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So I was looking to start a thread here where we can all just chat about whatever and get to know each other better. When you post tell a little about yourself and propose a question for the following person to answer. You have to answer it yourself first though!
I will start....

I'm a single mom of two working full time as a preschool teacher.
I have done various LC diets for over 12 years, always with great success but then go off for one reason or another. Currently I'm following Keto and have to make this a complete lifelong change. Over the last few years I've been diagnosed as prediabetic (likely full blown type two) and also having Fibromyalgia.

What is your go to exercise when you are lacking motivation?
Mine is walking.

Who's next?


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    @PamamaJane Your home sounds wonderful!! I'd love to have a place like that!!
    Isn't it amazing how life throws curveballs like that? Glad you found a person to make you happy!! I'm on the fence. I am not ever going to look for a late again. When the time is right they will find me. Nuff said.

    I friend people who have a good sense of humor and can joke about our oops moments. I will accept friend requests as they come but like you said, supportive, persistent and of course have the ability to laugh and joke about life. No negativity please!!
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    Oh shoot, I forgot to ask a question and I took so long to respond, I should've to @Shadowmf023 !

    So, I'd be a turtle if I had to be an animal. They seem so serene and they live a really long time.

    My question is, what is your stretch goal for 2016?

    Mine is to complete a 5k walk/running. I have it on my calendar, have announced it everybody and purchased the sneakers (the theme is pink) for it in October. This event is an hour from my house so coordinating it will be a Big Thing but I'm going for it.
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    PamamaJane wrote: »
    Just for @kathrout1973 above, I offer this little video about Yoga.

    I love this video - totally inspiring - definitely must give it a go

    I lost my post! :'(
    @kathrout1973 I had written this long post in response and my phone cut out on me!
    Stress is a huge factor for me to keep in consideration. It's why I like the spoon theory so much. Every day you wake up with so many spoons to use throughout the day. You use them for stressful times or things that take your energy away. You only have so many and when they are gone there are no more till tomorrow.
    I wear my bracelets as a reminder for use throughout the day.
    One says spoon: so I ask myself if something is really worth spending a spoon on.
    One says earth: reminds me to plant my feet and center myself. Be aware of my surroundings.
    My turtle: this is calming to me. I have two pet turtles at home. I could sit for hours watching them swim around. It's my relaxation thing.


    What a fantastic way of looking at things

    I have an interesting question for you all! If you could choose any animal to represent you which one would you choose?

    My animal would be an Eagle - to fly so high that I can rule the skies would be awesome
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    I'm 38... married, mom of 2 boys who are 12 and 15. Live in ever sunny Southern California and love it. Wouldn't move back to Washington State if you paid me...might if my parents needed care, though (but I'd prefer to move them to me in honesty). My initial spur to weight loss was being told I needed back surgery but that I needed to lose some weight before the doc would do it. I calorie counted and IIFYM'd for most of my weight loss, all but the last 30 lbs or so came off that way. Then our doctor told my husband about low carb (100g max per day) and we both went for it together because it's just easier when you're both on the same page!

    I love to run, but am currently injured so I don't at this time :(
    I have arthritis in my back, so running without pain is difficult but I do it anyway
    I miraculously don't need back surgery since losing the weight, gee.

    I think the last question was "what's your stretch goal for 2016" - mine is to complete a half marathon. I have my eye on the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon in December but I actually may have to push it back to the Carlsbad Half in January due to this dang injury - or even the Encinitas half in March. Which is actually OK with me, I'd rather race in one piece than try to train or race through an injury!

    My question... hmm... what's your very most favorite low carb recipe (or thing to cook if you usually just throw stuff together)?
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    I want to answer this one too :)

    I have an interesting question for you all! If you could choose any animal to represent you which one would you choose?

