Starting Weigh Ins (Post your start weight for the challenge here!)

tiffanylacourse Posts: 2,984 Member
Post your starting weight for the challenge here!


  • tiffanylacourse
    tiffanylacourse Posts: 2,984 Member
    I am SO in! :wink:

    * 10,000 steps a day
    * no soda

    I also work an office job so activity is sketchy at best but I've recently upgraded to a standing desk (with a counter height chair) and I stand at least half the day!

    SW: 210 (12/23/2015)
    SW for this challenge: 181
    GW: 135

    Let's do this!!! :smiley:
  • lorrikooten
    lorrikooten Posts: 66 Member
    I also have upgraded to a standing desk :) I love it! I have gained weight due to the lack of exercise since taking this job and I am determined to get it off!

    Realistic Goals I think is most important when trying to lose weight and consistency! I have learned that when I start out a program and try to over do it I burn myself out really fast. So my main goal is consistency this time!

    10,000+ steps (be more active)
    No soda or junk food!

    SW: 171
    CW: 166
    GW: 135
  • FitVegetarian14516
    FitVegetarian14516 Posts: 39 Member
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  • kalanapier13
    kalanapier13 Posts: 2 Member
    SW: 204
    CW: 200.4
    GW: 170
  • SassyMommasaurus
    SassyMommasaurus Posts: 380 Member
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    SW: 262
    CW: 246.3
    GW: 216
  • spinksxo
    spinksxo Posts: 3 Member
    SW: 180
    CW: 175
    GW: 130
  • fitgirl_lillulu
    fitgirl_lillulu Posts: 1 Member
    Hello ladies!!! I came across this as I was setting up my account.

  • nehaad88
    nehaad88 Posts: 159 Member
    Hello ladies, nice to see you all here..

    CW- 191
    GW- 161

    We can connect if you feel like it..

  • sallynewberry
    sallynewberry Posts: 8 Member
    Hello all! I just started My Fitness Pal yesterday.

    CW 193
    GW 180
  • _zombiegirl_
    _zombiegirl_ Posts: 79 Member
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    Hello everyone...

    Started challenge at 239, goal is 209.

    Any of you I haven't friended yet, please feel free to add me!
  • scubasunny22
    scubasunny22 Posts: 4 Member
    Starting today at 225 and I would be so excited to be at 195 for New Year's Day!
  • Shrinkydink1977
    Shrinkydink1977 Posts: 197 Member
    starting weight 296.5
  • missbeautyb
    missbeautyb Posts: 27 Member
    Current weight: 178.4 lbs
    Goal weight: 150 lbs
  • angelhinson69
    angelhinson69 Posts: 35 Member
    Current weight 186 started 3 days ago I'm now 183.6 Goal is 140
  • typeitdaily
    typeitdaily Posts: 3,323 Member
    SW: 257.8
    CW: 236.8
    GW: 206
    FGW: 140
  • Sillybad13
    Sillybad13 Posts: 6 Member
  • kraizon
    kraizon Posts: 19 Member
    Hi everyone!

    SW for MFP: 160
    SW for this challenge: 145
    CW: 143.5
    GW: 115

    We can do this!!!
    Feel free to friend me too :)
  • pcv63
    pcv63 Posts: 3 Member
    SW/CW: 202.8
    GW: 170

    Keeping my goals simple to start: hit calorie goals, remove junk food from diet, be intentional about every meal, and 4x cardio per week. Let's do this!
  • cynbet69
    cynbet69 Posts: 615 Member
    Hi everyone
    Sw in jan 2016: 242
    Cw: 231 which i gained 7lbs in the last month
    Gw: 200 by the end of year

  • puddles1450
    puddles1450 Posts: 95 Member
    SW: 216.8
    CW: 216.4
    GW: 186.8
    UGW: 165