Juicy Fruit June



  • Mihani
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    Hey Carla, I think we're the only people in the group this month lol. I am not fond of beet greens either, they can be kind of bitter, but if they are mixed in with other things they are okay.

    B - oatmeal with lots of blueberries and strawberries
    L - baby carrots, Amy's samosa wrap
    D - another big ol' hummus wrap lots of veggies
    S - apple

    I need to concentrate more on the veggies. I am slipping up a bit there. No way I'm getting the full pound of cooked, and probably not the entire pound of fresh the past couple days. I should be working on getting all those in before adding the oatmeal and tortillas.

  • Carla_wfpb
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    Looks like you're right, Mihani, we're alone for now. Everyone is probably outside enjoying the weather! I also need to work on my veggies. I'm going to switch out my oatmeal this morning for a smoothie with greens to start.

    My wraps yesterday turned out great. I made some baked falafel with lentils instead of chick peas, Terri's no oil basil hummus recipe (turned out good!) and threw in as many veggies as I could, which turned out to be not near as many as I'd chopped up. My pita pocket was way too small for everything! Sadly, the beet greens were the first to be omitted! I'm having the same thing for lunch today and this time I'll pile the extra veggies on my plate and have them salad style.

    plan for today:
    B - blueberry smoothie with spinach
    L - falafel veggie hummus wrap
    S - nectarine, cherries
    D - Thai peanut bowl

    Exercise will be gardening, push mowing, and house cleaning!
  • Mihani
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    Mmmmm. thai peanut bowl sounds really good Carla.

    I'm planning to make red lentil cauliflower curry, and the french green lentil salad over the weekend, and try some oil free hummus recipes. My plan for taking tomorrow off didn't work out. I don't know why I get my hopes up.

    B - coconut milk yogurt
    L - subway veggie sub
    D - big salad with black beans, avocado, onion, tomato, yellow pepper, salsa
    S - apple
  • Carla_wfpb
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    Mihani, I'm sorry that you didn't get to take today off! You work so hard. I hope you get the weekend off!

    I didn't end up having time to make the peanut bowl for dinner. We had leftover hummus veggie wraps again. I'll make the bowls tonight if I have enough oomph left after I get back from Ruby's training class. If not, I think I'll just make some Amy's veggie burgers. When we packed the freezer to move, I found 6 or more full packages of them!

    Yesterday we picked up 6 chicks! Our neighbor had them for sale and I think we drove him crazy asking all sorts of questions about how to take care of them. They are 1 month old.

    Today's plan:
    B - spinach blueberry smoothie, coffee x2
    L - falafel veggie hummus wrap
    S - fruit
    D - Amy's veggie burgers or Thai Peanut Bowl

    Exercise: push mowing and weed whacking the chicken yard and orchard, gardening

    Oops! I didn't realize it was the first already! Happy Canada Day!!! :)