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    I have been following Jason for several weeks and am loving the 21 day challenge. I agree that he really needs some variety in his diet, I think it would be easier to get the 4000 calories down. Based on watching his experiment I have decided to increase my calorie goal to 2000 calories/day and not to adjust based on activity. I have found myself closet eating foods that I am trying to avoid (ice cream, candy, cookies, etc) and instead of punishing myself I want to set myself up to eat more of the foods that make me feel good. I am hoping this, along with increased activity, will help me get past these cravings.
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    Most people that are keto-adapted often aren't overly hungry. Fat is satiating. While his diet seems somewhat monotonous to me, I can understand how hard it is to force feed yourself calories when you are full. It is why IF is so easy for many keto'rs!
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    I'll do my fist pump in the safety of this forum and just shrug my shoulders when discussing it elsewhere. ;)

    I'm just the opposite -I've been telling everyone I know about it. Everyone around me knows I'm 100% all about Keto now & this whole experiment is just one more great positive point in favor of this awesome lifestyle diet.

    It's just too bad that he isn't publicly releasing his post-experiment blood work numbers. I understand why he's not, and where he's coming from, but I really wish that he would at least discuss his pre & post blood work numbers -just for comparison purposes, with a disclaimer & without any medical advice. It's his choice though & I respect that.

    Regardless, his weight loss & reduction of body fat alone is super impressive & I'm appreciative of him putting in all that effort to publicly document his journey. Very cool.
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    It was a simple little experiment of "overeating" by a guy who admits it was totally unscientific. He shouts that out loud and clear in his final eposode.
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    Was finally able to watch days 20 and 21. Amazing results. I too wish he would have advised on his post experiment blood work. No comments or evaluation required... just the numbers for comparison purposes!!
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    It was a simple little experiment of "overeating" by a guy who admits it was totally unscientific. He shouts that out loud and clear in his final eposode.

    It is unscientific, but its all we have.... except for maybe Feltham but that one is dismissed as just another n=1 too. We have to start somewhere. ;)

    I don't think there is a huge metabolic advantage to keto, but I think for some people there is something there. I don't know what, and I don't think it is in everyone, but for some like me, some calories don't seem to count when I eat a certain way. No idea why but I'll take it.