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    anglyn1 wrote: »
    See I love Seinfeld and I also love the Office, P&R, and Arrested Development. I guess I like awkward humor.

    Not sure of Seinfeld (did not watch it), but love the others including Scrubs, Friends, Big Bang Theory. I rarely watched these shows on T.V. I would catch up when the seasons rolled out on DVD. Currently, I am on a Bones marathon on Netflix.
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    Carrie_3 wrote: »
    anglyn1 wrote: »
    See I love Seinfeld and I also love the Office, P&R, and Arrested Development. I guess I like awkward humor.

    Not sure of Seinfeld (did not watch it), but love the others including Scrubs, Friends, Big Bang Theory. I rarely watched these shows on T.V. I would catch up when the seasons rolled out on DVD. Currently, I am on a Bones marathon on Netflix.

    I love Scrubs too!

    As for my favorite drink. Iced coffee with cream. Or just plain unsweetened iced tea. I'm boring! lol

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    I watch a lot of different types of TV shows. Nashville, Mr. Robot, Game of Thrones. A lot of the netflix originals are great. I wouldn't say I have a favourite. I latch on to a few and just watch them as I can. I'm usually pretty busy so I'm behind on most shows (except GOT because of all the spoilers if you don't watch it ASAP you have to stay off social media until you do).

    I'm also with @anglyn1 iced coffee with cream is delicious. I also love my BPC. So, basically, anything with coffee. :)
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    I'm not a sitcom girl, I find most of the humor silly and contrived, but I've seen a lot of it over the years because my Dad loved it and so does my husband. I didn't mind Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, and I got used to Home Improvement because my hubby has watched them all over and over!

    I'd go for Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Suits, and we recently watched Stranger Things which was great! I like Bones, the Daredevil series is pretty good too, Better Call Saul, Weeds...I suppose I lean more towards drama than anything else.
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    I have a serious TV addiction. My husband doesn't like sitcoms so I have to watch them on my own time. lol

    I also love The X-Files, Mr. Robert, GOT, Bosch, The Man in the High Castle, Better Call Saul, The Americans, Narcos, Black Mirror, Orphan Black, Sherlock, Jessica Jones, Stranger Things, Vikings, Marco Polo etc....

    Older shows that I love to watch are Twin Peaks, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, The IT Crowd, Coupling, Fringe, the original Twilight Zone...

    So yeah...I kind of watch a little bit of TV.
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    I'm late jumping in here, but I've been enjoying reading everyone else's posts!

    What is your go to exercise? While I'm working away from home, I prefer spin classes, yoga, and NIA (which is a combination of modern dance and martial arts).

    How do you decide who to friend here and what would make you unfriend someone? I rarely friend others, but when I do it's usually because it looks as though we may share interests or values and the other person seems interesting to me. I would unfriend someone that turns out to be unkind, mean-spirited, excessively needy, or gossipy.

    What is your stretch goal for 2016? Not totally sure what this means, but I'm intent on building body strength and stamina while rebuilding my health and brain function after a bad 2015 (chemo, etc.).

    What is your favorite low carb recipe? I'm big on vegetable dishes from many ethnicities, using above-ground vegetables, and also do a minimum of baking. What do I eat most of the time? Non-recipe items: simply prepared meat (usually pan-fried) and salads and grilled or roasted vegetables. I don't strictly follow a lot of recipes (except for when baking), but have developed an intuitive flavor sense and how to combine foods into tasty dishes.

    What is the first thing that pops into your head when you're trying to stay focused and motivated to do this? Wanting to be fit and energetic so I can keep up with my active husband while hiking the mountains around our home, tour biking, and walking for miles while on vacation.

    City or country life? Country during the summer months, city during the winter. I love urban hiking in the rain!

    If you could go back and give yourself 1 piece of advice, what age would you be and what would you say? Age 15: channel those hormonal urges into creativity and learning, pursue your dreams of art school and learn to drive. My life would have been totally different than it is - although not necessarily better. (I've had a good time these past 45 years or so.)

    What is your favorite book? Do you have a favorite author? My favorite book is always the one I'm currently enjoying. A prolific reader, I almost always have one or two print books in progress, as well as at least one audio book. Currently: Ken Follett and Ben Lerner are getting my attention, although I'm a big fan of Tim Parks, Sarah Waters, Michael Gass, and Victor LaValle.

    If money wasn't an object, where would you move? I would keep my current place for the summer and spend my winters in southern Mexico (Playa Zipolite). Money isn't an object on this one for me, as Zipolite is not an expensive town to live in, but I have to wait until I retire to do this. Either that, or I'd live in Sicily!

    What is your favourite LCHF vegetable? Homegrown rainbow chard, followed closely by Russian kale, but it must be young, not that dreadful old crap you find in the shops.