    Turtles are my favorite animal, but if I had to pick one to represent me I would pick a dog: best friend you'll ever have, and loyal almost to a fault.
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    Great idea!
    I'm Kat, 27, married with a 3yr old girl :)
    Background is my almost whole family (I'm talking mum, dad, brother, grandmother and father, uncle, aunty...) All have type 1 diabetes. My dad and I both have type 2. I developed it when I was 15. I have always struggled to gauge the seriousness of having this disease, I think due to never seeing family members dealing with it properly either.
    i had been married for 2 months and my mum got diagnosed with end stage ovarian cancer. The doctors said she had a few weeks left with us.
    Its been 11 months now without her getting any treatment and literally waiting to die. It took this long for something to click in me and realise I don't want to end up like her. (Always had health problems related to diabetes) I never want to be that out of tune with my own body that I don't realise something is not right, until its too late.
    I've always been overweight. But after I had my daughter, I stayed on the insulin I was taking while pregnant and used this as an excuse to eat anything I wanted. I ballooned to my heaviest at 109kg.
    So now I've been on this woe for 8 weeks I think and lost 11kg. I couldn't be happier and will keep going until I'm in a healthy weight range. I'm also almost completely off insulin, just tablets.

    I'm gonna answer the animal one too! I'd love to be a dolphin, which sounds ridiculous and if you knew me you'd laugh. But they are always free and happy. Going and doing whatever they want, I've always been amazed.

    My question is; what is the first thing that pops into your head when you're trying to stay focussed and motivated to do this ?
    Over everything normal, mine is my own reaction to putting on weight or having bad BSLs. I would be devastated that I let myself down.
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    ShelJomfp wrote: »
    -heavy vaper (former smoker of three packs per day) who makes all of my own liquids
    -hate children

    I've been vaping for about 6 years now and make my own 0 nic juice. First thing I did when I picked up a glucometer was see if they affected my blood sugar (because it came up somewhere, I forgot where) and, nope, not a bit.

    As for hating children, at least you know and now only a fool would ask you to babysit, right? :D

    Yeah, I was curious about the VG myself. However, I've talked to many vapers who eat keto, and none have had problems, even running things like 95% VG blends.

    I'd be fine babysitting, assuming that they wanted to get their children back in a much better behaved state. Fearing for one's life can make them be quiet.
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    I'm Donna and I have two girls - 11 and 16. My older is here on MFP now...@Sohma16. Rowdy, as many of you know is my wonderful significant other. We've been together about 19 months now. We live in East Texas on 34 acres of the most beautiful land. It's my favorite place to be in the world! We have 3 ponds on the land, one stocked nicely for fishing. We have 5 dogs at the moment (that number always seems to be in flux and I clearly will never be down to just one again!) We have a cat, a horse, a 75 gallon fresh water fish tank and now two raccoons - up til Friday we only had one.

    We also have a pig but he goes in the food column, not the pet column. One of these days we'll have chickens so we can get our own eggs - as many eggs as I (and now my daughter eats) we need the chickens to save money. We have an area for target practice - Rowdy is an avid hunter and we eat a lot of deer meat when the season is good. There always seems to be something going on here and it's never dull. From hawks flying into our storage building carrying a dove to the plethora of venomous snakes, to finding baby birds in need of rescue, to scooting scorpions and spiders the size of saucers out of the house...nope never dull!

    My hobbies tend to fall around all of the above. I do love to read though and like @Gallowmere1984 I'm a geeky gamer. We have friends over about once a month and still tabletop RPG. For the record my very ungeeky Rowdy doesn't play, nor does my not so geeky youngest - sometimes I'm not sure she wasn't switched at birth. She's all girly and prissy and avoids everything geekish - sigh, where did I go wrong?!

    I used to travel extensively for work so I've been to more states than I can count but in the last year or so I've worked primarily from home, which I love. I'm an RN but I have my Masters in Healthcare Admin so I work on the business side of healthcare. I recently started my own consulting company and am in contract negotiations with a hospital. That's a huge deal for me!

    I'm motivated to finally get in shape and stay that way. I want very much to never have to buy a size 18. Keto has been a new lease on life for me and I'm loving every bit of it. I LOVE to cook and learning Keto friendly recipes is fun for me.

    What makes me stay motivated? Being alive and healthy for my family.
    Friends here? I try to stay LCHF related - no need to explain why. I've not unfriended anyone but I'd say being mean to others would make that happen.
    Representative animal? Crimeny...uh...I think frogs are cool.
    Low carb fav? I loved the Oopsie bread I made yesterday. So far that.

    Question: City or country life? Clearly we know my answer already :smiley: