No-Nonsense November: Week 1 Check-In (11/1-11/7)

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There's a statistic that goes around: something like 25% of people will gain weight between Halloween and New Year's. It's Holiday season. We're busy with work, school, get-togethers, and shopping. It's easy to just say to heck with it and cave. And wake up on New Year's Day and looking in the mirror, unhappy with what extra weight we've gained. It happens to the best of us.

During my first LCHF holiday, I checked the weight chart, and I had lost 13lb (almost 6kg) between Oct 31st and my birthday (New Year's Day.) It's possible to not only NOT gain but to LOSE weight during the holiday season.

Planning ahead and keeping an eye on the basics are two of the most important focal points if we want to keep on the up and up in the face of all the junk, goodies, and other nonsense rampant this type of year.

Some people choose to handle this time of year completely on-plan, supplementing low-carb recipes for all our bad-ol' favorites.

What I've done in the past is to pick 1 or 2 events that were most important. For me it was Christmas Eve and New Year's Day (my birthday). I enjoyed those celebrations. Once the day was over, the indulgence was OVER. I brought home no leftovers to continue the nonsense. I picked specific things I was going to have, not ALL THE FOODS. I told myself that at bedtime, the day was over and when I woke in the morning, it was back to the routine. The rest of the days during that period, I planned ahead to stay on-plan. For those other events I didn't select, I either ate before-hand, or brought on-plan dishes to them. The 1st year, I lost 13lb between Halloween and New Year's. The 2nd year, I was very close to goal and lost the 2lb needed to reach my goal weight. This year, my goal is to maintain.

You can pick either strategy, but this challenge is about monitoring our plan Basics. Focusing on nailing the Basics is what makes the difference.

Consistency + Persistence + Time = Success

Any low-carb plan is welcome. Just post your monthly goals and beginning weight (if you are just planning to maintain through the month, like me, that's cool, too) and check-in daily or weekly with how well you did. Alternately, if you are focusing on keeping to fitness goals instead, that's certainly welcome. After all, this is YOUR challenge.

The Basics:
Staying under carbs
Staying under calories
Logging and measuring
Getting in exercise/movement if that's one of your goals
Keeping an eye on electrolyte levels
Getting enough water
Planning ahead

This thread will be stickied to the top of the Group, with links inside to the weekly threads. So if the weekly thread gets buried in our busy little group, you'll be able to easily find in in the sticky.

To give you and idea of possible check-in entries here's mine from last year:
Monthly Goals:
To lose those rotten, stinkin, stubborn, no-good, malicious last 2lb to goal weight.
By hitting the basics daily. I have one calorie UP-day, Saturday, where I'd like to log but I don't care how many calories I eat, as long as I keep my carbs under 50g. I only have adult beverages that day. Sometimes my carbs sneak over. I make sure I'm pristine all other days of the week, however. This arrangement works fine for me, for now. But if I don't continue to lose at least a fraction of a lb a week, then obviously I'll have to tighten the reigns on that.

Start weight: 153.4 (weight is up due to salty nuts, bacon, and sausage balls)
Goal weight: 150 and to stay there.

Sunday, 11/1:

Water: 80/80oz check.jpg
Electrolytes Good: check.jpg
Logged Food: check.jpg
Exercise as Planned?: Cleaned house like a fiend for 3 hours check.jpg
At or Under Carb Level: 13/30g net check.jpg
At or Under Calorie Limit: Yes! check.jpg
Planned Day Ahead: Yes! check.jpg

Share recipes, problems, thoughts.
Fight back against all the NONSENSE life throws at us this time of year.
Make it a No-Gain November. :wink:

Let's do this.



  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    Goal: Run 30 miles in November.
  • coloradoartstudio
    coloradoartstudio Posts: 104 Member
    I'm in even though I'm also doing the 90 day challenge. :) I need all the accountability I can find!