    What is the one thing you look forward to the most about reaching your goal weight? Freedom of movement and getting to buy new clothes. I'm kidding about the second one - I really detest clothes shopping. I'd rather be spinning yarn or knitting.

    What was your camel straw moment that made you decide to finally lose weight? Seeing pictures of me with my grandkids reinforces my decision. I really dislike how I look from the waist down. Because this is such a strong motivator for me, I keep pictures on my fridge.

    Who or what is your motivation? I'm self-motivated, and reinforce my motivation with pictures (see above), positive self-talk (reminding myself to notice how good it feels to be strong and healthy), and by enjoying being active. I was so sick last year with non-Hodgkins lymphoma (nearly died during treatment) that each day of good health is a true gift - and I remind myself of that every day.

    What interesting side effects of weight loss have you noticed that you didn't expect? I am more interested in getting out and doing things than I was when heavier. In 2003, my weight topped out at 210 and I was tired and sick all the time and didn't feel like doing anything, even though I was working long hours as a paralegal (50-60 hours/week). That year, I lost 55 lbs. on Atkins induction and began - for the first time in my life at age 43! - working out regularly. Since then, I've changed husbands and careers, gained and lost weight, and discovered that I like bicycling, yoga, dance, and hiking. I've continued eating LCHF (most of the time), gone gluten-free, and have begun cooking more and eating virtually no junk food. And loving it!

    What is your favorite color? I don't really have one, but love playing with colors and am researching the use of native plants as dye agents for fibers. I spin and knit, so a logical next step for me is dying fiber, too.

    What is your biggest challenge with this WOE? Staying away from sweets - they are my downfall, my Waterloo, my descent into despair.
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    genmon00 wrote: »
    Today was leg day. I used my highest dumbbell weights to date: 30 lbs. My little wrists and arms could hardly manage them, but my legs are getting strong and can take more. Just trying to lift them off the rack each time makes me realize how much of an impact it is to have been/still be carrying around so much extra weight.

    AWESOME! The workout i did today, the instructor was using 25 lbs and Im over here dying with my 8 lbs dumbells! One day I will get there!

    Thanks! I was using 8 lb ones only 10 weeks ago when I started. You will get there soon. My back and legs progressed the quickest. My shoulders are still pretty weak.
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    TV shows: I admit I'm a reality show junkie - and LOVE Big Bang Theory and Supernatural.
    Drinks: Water, BPC, Diet A&W Root Beer and Wal Mart has these fizzy diet waters for $0.68 - Mandarin orange and Cherry Limeade - YUM!
    Biggest challenge with this WOE: Hm....My challenges seem to morph and change. For a while it was keeping grounds out of my coffee; then it was not feeling full after breakfast. But all that's resolved. I think the only thing I can't seem to get under control every day is habit eating. Right now I want to head to the kitchen to get something but I'm not hungry....I just want something else to do but work. That's why I popped over here - to get my mind off habit eating.
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    Ooo can't believe I forgot to mention Supernatural! love me some Sam n Dean :)
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    Zenwenner wrote: »
    Ooo can't believe I forgot to mention Supernatural! love me some Sam n Dean :)

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    Rawr Mr King of Hell... Something about him. Cheeky charming and such a bad boy, and Calistiel! Omg I am still giggling at the porn scene. Over and over again :D
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    My cats are named after the King of Hell ("Fergus") and Castiel :)
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    TV shows...
    The Walking Dead
    Dead Files
    Naked and Afraid
    River Monsters (just to see that handsome fisherman and hear his voice)
    Dr. Who

    Think that about sums me up!

    I love all the docu shows about the supernatural and cryptozoology stuff. Can't help myself
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    @ProCoffeenator how did I forget to mention Dexter and TWD!!! lol
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    Sherlock and Fixer Upper
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    Oh man, I'm addicted to documentaries! I should have majored in sociology...
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    Friday? Is it really Friday??

    Morning everyone! I wake up every workday at 4 so I can have some me time. That's obviously not happening today. Been having my sister chewing at my ear since I woke up! Seriously shouldn't people know not to talk to me before I have coffee??
    Rain in the forecast for this weekend. So I'm thinking mostly indoor activities are in store.
    I've got to light a fire under my rear and kick up my exercise too.
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    edited August 2016
    are there any other tv non-watchers? I mean all the shows I listed above I used to watch.. but anymore if the TV is not already on, I won't ever voluntarily turn it on. If it is already on I might half-watch a show that's on but I never get sucked in. I am just no longer a big fan, to my husband's dismay.
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    It's the age of binge watching!
    Nowadays I've been using Netflix and Hulu for my viewing pleasure. Cable is getting too expensive! I've got to find some type of stream to watch current shows of my liking and not have to pay for 500 music channels that I never use and all the other channels of crap that I never put on.