No-Nonsense November: Week 1 Check-In (11/1-11/7)



  • anglyn1
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    November goals:

    Under 50 net carbs a day
    Workouts minimum 3x a week
    Continue fall clean-up of the house
    Get outside more
  • BT_rescuemom
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    1.) Fasting glucose under 100 every day: 88 this morning :star:
    2.) Move my body 3 days a week minimum. Not today
    3.) Electrolytes. Nuf said: :star:
    4.) Under 20 net carbs daily :star:
    5.) IF 5 days a week. Sorta. I put cream in my coffee this morning

    SW: 163lbs
    CW: 153 lbs. back up a smidge
    GW: under 130

  • kpk54
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    November Goal: 1200 minutes exercise.
    Today: 60 minutes stationary recumbent.
    Minutes remaining to goal: 1090.
    Go Cubbies!
  • FIT_Goat
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    lamiller82 wrote: »
    I have what I feel is a very silly question about going full carnivore. How do you manage the constipation that results? I've tried going carni a week at a time, but I always end up adding in a few vegetables or high-fiber tortillas for fiber because I get backed up otherwise.

    Constipation is not a common side effect, although it is a common concern. There is a difference between being constipated (painful inability to move fecal matter even though you need to) and just not pooping as often. Zero fiber diets are shown to relieve chronic constipation. Fiber is the problem, it isn't the solution.

    A week is not really long enough for things to settle. It takes time and it will start flowing in a regular pattern again. Maybe less often. Maybe less amount. But, never painful or uncomfortable.
    Not a silly question at all. Drinking enough water is the number 1 thing!!! Senna, smooth move tea, psyllium husks are also some things to use. I use MCT oil to meet my daily fat intake and helps with this too.

    Aside from the water, no to all of these things. Senna, smooth move tea, psyllium husks (especially these), and MCT oil. These are all plant foods, laxatives, and fiber. A carnivore eats no such things. Fiber is especially treacherous and must be avoided at all costs. It's going to make things much more worse. Laxatives upset your bowel and prolong the problem, they don't help resolve it.

    MCT oil is probably the oil "maybe" thing. I wouldn't include it, as it's a plant oil, but it's likely to be mostly harmless.
    I have quite the opposite experience. High fiber constipates and bloats me, even when eating ample fats. Day 33 LCHF, low fiber, for me and Day 3 ZC. Zero constipation.

    It's a low residue WOE. Sure, I have less volume in my BMs, but certainly not constipated. No bloating, pain, or cramps. Fat intake seems to be the key. I aim to keep my fat intake high in relation to protein by choosing fatty cuts, lots of eggs, and cooking with moderate amounts of fats.

    This is more in line with how a carnivore deals with it. Fatty meats and an understanding that pooping less often and less volume isn't constipation. Nearly all of the meat you eat is absorbed and used by the body. There is dramatically less weight.
  • HawkPNP
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    My daily goals are: check.jpg
    Water: Didn't count, but know it was more than my goal :)check.jpg
    Apple Watch Rings Completed?: check.jpg
    At or Under Carb Level: 20/20 total carbs (not including sugar alcohols) check.jpg
    At or Under Calorie Limit: check.jpg

  • canadjineh
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    Much better day today, yesterday was a crazy carb night as I ended up with approx 80g net after a popcorn tortilla chip fest.

    Goals for me:
    Drink my 8 glasses of water checkmark.jpg

    IF for at least 14 hours and preferably 18 daily checkmark.jpg

    Stay at or below my 25g net carb goal - Well.... 26 today so I'm good with that.

    Make sure my protein hits approx 70g BUT not much more checkmark.jpg

    Get at least one day a week of non-work related exercise - working on this one as a weekly goal.
  • StellaFont
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    1) Log every thing every day :)
    2) Keep it under 25 net carbs :)
    3) Only step on the scale once each week (the scale makes me crazy) :)
    4) Drink more water than diet coke :neutral: Meh, not sure this really happened. Can I count the water in my coffee?
  • tishsmith101
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    For 11/2
    64 oz water - 72
    Log Food- whole day logged
    Exercise - 10 min Elliptical plus 30 min treadmill
    At or below 60g carbs - 80 something grrr
    At or below 1400 cal - 1180ish
    Meal prep/planning- World Series Game 7, nothing else got done