    Monthly Goals:
    1. Stay on plan. I started this WOE the beginning of October and I am down 5 pounds. It's not melting away, but I'm encouraged and I feel 100% better than I did prior to starting.
    2. I'd like to lose another 5 pounds by the end of the month. I've already planned for Thanksgiving and I'm hosting my extended family. I plan to send home all the high carb leftovers with them and am making a few LC alternatives for myself and hubby (though, he's already planned to eat his favorites).
    3. Make exercise a priority even when life gets busy
    4. Drink enough water
    5. Continue to learn about this WOE
    6. Start using some different supplements like collagen and other food additives like psyllium husk powder

    Start weight: 194
    Goal weight: 189

  • randiewilliams72
    randiewilliams72 Posts: 119 Member
    My starting weight is 163.5.
    Goal weight is 160.
    I also want to get better at staying at or under goal calories of 1700.
    I want to exercise more. Going for 3 times a week for at least a half an hour.
  • baconslave
    baconslave Posts: 6,958 Member
    I'm in even though I'm also doing the 90 day challenge. :) I need all the accountability I can find!

    Perfect. The more the merrier. :+1:
  • CinderellaDaisy
    CinderellaDaisy Posts: 42 Member
    I plan on making sure I work out 5 days a week.
    I want to eat until I'm full and not out of boredom. Some days I know I'll eat over my calorie goal I suspect in a week or so as Sweet P will be 6 weeks and that's a typical newborn growth spurt. So it will be hitting my macros I really focus on.
    I'll have my husband measure me tomorrow morning as I'll want to see where working out take those inches.
    I'm 174 right now and would love to get to 170.
  • Cadori
    Cadori Posts: 4,810 Member
    Monthly Goals:
    I'd love to lose 10 pounds this month, but don't know that it's realistic. I'm going to keep it as my goal though...aim high, right??
    My anniversary is on the 20th, so I want to possibly go off plan that evening (a glass or two of wine) without derailing completely and going back to old eating habits.

    Water: ?/100oz
    Logged Food:
    Exercise as Planned?: I'm planning to go for a 2 mile walk on my lunch break 3 days a week
    At or Under Carb Level:
    At or Under Calorie Limit:

  • kdz0444
    kdz0444 Posts: 143 Member
    Monthly goal:
    Get under 200. Stay on plan during thanksgiving. And make sure I'm drinking enough water.
    Starting weight 207.5
  • BT_rescuemom
    BT_rescuemom Posts: 284 Member
    Monthly goals:

    1.) Fasting glucose under 100 every day.
    2.) Move my body 3 days a week minimum.
    3.) Electrolytes. Nuf said.
    4.) Stay under 20gm net carbs daily
    5.) IF 5 days a week.

    SW: 163lbs
    CW: 152.2 lbs
    GW: under 130
  • MindfulMother
    MindfulMother Posts: 38 Member
    Month of November goals

    #1 complete a bone broth fast
    #2 walk more often
    #3 lose 10 pounds

    SW 283
    CW 243
    GW 150
  • ccrdragon
    ccrdragon Posts: 3,368 Member
    In for November... the October challenge helped me stay on track so here's to a great November as well!

    Goals - at least 5 workouts a week, net carbs 30g/day or less, calories 1700 day or less and lose 10 lbs for the month (go big or go home!). I will post my starting weight tomorrow.
  • SueMizzou52
    SueMizzou52 Posts: 31 Member
    I have been falling off the wagon more times than I care to remember so this is ideal. I really don't want to start 2017 at this weight.

    Currently, I am 168.2; I'd like to lose 10 lbs as my first weightloss goal.At that point I'll set my next goal.

    To achieve this I will:

    --Keep net carbs at or below 20 g per day

    --Keep calories at 1200 per day 6 days a week and allow 1 planned day of 1500 calories.

    --Low carb alcohol is only allowed on the 1500 calorie day

    --Exercise 4x per week

    Log everything!!!

