harder to practise though...
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    Oh, my, did I eat too much during the Super Bowl game? Yes. And I'm not even a football fan. I was just keeping hubby busy (and knitting). I made a large batch of vegetarian chili, guacamole and baked potatoes. Then proceeded to eat instead of knit. It was not a pleasant night trying to sleep with a too-full stomach. Ugh. Today was much better, food-wise. My bowling game was terrible today, probably because I was sluggish from too much food last night. Oy!
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    Lisa, sounds like you’ve had an all around fun weekend, and after a good day today you’ll probably be feeling back to normal tomorrow. The tea sounds like fun. I always wanted to go to one of those real teahouse type places.

    Karrie, just a few more days to vacation woohoo! And down 20 pounds … woohoo!

    Sloth, I like that quote.

    Carla, my oldest dog is a 13 or 14 year old shepherd mix. She’s developing some typical problems of large breed dogs like arthritis and degenerative myelopathy. Her kidneys are also starting to fail but I’ve got her on prescription food that is easy on the kidneys and so far she seems to be holding steady there. It’s so sad though. She falls sometimes. She’s such a sweetheart of a dog. As long as she’s happy and not in pain I’m happy. Great job on another big loss for the week!

    Lia, hope the weather doesn’t turn too bad for your open house. Just reading about all the stuff you did wore me out! This is my favorite tofu scramble… because I like spicy.

    B – oatmeal with berries and walnuts
    L – Amy’s bean burrito, soy yogurt
    D – red lentil kale soup, big salad
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    Mmmmm the pictures of the tofu scramble are making me drool!!! It looks amazing. Love the idea of a southwest take on it. I'll try that one next!
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    Quick post today. Glad everyone seems to be doing well. Sorry about your dog, Mihani. He is lucky to have such a good home with you.

    Doing tons of cooking today in between work. I knew I should have done it on the weekend, but after our house prep work I just didn't feel like it. My own fault!

    Breakfast - Dr. F. blueberry banana oatmeal
    Lunch - salad with mushrooms and tahini caramelized onions
    Snack - pear
    Dinner - chili with half an avocado
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    That tofu scramble looks quite tasty. I'm going to try it. Maybe not quite so spicy, though. I made a Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf for hubby's birthday this morning, from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook (I highly recommend that one). Because he's trying to lose weight, too, he didn't want a rich cake or ice cream, and neither did I. So this, with a little Cool Whip Lite on it, was pretty tasty. I put raisins in it instead of chocolate chips, which was fine. Peanut butter would work well in this, too. It was a nice late-morning snack for us, with coffee.

    Our plan is a 6 or 7 mile hike in the local area this weekend, to celebrate both our birthdays and Valentine's Day. We'll pack some lunch (probably a couple slices of that loaf, too) and maybe stop at our favorite wine bar afterwards.

    I'm sorry about Carla, Mihani. When she does go to the Rainbow Bridge, may it be a peaceful crossing for her. We have two old cats that are also on special food for kidney issues.

    Today was housecleaning day. I burned a few calories with that. It should be warmer weather for the next few days, so I will get out on my bike at least once. I haven't done that in awhile.
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    edited February 2016
    Well, I got the results of my old gal's bloodwork and her kidneys are much worse. It's a matter of time now. Hopefully we'll have a good few months left before we have to make that last trip to the vet. In the meantime she's started on some pain meds for her arthritis and spine issues. But she's happy and doing okay for right now, so I'm not going to dwell on what is to come.

    I've been concentrating on sleep this week, getting myself to bed at a decent time. Fatigue = hunger to my body so getting adequate sleep makes sticking to healthy eating habits much easier.

    B - oatmeal with blueberries, walnuts, coconut milk yogurt
    L - hummus wrap with a lot of lettuce, grape tomatoes
    D - 10 spice vegetable soup from OSG, apple
    S - luna bar

    That was my last luna bar, need to avoid buying more. They are like candy bars with good PR.

    Carla, what all did you cook yesterday?