    It was a friend's bday yesterday and I asked if she wanted to hit the gym then go out to eat. I was expecting her to want to skip the gym. We ended up going to the gym and skipped the restaurant, pleasant surprise.
  • slimzandra
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    11.2.16 Summary
    Water: Check
    Logged Food: :)
    Exercise: Missed it.
    Carb Level: OK, still around 80. Working downward towards 25 net carbs. Not sure why I had an English muffin. Make better choices today.
    Calorie Limit: No drinks! On target!
    Forgot my lunch on the counter today. Rushed out for a dentist apt for cleaning this morning.
    If I don't eat anything all day my teeth will stay that wonderful squeaky clean feeling! HAHA.
  • williams969
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    Nov 2:

    Ate all the meats. :)

    Found a frugal source for pastured butter. <3

    Drank Diet Pepsi during Game 7 last night. :| Still, I enjoyed the game carb free. :)
  • ccrdragon
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    11/2 results:
    Net Carbs -> 22
    Calories -> 1709 (close enough to 1700)
    Workouts -> 4/5 for the week
    Weight -> 217.1

    4/4 stars for yesterday!
  • Cadori
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    11/2 Check in

    Monthly Goals:
    I'd love to lose 10 pounds this month, but don't know that it's realistic. I'm going to keep it as my goal though...aim high, right??
    My anniversary is on the 20th, so I want to possibly go off plan that evening (a glass or two of wine) without derailing completely and going back to old eating habits.

    Daily Goals:
    Water: 75/100oz
    Logged Food: check.jpg
    Exercise as Planned?: I'm planning to go for a 2 mile walk on my lunch break 3 days a week
    At or Under Carb Level: 20/20 check.jpg
    At or Under Calorie Limit: check.jpg

    Month total: 5/10

  • 1thankful_momma
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    Nov 2. Survived the candy cravings by making a low carb peanut cookie. Successfully stayed on plan, within macros and counts.
  • BeckyS35
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    11/2 check in...hit all of my goals for the day!!
  • emaline2210
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    I'm in!

    My goals are:

    1. Give keto a try for a solid month.
    2. Move my body every day
    3. Log my food
    4. Eat enough at meals to not need snacks
    5. Be kinder than necessary and show my gratitude.
    6. Take my thyroid meds and supplements consistently

    I have a dr. Appointment next week. I'm hoping for positive results both in my blood work and on the scale. My scale at home isn't very reliable, so I'm going off the dr. Scale mostly.

    SW: 203
    CW: 195 ( estimated from my scale)
    GW: 142ish

  • Shadowmf023
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    Nov 2nd:

    1. Exercise daily :smiley:
    2. Don't obsess over calories, :smiley:
    3. But don't stuff myself silly... :neutral: (munchies - the damn munchies)
    3. Eat healthy, nutrient-dense meals - and those veggies! :neutral:
    4. Drink enough fluids :smiley:
    5. Weekly goal - Meal prep for the weekweek :smiley:
    6. Stay away from the sugary stuff! :neutral:

    Today has been utter chaos. Back to it tomorrow.

    Nov 3rd

    1. Exercise daily :smiley:
    2. Don't obsess over calories, :smiley:
    3. But don't stuff myself silly... :neutral: (munchies - the damn munchies)
    3. Eat healthy, nutrient-dense meals - and those veggies! :neutral:
    4. Drink enough fluids :smiley:
    5. Weekly goal - Meal prep for the week :smiley:
    6. Stay away from the sugary stuff! :neutral:

    Messed up. Again. In the same places. Le sigh. :sweat: I need to get my *kitten* together. And I only have 3 kittens.
  • kdz0444
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    I want to add something to my goals...stress less. I tend to be a very nervous person and tend to stress over every little thing. Things that don't necessarily need to be stressed over. Still working on drinking enough water. And sitting at 207 for the past couple days. But I'm staying under 30 g of carbs so that's good.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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  • HawkPNP
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    My daily goals are:
    Water: Met goal! check.jpg
    Apple Watch Rings Completed?: check.jpg
    At or Under Carb Level: 17/20 total carbs check.jpg
    At or Under Calorie Limit: check.jpg

  • youngmomtaz
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    Good day today! Could have had more protein to up my cals but I feel satisfied! Did not get my workout in today so I plan on double plus a walk tomorrow.