    Wish me luck!!
  • HawkPNP
    HawkPNP Posts: 106 Member
    edited October 2016
    Yay for a new month! My daily goals are:
    Water: 116 oz
    Apple Watch Rings Completed?:
    At or Under Carb Level: __/20 total carbs
    At or Under Calorie Limit:

  • genmon00
    genmon00 Posts: 604 Member
    Busiest (and most tempting) time of the year for me with six major celebrations in Nov/Dec (bro's birthday, Hubby birthday, my birthday, thanksgiving, baby's birthday, Christmas and mom's birthday)! lol Pray for me y'all. Now with so many celebrations there, I am NOT going to go off plan except for my birthday (cuz I wanna get my drink on) and Christmas. It would be sacrilegious if I skipped tamales although I only eat like 1-2 at the most lol

    Exercise (x3 a wk):
    Under 20 net carbs on non workout days:
    Under 40 net carbs on workout days:
    Under or at Calorie Limit:

    We can do this!!
  • RowdysLady
    RowdysLady Posts: 1,370 Member
    So many things happen in the upcoming months starting today for us:
    • Halloween
    • Thanksgiving
    • Shayla's Birthday - Nov 29th
    • Rowdy's Birthday - Dec 2nd
    • Christmas
    • New Year
    • My birthday - Jan 7th
    • Our "we live in sin Anniversary" Feb 7th
    • Valentine's
    • Anna's Birthday - March 24th

    I've bounced around in my compliance with my chosen WOE. I want to be more compliant with that and as always but have yet to do...freaking get off my butt at least 4 times a week and exercise in some format. I suck at that. Meals for the holidays won't be an issue; I will cook as I always do. What is killing me already is baking. I LOVE to bake and do so like crazy once the weather starts to cool. My fav has always been gingerbread. So Goals:
    • Stay at 20 Carbs or fewer by day as evidenced by accurate logging.
    • Become a Keto baker
    • Exercise and figure out how to make that show up on MFP via my Fitbit.
    • Lose at least 6 new lbs in November (no bouncing around)
  • Bonny132
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    I will join this challenge but no weigh in, this month the scales do not matter to me. Why? I am concentrating on getting my butt into the gym and to start exercising regularly again. I find that concentrating one one main item at a time really works for me.
    So my goals are as follows:
    1 stick to my carb limit and calories
    2 walk up the stairs at work 3 times a day minimum
    3 Get in between 6-10000 steps a day
    4 Go to the gym at least 3 times a week
    5 Warm up at the gym will be the 5K runner app, starting on week 1
  • lavender624flood
    lavender624flood Posts: 30 Member
    November Whole30-Paleo AIP

    Consistency + Persistence + Time = Success

    Getting in exercise/moving more (6k-8k/day):

    Staying under carbs
    Staying under calories
    Logging and measuring
    Keeping an eye on electrolyte levels
    Getting enough water
    Planning ahead

    And FitBit users, message me this month if you want to join a Work Week Challenge, Weekend Challenge, or a One Day Goal Challenge.

    Lavender ^.^
  • 2manyhats
    2manyhats Posts: 1,187 Member
    Going to try:
    Workout 5 days a week
    Water in daily
    15,,000 steps daily
    Under 20 carbs
    Meet my calories
  • Elizabeth2360
    Elizabeth2360 Posts: 181 Member
    I am 300lbs just starting 4 weeks now. Goal
    Log foods daily stay at goal or under.
    Exercise 3x a week at least
    Loose weight not gain
  • macchiatto
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    edited November 2016
    This is awesome. :)
    Let us not discuss the candy I ate today. :tongue: Overall I've been doing well. AND November 2 is my one year ketoversary! Woohoo!

    I'm starting this month at 134. (Maintenance goal range is 130-133.) I have eaten a little off-plan the last two days but right back on track as of tomorrow.

    Goals: log daily, stay under 30-40gm net carbs/day, strength train at least 2x/wk and cardio and/or hit 10k steps at least 3x/wk. Also try to get in bed on time; still fighting insomnia and need to make good sleep habits a priority.