    Lisa, I've made that chocolate pumpkin loaf several times, and even made mini-loaves to give away last Christmas. Everyone seems to love it. I have sliced it, wrapped the slices and put them in a gallon ziploc, and they froze quite well. Just take out a slice or two as needed and let thaw or pop in the microwave for a few seconds.
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    Mihani, I'm so sorry about your pup. I had to say goodbye to my old dog a few years ago when he got sudden and aggressive prostate cancer at 12 years old. He was fine and got a clean bill of health at his checkup. 10 days later his lymph nodes were swollen like crazy so we took him in. Got the diagnosis (that 10 days earlier wasn't detected). Then 7 days later it got so bad that it was time to say goodbye. It was that fast. Even with medications. One of the hardest times of my life.

    The Luna Bar - "like candy bars with good PR." That made me chuckle... :smiley:

    I am kinda half-eating half juicing right now because I don't have enough groceries and I'm not really willing to buy more at this point. So the weight loss is at a stall. But I'll worry about that when I get back. :wink: 2 more sleeps!! Yay!!!
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    Thanks Karrie, it's always so hard. I had a dog who got cancer like that, it was like overnight she had these huge lumps and it was really fast after that. Barely had time to register and she was gone.

    Today was a little weird, was at the office late and wasn't too hungry when I got home...
    B - slice of sprouted grain toast, non-dairy yogurt
    L - hummus wrap (I make it a little bit of hummus and loads of lettuce), grape tomatoes, red pepper
    D - sprouted grain toast, apple

    Obviously I'm still overdoing the starchy carbs. Sigh.
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    Mahini: sorry to hear about your dog.

    Karrie: have fun on your vacation, only 1 more day.

    Picked up my car last Monday. I love it! So quiet with a nice ride and lots of gadgets.

    Winter has finally made it to Boston. Lots of snow and really cold and will be getting colder from here.
    My daughter has 3 more interviews--Yeah! But all in NYC Boo :(. Not one call from any law firm she applied to in Boston.

    Been struggling this week with the diet---too many starchy carbs. I think it is that time of year. I plan on buckling down tomorrow. Going out to dinner this evening with a friend. I will enjoy the company but eating GF vegan is always a challenge eating out and very bland. I will just remind myself it is the company.

    Have been listening to Dr. Fuhrman's lectures on line. 3 points stuck with me.

    1. people who's livers do not detox efficiently tend to gain more weight. Some, people can overcome this deficiency with a healhty diet but there are some people who will never will and will experience toxic hunger even if they have a perfect diet.

    2. Our fat cells store toxins and when you go on a diet the toxins are released causing the diet symptoms we are all to familiar with. In order to minimize the toxic effect, you need to flood your body with healthy nutrients so the healthy nutrients get stored in your fat cells instead of toxic food.

    3. visceral fat (soft fat that has been recently been laid down) is very dangerous. It is unstable and prone to break off and cause a stroke/heart attack etc. Binge eating is dangerous.

    Knowledge is power!
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    Mihani, I'm sorry about your dog's bad lab results. Hopefully with the meds, he'll be comfortable and you'll have many more months with him. As for my cooking, I've been pressure cooking like crazy. I've done 4 types of beans in large quantity, then frozen them on parchment on a baking sheet in the freezer in a single layer. Then they get put into a ziploc freezer bag. So now I have lots of beans ready to go. I also made up some homemade soup stock with veggie scraps, some celery and carrots, also stored in the freezer ready to go. Then for meals I made chili, and smoky lentil stew. We doubled the chili recipe and still won't have enough leftover to freeze when we're done, so we're thinking of using 2 pots at once and quadrupling it! Sounds like more than it is though, since the onions have to brown in the pot and can't do too many efficiently at once. Also made those Tahini Caramelized Onions again. 3rd batch so 9 lbs of onions now haha! Love them heated on my salad every day. Oh, and I know this is already ridiculously long, but have you tried the Lara bars instead? (laughed at candy bar w/ good PR). They are only nuts and dates pretty much. Still sweet and easy to overdo, but might be a better option.

