Just like the title states! I remember a thread like this existed but I can't find it. We just adopted our first puppy and I'm completely head over heels in love with her. She's a complete ham. This is Charlie. What furry babies do you guys have?? Also, do you feed them low carb?



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    Saweeet little Rottie! No pets presently. We travel too much, it wouldn't be fair to the pet. Used to have a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My brother had a Rottie and a Presa Canario. We are BIG DOG people in our family.
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    Rhodesian Ridgeback was named Cobra. Rottie was Lucas, Press Canario was Suede.
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    I have 5 Chi's, an Aussie, a mini Aussie, 3 cats, 3 goats, a sheep, 2 mini pigs and a whole bunch of horses. Dogs nutritional needs are so much different than ours so no low carb.
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    I have a rescued a Aussie and a rescued 3 legged cat. they do not eat low carb. I had a rottie lab mix for 13 years she was the runt at 8 weeks was 4 lbs and ended up a 100 pound dog. she was a great dog so is our Aussie.
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    I have 2 cats. They are larger than the average pet cat just because they have a big bone structure. Both are brothers from the same litter.

    Midnight is a black tabby, and the smaller one. He stays somewhere around 18-20 lbs.
    Mittens' weight fluctuates quite a bit more. At one time, he was as heavy as 32 lbs., but is now probably around 24-26 lbs. Like his brother, he has a large frame. Unlike his brother, he is also quite fat.

    They eat low carb because Mittens has diabetes. By avoiding carbs, I've been able to keep him off of insulin for a long time. I normally feed him Fancy Feast Classic Turkey and Giblets, which is about 4% carbs. The wet food also helps Mittens because he has a history of being blocked. For the non-cat people: male cats have narrow urethrae and it is fairly common for them to get blocked by small crystals accumulating somewhere. When this happens, they can't pee and become very sick very fast. It can lead to kidney failure and death if untreated.
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    We have a Jack Russel/chihuahua/dachshund mix named Piper, 3 goats - a Lamancha named Lily (same name as our daughter...came with the name, Lily the girl was thrilled to have Lily the goat) two Nigerian Dwarfs named Pickles and Corpus Christie (also came with the name because she was papered, we call her Mama goat) as well as Albert the pygmy goat visiting for now because two of ours are in heat.

    We also have 12 chickens who I have learned not to name after a neighbor's dog dug into our yard and killed Lucy, Ethel Laverne and Shirley :disappointed:
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    This is my "little baby brother", Yanni. He was my parent's dog and we adopted him when they were of longer able to care for him. We had to put him to sleep last year but he's now with his Mom and Dad and waiting for his Big Sister Hugs. <3 The little pest.

    Yan.jpg 82.1K
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    That's a cute pup you have. both my cat and dog eat grain free food so I guess they are low carbimcpk6d22js1.jpg
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    Up until March, we had 2 German shepherd rescues. Sadly, our old guy crossed over the bridge a day after his 14th birthday.

    Now we have one and she is so spoiled!! :)

    She eats Iams...and lots of treats, but not low carb. I have a friend who rescues grey hounds and she feeds them a special raw diet, but it's expensive and a lot of work.
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    Awwww.....she is so precious!
    We have 2 dogs....Joe is a 2 year Chihuahua/Terrier and Lilly is my 10 month old Chiweenie!
    She is being fixed today and I am a nervous mama :-(
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    I follow Pumpkin the raccoon on Instagram - too cute! I had no idea that raccoons could be pets. @RowdysLady
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    We have two seven month old kittens we adopted at eight weeks. Since they're brother and sister, I named them Sissie and Bro but "Never" and "Again" would have been more to the point. I swore I'd never have my heart broken again but fate and our neighbor who owns a non-profit pet adoption center were too much for me. As it happens they are adorable and amazingly well behaved, for kittens at any rate, so I've forgiven Pam for her ruthless and unprovoked attack on us as we were sitting on our front porch, minding our own business.

    Just an FYI: As the number of kittens increases arithmetically, the amount of mischief they can dream up increases geometrically. One kitten alone could never have come up with the idea to hide a spool of thread in the toe of one of my shoes.
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    I follow Pumpkin the raccoon on Instagram - too cute! I had no idea that raccoons could be pets. @RowdysLady

    Well they really aren't meant to be pets however, we rescued Koujo and he's so acclimated to our dogs that he'd be killed in the wild. Koujo doesn't like people he doesn't know at all. One game day we brought him in and when I walked through the dining room with him where the other people were he scratched the *kitten* out of me trying to run away. I have a scar on my arm now. He likes family only and loves to be inside playing with the pups and cats. He's so freaking funny sometimes especially when you have food he likes...marshmallows especially.

    Rowdy rescued Benji when he got into the fridge in the break room where he works. However he was old enough that he really doesn't like/trust people. We kept him because raccoons like other raccoons and they are buddies now but Benji does not come inside or play with my other animals. Anna is actually a bit scared of him because he hisses when we get too close. He's never tried to bite anyone but he's not friendly by any means.

    If anyone ever cared enough to "turn us in" they'd take them away and probably fine us but out here in East one really cares enough that we have them. Here's their habitat we built for them and Benji when Rowdy first brought him home.

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    "Tryptophan cat" after a big thanksgiving feast; of course she gets a seat at the dinner table
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    Our first and only dog, Rocky. He's a cavalier king charles - poodle cross. We got him when he was 4 months old in the spring. He was probably 5-6 months old in this picture. He'll be one in a few days.

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    I wonder why a lot of these photos are not loading???
    kimberlyb and midwesterner, we love cats too (we 'borrow' our neighbour's tuxedo cat, Lily once in a while - she comes when called and heels like a dog, lol). If we were to get a cat I think it would be a ginger Scottish Fold. Favorite colour and breed. But too much money for now.