    So exciting about your trip, Karrie. Does it still count as 2 more sleeps if you're too excited to sleep? :)

    Lisa, I hope you guys have great weather and enjoy your hike together! That chocolate pumpkin loaf sounds divine. It wouldn't last a day in our house!!! When is your birthday??

    Terri, thanks for once again posting more good Dr. F. info! Did he say what we can do about the visceral fat so it is less dangerous? Or pretty much just flooding body with nutrients to help offset? Congrats on the new car!!

    OneTwentyThree, have you been trying out a modified plan with a bit of meat each week? Any luck with that?

    This weekend, my husband and I are going to 4 open houses. One house is new on the market and looks very interesting. Always fun to look in any case!

    Breakfast - smoothie (I've been overdoing the oatmeal and I think it will impact my next weigh-in)
    Lunch - salad w/ mushrooms & tahini caramelized onions, smoky lentil stew
    Snack - apple
    Dinner - chili
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    Carla I have to try the carmelized onions and the chili. Both things I really like and always up for a new twist.

    Terri, congrats on the new car. Thanks for sharing the info from Dr. F. I've been thinking maybe I need to renew my membership to his site. I think the basic membership is less than $10 a month if I recall. I need to immerse myself in ETL for a while and get my head back in the game.

    Thanks for the kind words about my pup y'all.

    I had a headache today, first time I've had a bad one in a while. Trying to pinpoint what may have caused it and I'm pretty sure it's overdoing the coffee. Time to cut it out again.

    B - sprouted grain toast, soy yogurt, blueberries
    L - hummus wrap with lots of lettuce, grape tomatoes, baby carrots
    D - roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, lentil soup

    I can't seem to rid myself of the starchy carb cravings. I'm going to have to go completely off them to get rid of the cravings I think.

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    Happy Friday!

    Mihani, I agree about those Luna bars. Or any snack bar, for that matter. Just can’t leave them alone so they can’t stay in the house in plain sight.

    Thanks for the tip on freezing the pumpkin loaf. I will try that! Otherwise I tend to snack on it too much. It’s the same with any “sweet treat” I make, like apple oatmeal bars from ETL cookbook. For me they are like junk food candy bars. Freezing things, that’s how I keep myself from them. I freeze all my raw nuts, too, so I won’t snack on them and they last longer that way.

    tdh1991, thanks for the Dr. Fuhrman tips. Knowledge really is power for me. I need to renew my membership to Dr. F’s website. There’s so many like-minded people there. (Find me there as “lisabinco”) I didn’t realize it had expired. I think the Visa card company sent us new cards, new numbers, and that ended my subscription. I order Dr. F’s vitamins for women; they’re the only vitamins I can take that I don’t burp back up!

    Today I’m cooking the vegetarian chili (with cocoa and peanut butter) from the Eating Bird Food website. Hubby loved it and I have a hankering for chili. That’s dinner tonight.

    I’ve just been reading about beet juice smoothies and using raw beets in smoothies. I am picking up some beets today and will be making my old VitaMix work it’s magic for me. I still have those stubborn 10 pounds to lose just to get back to where I was before the holidays. Hubby tells me I look the same as before but my clothes tell me otherwise. And I simply refuse to go buy bigger sizes any more. I promised myself I would never ever gain that 50 lbs back again. So.

    Carla, hubby’s birthday is the 9th and mine’s the 17th, with Valentines Day in between, so it has always made sense to do it all at once. I’m looking forward to the hike, but of course the pumpkin loaf is all gone LOL!! so I’ll have to make another loaf to take with us.

    Unrefined carbs in things like green veggies, fruit and beans are not bad. I too get carried away with starchy carbs like potatoes, corn, and brown rice. I tend to eat more beans and bean soups when I get too starchy-carb focused. That helps me cut back on the grains and extra starch. On the upside, I have cut bread down to almost zero; that's a real feat for me!